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The greatest man yet to be born of the modern age has been slandered and vilified to the point where he has become the very symbol of evil. It fills me with despair when I reflect on the fact that the Anglo element of the Germanic population was tricked into sacrificing close to a million of its best young men to destroy the movement which had the potential to bring about our salvation.


Today is the Führer’s birthday. He was the most outstanding defender of the West since the times of Charlemagne. But the unimaginably malignant treason of our times has raised a smoke screen so dense around his figure that nobody, except a few blog commenters perhaps, like Ciaran at The Occidental Observer, are starting to see through it:

He was a visionary, and a statesman—but no general. Jewish power is based on the slander, and inversion of real history about the events of the Twentieth Century. Hitler and the Nazis are the Trojan Horse, used to colonize the very minds of Western Whites.

Hitler and the Nazis were not evil. You are blaming the victims. How dare you? They made a lot of mistakes—but Hitler was the last White Man that tried to defend his own people.

Every single time any one of you allows a lie to stand—you collude with our murderers. You may want to get rid of Hitler et al—but to allow the slander to stand is simply nothing more than laziness, and cowardice. How dare you?

Telling the truth about the real events of the Twentieth Century does not “keep White Nationalism in a ghetto”—it’s the laziness and timidity and cowardice that does that.

The Worst Generation fought against people who had done them no harm, actively participated in the Civil Rights dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and did nothing to resist the 1965 Immigration Act, “Women’s Lib”, and the absolute degradation of the culture. The Worst Generation went along with everything, while they wallowed in what’s turning out to be rather short-term affluence.

The worst Generation did immense, civilization-wrecking harm. They set the stage for our genocide. They did wrong—for a host of reasons. And one wrong enabled another.

I’d like to ignore Hitler—but I’m not allowed to. The Jewish Media parades his demonized corpse around 24/7. I challenge any of you to turn on a radio, a TV set, open a magazine, or website, and not have poor old Adolf thrown right in your face. His name is invoked in the weirdest, and most unrelated situations. We will never be free of Hitler until we stop caving to the monstrous and fallacious demonization of Hitler.

This generation should be called out for what they’ve done. They should be ashamed of themselves. The ones that are around can still vote. Their shame should be held up as an example to future generations. The Founding Generation will feel repulsion of the deeds of the Worst Generation.

Adolf Hitler and the soldiers of the Reich did not bring death and destruction. Talmudic Jewry, and their vile Shabbos Goy sell-out whores, did that.

Refusing to accept this alienating, and self-obliterating lie is what sets us free.

Flattering the soldiers of World War II as “The Greatest Generation,” is one of Satan’s most beloved and successful tricks—cosseting human vanity. If that generation, and the succeeding generations, get hung up on that meme, that fraud, that con job, then it becomes more and more difficult to assess, with each passing day, the true, real-world legacy of that generation. Why do any of us want to lock ourselves into a mythos, created by our enemies, that leads directly to our dispossession and genocide, simply to flatter old men?

When I challenge these oldsters—and every last one of them is a Christian—I tell them, “I know it’s terrible to have to accept the fact that the ‘biggest’ event of your life was a terrible, horrible mistake. But you are going to have to deal with this when you face God—so get used to the idea now. Think about how you will account for this…”

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Today is the Fuhrer’s birthday, 123 years since the birth of Germany’s greatest son and the greatest European of the 20th century.

I have committed a cardinal sin: I have described Germany’s fighting soldiers, including the Waffen SS, as representative of the greatest generation of Europeans since Charlemagne because from 1941 and Operation Barbarossa, the German army was essentially a European army in German uniform which has never been equalled.

In honouring Adolf Hitler and celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler, it is a pity that you could not have incorporated greater detail in your article with regard to Germany defending Christian Europe against Bolshevik Communism. You also fail to mention the divinity of Adolf Hitler (this is understandable since you do not know the connection between birthdate and destiny) which is revealed in his birthdate: 20/4/1889 – time of birth: 6.30:20. You have already expressed the fact that you do not place any significance on the Divine Law of numbers, that’s your choice, but meditate if you can on the numbers: (20) (30) (20 replicated).

