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Beauty Videos

The Banishment of Beauty

by Kevin Alfred Strom

Here is an amazing four-part video series (43 minutes total and well worth the time) by the painter Scott Burdick. Don’t be put off by the fact that Burdick goes out of his way—way, way out of his way—to show traditional Western art, some of it his own, that depicts non-Whites. It’s as if he’s saying “see how non-racist I am,” to deflect attention from the fact the rising Art Underground he depicts is substantially Whiter than rural New Hampshire. He nevertheless masterfully skewers the modern art establishment and their hatred for beauty—and their literal banishment of it from their galleries, museums, and literature. With calm logic he analyzes the common characteristics of the paintings that are sought out by these culture-distorters, and those that they reject.

It isn’t abstract versus representational art—it isn’t nudity, or the human form or its absence—it isn’t fine-grained versus rough materials; none of these determine what is accepted and what is rejected. In the “intellectual” theories (with Jewish / Frankfurt School roots, though Burdick doesn’t say so) that must be internalized by anyone wishing to rise in the modern art world today, it is beauty itself that must be rejected and ugliness or nothingness which must be praised, especially if the artist pays obeisance to the “intellectuals” and their “theories.”





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Kevin Alfred Strom is a convicted sex criminal. More telling still, he is a self-admitted sex pervert. He not only verbally admitted he was such, he also signed a document attesting to that. NO man innocent of pedophilia would ever willingly admit to this crime. That Strom did so is his eternal damnation.

As it stands, accepting KAS as a member of the WN movement is worse than accepting a self-proclaimed homosexual, such as Jack Donovan. The latter may be a pervert, but the former is both a pervert AND a criminal. Kevin Strom deserves nothing less than to be shunned.

Hold Back This Day

The day your future ended…The Towers of Eden

Storm certainly gives an altogether different picture of what happened at that trial in his website: that he never molested anyone but that illegal photos were found in his PC.

By the by, RamzPaul recently tried to convey the same message of the above videos:



We are not in a good position racially at the moment and having anything to do with Kevin Alfred Strom is the worst thing any of us could do. It’s just about the same thing from a moral point of view as approving of homosexuality in the movement. He admitted guilt in open court concerning activities involving two young girls. There may have been more that the police couldn’t prove. KAS needs to be considered to be in the same group as Greg Johnson.

Of course, he is going to say he was innocent, just like they all do.


He pled guilty in court. That’s why he went to jail without a trial.

Ask him yourself if he pled guilty to anything.

He also told a ten-year old girl that he loved her. He sent her flowers. Those things may not be illegal, but they sure are immoral.

Have you ever listened to one of his broadcasts? He sound like a fag.


You wrote: “I always doubt the charges resulting from the accusations of an upset wife.”

Of course the police don’t take the word of an upset wife. The accusations against Strom may have been accusations initially, but the police had enough evidence to convict him in court and he knew it and so he pled guilty to avoid much more jail time.

The police had Strom’s computer hard drive and that is where they saw the pornographic images of young girls.

In any case, if he were really not guilty, why would anybody plead guilty to a crime they did not commit—especially this kind of crime. He probably has to register with the local police wherever he lives for the rest of his life. If he moves then he has to register with the police in the new area.

You have no doubt seen his website and all of those pictures of himself he has there. Don’t you think that is weird?

“Not only do I maintain my innocence of every single charge and all wrongdoing” says KAS himself below. And what about Edgar Steele? I am reluctant to side the System by accepting all accusations in cases when militant WNsts have been charged with something.

Wikipedia quote:

“On January 4, 2007, Strom was arrested in Greene County, Virginia on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering.[19] The Grand Jury later added the charges of receiving child pornography and of seeking to coerce a 10-year-old into a sexual relationship. At the October 2007 federal trial on charges of sexually coercing a 10-year old girl, and of witness intimidation, the judge threw out both charges due to lack of evidence. [20]”

“At the plea hearing on January 14, 2008, Strom pleaded guilty to possessing computer images of child pornography and was held at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail while awaiting sentencing. [21] On 21 April 2008, he was sentenced to 23 months of incarceration, with credit for times served, and 15 years of supervised release.[2] He was released from prison on September 3, 2008 and currently resides in Earlysville, Virginia.”

I am new to the movement and thus was not following the case when it erupted. At any event, even if he downloaded the pics in his PC, that doesn’t mean that what he says in the above article is false—in the same way that the fact that Leonardo da Vinci was once charged for seducing a boy doesn’t render his discoveries on human anatomy false.