These numbers may hold no significance to you or millions of people, but they hold the key to unravelling the divinity of Adolf Hitler.

An elderly European described Adolf Hitler as: “The Greatest Divine Avatar in 20th century European history,” why? Because this gentleman knew and understood Adolf Hitler’s divinity.

You CANNOT ignore Adolf Hitler, not because the joo media parades his demonized corpse around 24/7, but because Adolf Hitler was a DIVINE ENTITY. This is the core of joo hatred for Adolf Hitler.

It is not Adolf Hitler that the joos hate, or the invented Hollow Hoax, it is the DIVINITY of Adolf Hitler that the joos hate, plus the fact that a European Aryan Gentile destroyed the joo dream of a global Bolshevik Communist World Order.

All Soviet Communist Russia, Soviet Communist America and Soviet Communist Britain inherited in 1945 was a Russia and Europe including Japan, reduced to rubble.

I say that National Socialist Germany/Europe broke the back of joo International Finance which has not recovered to this day.

We do not want to be free of Adolf Hitler, and the joo demonization of Adolf Hitler only serves to keep the memory of Adolf Hitler ALIVE because Adolf Hitler has become the nemesis of the joos for as long as a joo walks the earth. Adolf Hitler is to the joos what God is to Satan.

Happy birthday Divine Avatar Adolf Hitler.


Happy birthday, Adolf Hitler, may your divine work never be forgotten. The real Avatar, not a phony Christ.
Sieg Heil!

If websites like Counter-Currents wish to glorify Hitler, that’s their right.

What I don’t understand, however, is why CC’s leadership doesn’t live up to their beliefs, and march in the streets wearing black SS and gray Wehrmacht uniforms, flying thousands swastika flag, and urging white America to come march at their sides.

It’s clear too that Kevin MacDonald, Tom Sunic, Alex Kurtagic, Richard Spencer, Harold Covington, and all their cohorts also believe that National Socialism (Nazism) is the solution to expelling America’s non-white hordes. If so, why are they attempting to disguise their true feelings at this late hour? Shouldn’t they practice what they preach, and launch a massive Nazi movement across the heartland of America? Are they afraid? Are they just hot-air windbags?

Really, pasting pictures of Adolf Hitler all over the Internet doesn’t do jack-shit for any of us if it isn’t backed-up by real world action.

Hold Back This Day

Just for the record, WK is referring to these articles.

“It’s clear too that Kevin MacDonald, Tom Sunic, Alex Kurtagic, Richard Spencer, Harold Covington, and all their cohorts also believe that National Socialism (Nazism) is the solution to expelling America’s non-white hordes.”

Would you please add links where MacDonald, Sunic, Kurtagic and Richard Spencer state that they believe NS is the solution for America’s problems? (At any event, I believe that Linder has a point when he says that NS would only work in Germany.)

What I don’t understand, however, is why so many people (especially Americans) are thinking in terms of what rights people have.

What about our obligation?

Isn’t it our obligation to glorify our people who fought with all their commitment for the survival of our races?

People glorify the worst generation (great name by the way! I love it!). And those were complete Jew-tools fighting on Satan’s side against their own kind.

Isn’t it our obligation to carry on our fight (not the one of the Jews) with all our commitment in the best way we can think of? Which may or may not be marching “in the streets wearing black SS and gray Wehrmacht uniforms”.

Do you really believe, that Kevin MacDonald, Tom Sunic, Alex Kurtagic, Richard Spencer and Harold Covington are “hot-air windbags who do nothing more but “pasting pictures of Adolf Hitler”?

I hope not!

It is mere rhetoric to pick up a single action (at a time) of someone and call it useless. I have thrown away my TV years ago and cut off a lot of Jewish propaganda. I know that this won’t stop genocide. Do I have to get my TV back? But wait! Getting back my TV won’t stop genocide either! It would even make things a bit worse. Same is true for not pasting pictures of Adolf Hitler. That is worse that pasting them. And even worse is to complain about people who paste them. That really is not going to help us!

There is a “nice” post at Stormfront from some “real world is everything” guy, who complains about all the other people not doing enough. Which is his rationalization for stopping doing anything at all. He is completely wrong. The fewer people fight to survive, the more important is his action. The only good reason would be if he expects others to step up and take his place. In which case it still wouldn’t make sense to quit completely. (Link) The point is that our most important subtask is to commit ourselves to the fight for the survival of our race. This guy failed miserably. As do many young people who are willing to give almost everything when they start and a few years later even refuse to paste pictures of Hitler.

Germany is said to have 20% of the young willing to vote NPD while the results among voters show about 1%, which is 0.7% of the population who is allowed to vote. To put it overly simple: Only about one out of 30 nationalists stays committed enough to the cause to go a few hundred meters every few years to make a cross at the right side. Do they have the right not to vote right? Who cares? They have the obligation to stay committed to the fight for the survival of their people! (I’m not trying to say that voting would solve our problem, and there are other reasons not to vote. I am simplifying.)

Internet or “real world” is a minor detail. Who do those people intend to reach if they cannot even reach themselves?

I know very little about Hitler.

But my view / understanding of the so-called holocaust has changed dramatically in the past few months. (It takes time.)

A couple of documentaries on YouTube have been instrumental in this. The documentary “The Last Days of the The Big Lie”, which exposes the Spielberg-produced holocuast propaganda film “The Last Days”, really opened my eyes.

Also, the Ernst Zundel: Holocaust Debunked documentary was not only eye-opening, it was a real treat to watch — I love Ernst’s spirit.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your article.

Hitler was the embodiment of all the virtues that make the White Race great. The accompanying “glorious Swastika faith” was like a new revelation, an antidote to life-denying Christianity, being instead positive and youthful, aristocratic, world-affirming and ever-joyous. That race of priests, the Jews, see all this as ‘evil’, but the pagan Swastika faith is beyond their labels of good and evil. The Life-Force inherent in our cosmos triumphed through Hitler and the forces of decay personified in Jewry will never forget it.

I also think Hitler and Germany went down in a blaze of glory in the second World War, refusing compromises with Communism, Democracy and the Jews, staying faithful to the undiluted National Socialist Idea until the end. Heil Hitler and may our Race triumph.

Chechar: I looked around OO trying to find that comment by Ciaran, but couldn’t find it. Do you have a link, or did I miss it in the above text? Thanks

Ciaran wrote that several months ago. You cannot find it because the comment had lots of typos and spellings, which I corrected. Also, Ciaran used capital letters instead of my italicized, small letters. I have to look in my archives if I kept the URL of that specific thread.

Chechar, re “He was a visionary, and a statesman—but no general,” in my view Hitler showed excellent strategic skills in the early years. Perhaps the most notable example is his 1940 intervention to force the adoption of the Manstein invasion plan however his interventions in Russia were also correct in 1941 and in fact his main failure was in giving in to his generals and permitting the Moscow attack. His stand fast order in the winter of 41 most likely saved the Russian front from a catastrophic collapse. Those interventions were all contrary to General Staff opinion and all proved correct, subsequent ones less so, of course.

The most perplexing question remains why he did not use Sarin gas in the Russian invasion, such use would have produced a victory over Russia and quite possibly have won the war for Germany in my opinion.