“He pled guilty in court. That’s why he went to jail without a trial.”

Plead guilty about the pics found in his PC, but not about alleged molestation I guess? I always doubt the charges resulting from the accusations of an upset wife. For instance, a woman in my family behaved like a Queen of Serpents: her lies destroyed my life and the life of my sisters.

Women are not “reliable sources” to quote a mantra of Wikipedia’s rules.

Not only do I maintain my innocence of every single charge and all wrongdoing, I proclaim it. See


Further evidence of my innocence has been revealed recently as well. The only witness against me was my disturbed second wife Elisha, and it has now been revealed (by her) that she was having a sexual affair with O’Donnell, the JTTF “investigator” in my case. (Odd that the investigator was a JTTF agent, eh?) Here’s a link archived from her Web site (which is devoted, now that she has turned on him, to following and photographing O’Donnell and a task force of which he is a member), in which their sexual involvement is admitted:


The married O’Donnell denies the affair. But there are only two possible explanations of the facts:

1. Elisha is telling the truth — and therefore the only witness, and the investigator, in my case were having an illicit affair, which is outrageously improper and grounds for serious doubt about the entire case against me. (In fact, it should be grounds for throwing out my conviction if we lived in a just society.)

2. Or Elisha is a liar who lies to destroy the reputations of men she has turned on, which is also grounds for serious doubt about the case against me.

There are no other alternatives.

(Elisha has now exhibited the same behavior pattern yet again since turning on O’Donnell. She became involved in another illicit affair, this time with a state policeman named Gattuso, and then turned on him, publishing nude pictures of him along with detailed descriptions of their sexual trysts on a blog, mystatepoliceman.blogspot.com, in an effort to hurt him.)

The lesson that we should draw from what happened to me is not that we should “shy away” from or “shun” our comrades (and there are many others beside me) who are falsely smeared by and have their lives destroyed by the corrupt regime in Washington and its collaborators, for fear that we won’t get popular fast enough with the flag-wavers.

No. The lesson we should draw is that the regime is in the hands of our implacable enemies. We should devote our lives to teaching our people to abandon all loyalty to it, and to give their loyalty to their race — and to a new nation that we must conceptualize and build that will someday be its expression on this continent. When a million White men and women in North America give their heart’s allegiance, and the strength of their bodies and minds, to a new flag and a new nation and a new vision, then we will have a chance to build that world of beauty that is the real subject of this article.

Kevin Alfred Strom.

Mr. Storm says: “No. The lesson we should draw is that the regime is in the hands of our implacable enemies.”

TRANSLATION (for those who don’t speak Ize-Beeze-Innocent!) “I was framed! Yes, I pled GUILTY – but I was framed! Yes, I had child porn on my computer but I was framed! Framed by the…(HUGE dramatic pause here)…Jewwwwwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzz! (shock, horror, gasp, epileptic seizure, whatever!)


Doesn’t change the fact that Mr. Strom had every opportunity to stand up in court and say, “I stand proud and tall, for I am innocent of all charges.” Yes, he had precisely that opportunity. So, what did he do?


Why? Because he was facing 20 years in a Federal pen, that’s why. That’s because he knew he was guilty and that the law had him cold. Strom took the only way out that a guilty person could – he begged the court for mercy, and they gave him 2 years. At no time during all of this did Strom rise up in anger and proclaim his innocence. That’s because he was guilty as charged.

Wherever Mr. Strom raises his pedophiliac head in the WN movement he must be denounced. His crime is worse than homosexuality, as is any sexual crime committed against children. Strom is a pedophile – no ifs, ands, or buts. That he was stopped in time before he raped the little girl he was stalking is something all decent WNs need to be grateful for. That April Gaede discovered the deviant lust that Strom had for her girls must still send chills through her.

Strom once preached “family values” while smut and filth were being sold on the very website he preached his hypocrisy from. Even then he had no morals – and certainly he has none now. Ex-cons guilty of what he has committed DO NOT deserve a second chance.

The KAS affair will completely end, in my view, when such miscreants quit attempting to “come back” as if nothing had ever happened. Did not yourself confess as to knowing little about the KAS affair until others here brought it up? That’s precisely what KAS (and others) are hoping for – people with short memories or no memories of their egregious misconduct. Ask yourself this: would YOU confess to any sort of sex crime if you were completely innocent? That’s what KAS would have you believe he did. If that’s sufficient evidence for you of his innocence, then by all means welcome him into your midst. Most WNs, however, know Strom for what he is: guilty as confessed.

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