Starera: What do Americans know about the Eastern Front Campaign that was won by Germany and her European allies?
Americans can only parrot the second hand communist garbage that has been rammed down their throats since 1933, when that odious misfit who was afflicted with infantile paralysis of the body and mind: franklin Delano Rosso-Campo Rosenfelt implemented communist policy in America and successfully brainwashed the vast majority of Americans with a venomous hatred of National Socialism and Germany, in exactly the same way that simple minded Americans were brainwashed with hatred against Germany and Germans during WW1.
Adolf Hitler did not force the implementation of the Manstein invasion plan because it is well known that Sickle Stroke: the plan for the invasion of France to circumvent the Maginot Line was Adolf Hitler’s own plan which Manstein took credit for.
As for the attack in Moscow, it was the German General Staff who went ahead with this plan against Hitler’s better judgment.
Adolf Hitler was suffering from a bout of sickness which prevented him from taking overall control over the decision to attack Moscow:
a city that had no military or strategic significance, which is confirmed in the book: “Icebreaker” by Viktor Suvorov.
As for the Stand Fast Order, which I take to refer to Stalingrad, the German Army and European allies in Stalingrad were betrayed by elements (almost certainly communist sympathisers) in the German High Command who leaked the German attack plans for Stalingrad to the Soviet High Command, and in doing so, condemned the valiant Sixth Army to destruction.
It may appear inexplicable to some, but Adolf Hitler did not consider the loss of Stalingrad to be of great significance because the industrial military capacity of Stalingrad had been totally degraded.
Watch the original German documentary war newsreels:”Die Deutsche Wochenschau (Germany at War Series 1/16), documentary number 10 is quite brilliant in its graphic destruction of the Soviet Army and virtually every city from Moscow to Stalingrad.
Who kept Soviet Communist Russia in the war? Soviet Communist Britain and Soviet Communist America as the Western Communist Alliance to Soviet Communist Russia. The Atlantic Convoys were the lifeline to Soviet Communist Russia, but not even the intervention of Soviet Communist Britain & America could salvage Stalin’s plans for the invasion and conquest of Western Europe.
For your information: Germany won the war but lost the battle thanks to Soviet Communist Britain & Soviet Communist America.
This may, to some extent, explain why Communist America today is the most reviled and hated country on the planet.


John, your comment about Americans is irrelevant nonsense, my views are independent of FDR.

Calling the Manstein plan Hitlers is slightly more correct but still wrong, Hitler had similar views but no detailed plan of attack, that depended upon Manstein. Without Manstein the attack would have been a weak compromise approach.

You are partially correct about Moscow but still miss the point, the illness no doubt had some role, the fact remains that Hitler allowed the attack to proceed without intervention.

You are confused about the stand fast order, I referred to the winter of 41, Stalingrad was far in the future, you should be thinking about Moscow. The remainder of your comment is idle rambling. That said, perhaps you will offer some rambling on the poison gas issue.

Starera: Your comments are typical of that American mentality that seeks to deny or obscure the communist history of America and the political administration of that congenital retard Franklin Delano Rosso-Campo Rosenfelt who was complicit with Winstein Jacobson (fake Churchill) and Josef Stalin in instigating a policy of genocide against the German people during & post WW2.
I quote from the book:”Unconditional Hatred” by Russel Grenfell:” From the beginning of the war, and more especially since his accession to the Premiership in 1940, he (Jacobson) had assailed the Germans with a verbal cannonade of abuse and threats.
There was nothing too bad he could say about them. Twice running they had been the criminals who had turned Europe into a slaughterhouse, their present leader was a “bloodthirsty guttersnipe,
they themselves must “bleed and burn,” and there were “no lengths in violence” to which the British would not go to destroy their wicked power. After years of listening to and reading such sentiments about their principle enemies from their Prime Minister and his host of imitators, the British people had naturally come even before 1945 to regard the Germans as first cousins of the devil.
Therefore, for Mr. Jacobson (fake Churchill) to have suddenly come out with an announcement that Britain was dropping out of the war because the Russians and the Americans were proposing to treat the Germans too harshly after their defeat, and still more that Britain might join Germany against them, would have struck the British public dumb with a combination of astonishment and horror.”

“Everything in this world has its price; and the price of the hatred propaganda so sedulously disseminated among the British people in the Second World War turned out to be a very heavy one, in the shape of an inflamed rigidity of mind about the Germans that left the British an easy prey to their more calculating Russian allies.”
“If, however, a resort to war does not mark a continuation of policy but, instead, an abrupt change of policy from whatever it was in peace time to the achievement of military victory, then the gaining of that victory can only mean the opening of a door onto a political black fog.

And since Mr. Jacobson (fake Churchill) seems to have made this abrupt change, it is hardly surprising that the victory he sought at all costs has proved almost entirely sterile. To achieve this victory he was prepared to sacrifice everything, and the sacrifices he did make then left the British co-victors semi-bankrupt, rationed, financially imprisoned on the island concentration camp, their Empire disintegrating, their own country occupied by American troops, and their national economy dependent upon American charity.
And what for? That the Germans might be permanently disarmed?
Within three or four years, we were begging the Germans to rearm as quickly as they liked. But If Mr. Jacobson (fake Churchill) pursued the wrong object, based on the false premise that Germany was the butcher-bird of history, how did he come to make that elementary mistake?”

The above question give its own answer:Winstein Jacobson, together with Franklin Delano Rosso-Campo Rosenfelt represented the Western Communist Alliance to Josef Stalin & Soviet Communist Russia. This is equally confirmed by Grenfell’s remark:”Their Empire disintegrating, their own country occupied by American troops.”
The occupation of Britain by Communist American troops was the result of the unforeseen military and economic destruction of Soviet Russia by Jacobson and Rosenfelt who had convinced themselves together with Josef Stalin, that Soviet Russia would launch a pre-emptive attack against Western Europe after Germany had been defeated by Britain & France.
The defeat of France and the occupation of Europe by German forces as the Protectorate of Western Europe against Bolshevik Communism, shattered the fantasy illusions of Jacobson, Rosenfelt & Stalin and compelled Stalin to forward his policy for the invasion and conquest of Western Europe by amassing 30 Soviet armies on the Western borders of Finland, Poland, Germany and Rumania which was pre-empted by the strategic genius of Adolf Hitler.
The hoped for plan of a Russian Soviet occupation of Western Europe was simply substituted by Soviet Communist American forces because Soviet Russia was systematically and surgically annihilated militarily and economically.
As far as jew controlled Rosenfelt was concerned, what Soviet Russia failed to achieve, Soviet Communist America would achieve as far as the implementation of a Global Communist World Order was concerned, and this is why Communist America continues to occupy European countries since 1945, including Britain, a so-called ally.
The mythical:”Cold War” between Soviet Communist America and Soviet Communist Russia was implemented to ensure that there was no effective rival to Soviet Communist America, and Lyndon Bains Johnstein’s Vietnam war against Vietnamese communists was nothing more than a pretext for genocide against the nation and people of Vietnam and war profiteering and the continuance of the American Communist Policy of terror politics.

Starea: Please do not try to impress me with your more than vague
interpretation of Adolf Hitlers war plan Operation Sickle Stroke, for which Manstein took the credit.
Your comments about Moscow are equally vague and incorrect for the reasons I have already stated. Read Suvorov’s “Icebreaker.”
The decision to attack Moscow was made by the German High Command against the better judgment of Adolf Hitler, but once the decision to attack Moscow was implemented, there was little Adolf Hitler could do. It was elements within the German High Command who were convinced that the fall of Moscow would result in complete victory for the German forces.
Stalin had transferred much of Soviet Russia’s industrial capacity (what was left of it) beyond the Ural Mountains and beyond the reach of German forces, hence the flawed logic of elements of the german High Command. Soviet Communist America & Britain were sending war material to Soviet Russia via the Atlantic Convoy System which kept Soviet Russia in the war.
It is quite possible that elements within the German High Command were deliberately seeking to sabotage Operation Barbarossa either because of communist sympathies or jealousy of Adolf Hitler’s strategic genius. Remember, Adolf Hitler was a Corporal in WW1.
I should also point out that the German Campaign against Poland was won because of the strategic genius of Adolf Hitler who implemented a policy of ariel pincer movements, West and East, to encircle Polish forces and Polish cities through the policy of Blitzkrieg.
The Stand Fast Order that you ramble on about with regard to Moscow, simply illustrates that the German forces should have retreated before the onset of the severe Russian winter,but in itself, the Order did not seriously impact on German victories because Moscow was completely degraded. The Soviet pyrrhic victory at Moscow was just that, a pyrrhic victory that owes more to the severe Russian winter than to the much vaunted fighting prowess of Soviet forces.
As for the use of Sarin gas, I consider the suggestion to infantile to merit a response, but just for the record: Adolf Hitler and Germany strictly adhered to the Geneva Convention with regard to the use or non-use of poison gas which, if it had been used by Germany in the Eastern Front Campaign, Communist Britain & America would almost certainly have retaliated by using the same against German military and civilian targets. Don’t forget, Communist Britain & America had no compunction against the bombing of civilian cities in Germany which constituted a policy of genocide, and I ask the question: did any Americans blink a eyelid in protest when Soviet Communist America dropped nuclear bombs on the only two Catholic cities in Japan: Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
German’y tragedy was a congenital retard afflicted with infantile paralysis of the body and mind:Franklin Delano Rosso-Campo Roesenfelt, and a psychotic alcoholic neurotic: Winstein Jacobson (fake Churchill) and a sub-human anti-human beast: Josef Stalin, who presided over a policy of genocide that resulted in the deaths of over 50 million people for International Finance & International Communism.
Starera: I hope you enjoy more of my idle ramblings. In the meantime, try to make the effort to educate yourself and familiarise
yourself with the historical facts of WW2 instead of parroting the communist garbage that has been rammed down the throats of most Americans since 1933.


“He was a visionary, and a statesman—but no general,”

I automatically assume the exact opposite of any claims the Jewish media makes against Hitler. Hitler as buffoon, trying to play general is a perfect example of one of these myths, one which is quickly dispelled upon reading David Irving’s “Hitlers War”.

Perhaps the greatest criticism that can be leveled against Hitlers handling of the eastern front doesn’t lie in his military strategy; but rather his anti-slavic policies which drove millions of Russians (who initially greeted the Germans as liberators) back into the arms of Stalin.

Of course it is easy to criticize this policy in hindsight; after the initial success of Operation Barbarossa Hitler assumed he could quickly defeat Stalin and colonize all of Eastern Europe with NS, but he ended up overplaying his hand, and his excessive ambition ended up costing Germany the war.

Chechar, great blog. You are one of the few white nationalists i find myself agreeing with on almost every issue. Keep up the good work.

It speaks volumes of your intellect if you believe this is a great blog.
Chechar is just another American white nationalist fantasist who has adopted European National Socialism as a smoke screen to disguise his narrow minded aspirations for a white America – dream on Chechar. All but those Europeans who have a good understanding of the factual history of European National Socialism who contribute to this blog are worth reading – all other contributions are total crap like to contribution by rudd69 which I intend replying to if only for my own gratification.
To those Americans who are too fat and lazy to get off their back sides and STUDY, stick with your own Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse Communist version of the European history of National Socialism which has been cannibalised into a sick mockery by brain dead Americans who know nothing of the hidden spiritual meaning of German/European National Socialism. Jomi

Lets not foreget Hitlers Italian El Duce Macaroni who made constant military blunders which Hitler had to bail him out of. From Greece to North Africa was a major distraction.

As above:”To those Americans who are too fat and lazy to get off their back sides and STUDY, a history lesson:”The German Reich of the National Socialist revolution has prided itself on being a fair and decent partner, offering in exchange high-quality products instead of worthless democratic paper money.
For these reasons the Reich was interested in only one thing if, indeed, there was any question of political interest, namely, in seeing that internally the business partner was firmly established on a sound and healthy basis.
The application of this idea led in fact not only to increasing prosperity in these countries but also to the beginning of mutual confidence. All the greater, however, became the endeavour of that world incendiary, Churchill, to put an end to this peaceful development and by shamelessly imposing upon these states utterly worthless British guarantees and promises of assistance to introduce into this peaceable European territory elements of unrest, uncertainty, distrust and, finally, conflict.
Originally, Rumania was first won over by these guarantees and later, of course, Greece. It has, meanwhile, probably been sufficiently demonstrated that he (Churchill) had absolutely no power of any kind to provide real help and that these guarantees were merely intended to rope these States in to follow the dangerous trend of filthy British politics.
Rumania has had to pay bitterly for the guarantees, which were calculated to estrange her from the Axis Powers.
Greece, which least of all required such a guarantee, was offered her share to link her destiny to that of the country that provided her King with cash and orders.
Even today I feel that I must, as I believe in the interest of historical accuracy, distinguish between the Greek people and that thin top layer of corrupt leaders who, inspired by a King who had no eyes for the duty of true leadership, preferred instead to further the aims of British war politics. To me this is a subject of profound regret.
Germany, with the faint hope of still being able to continue in some way to a solution of the problem, had not severed relations with Greece. But even then I was bound in duty to point out before the whole world that we would not tacitly allow a revival of the old Salonika Scheme of the Great War.
Unfortunately, my warning was not taken seriously enough.
That we were determined, if the British tried to gain another foothold in Europe, to drive them back into the sea was nat taken seriously enough. The result was that the British began in an increasing degree to establish bases for the formation of a new Salonika army. They began by laying out airdromes and by establishing the necessary ground organisation in the firm conviction that the occupation of the airdromes themselves could afterward be carried out very speedily.
Finally a continuous stream of transports brought equipment for an army which, according to Churchill’s idea and plans, was to be landed in Greece. As I have said, already we were aware of this.
For months we watched this entire strange procedure with attention, if with restraint.
The reverses suffered by the Italian Army in North Africa, owing to a certain material inferiority of their tanks and anti-tank guns, finally led Churchill to believe that the time was ripe to transfer the theater of war from Libya to Greece.
He ordered the transport of the remaining tanks and of the infantry division, composed mainly of Anzacs, and was convinced that he could now complete his scheme, which was to set the Balkans aflame. Thus did Churchill commit one of the greatest strategic blunders of this war. As soon as there could be no further doubt regarding Britain’s intentions of gaining a foothold in the Balkans, I took the necessary steps.
(The Duce did not even request me to place one single German division at his disposal for this purpose. He was convinced that with the advent of good weather his stand against Greece would have been brought to a successful conclusion.
I was of the same opinion. The concentration of German forces was therefore not made for the purpose of assisting the Italians against Greece. It was a precautionary measure against the British attempt under cover of the clamour caused by the Italo-Greek war to intrench themselves secretly in the Balkans in order to force the issue from that quarter on the model of the Salonika army during the World War, and, above all, to draw other elements into the whirlpool.)
(Churchill who started this struggle, is endeavouring, as with regard to Norway or Dunkerque, to say something that sooner or later might perhaps be twisted around to resemble success.
I do not consider that honourable, but in his case it is understandable.
The gift Churchill possesses is the gift to lie with a pious expression on his face and to distort the truth until finally glorious victories are made out of the most terrible defeats.
A British Army of 60,000 to 70,000 men landed in Greece.
Before the catastrophe the same man maintained, moreover, that it consisted of 240,000 men.
The object of this army was to attack Germany from the south, inflict a defeat upon her, and from this point as in 1918 turn the tide of the war. I prophesied more correctly than Churchill in my last speech, in which I announced that wherever the British might set foot on the Continent they would be attacked by us and driven into the sea.
Now, with his brazen effrontery, he asserts that this war has cost us 75,000 lives. He causes his presumably not over-intelligent fellow countrymen to be informed by one of his paid creatures that the British, after having slain enormous masses of Germans, finally turned away from sheer abhorrence of the slaughter and, strictly speaking, withdrew for this reason alone.)” Adolf Hitler – 20-4-1889 (6.30:20)

Such was the infantile paralysis of the drunkard who spent virtually the entire war in an alcoholic haze, and most if not all of Churchill’s speeches from 1940 were made by an actor who mimic’ed Churchill’s voice and the so-called: “greatest” speech ever made by Churchill:”We will fight them on the beaches” speech of 1940, was made by the actor referenced above because Churchill was almost certainly in an alcoholic coma in his private bunker some 350/400 feet below 10 Downing Street. Jomi

Generally, I would not respond to a waste of space, but in your case, I will make an exception: my brother discussed Germany’s role and the role of the Axis powers in the defence of Western Europe against Bolshevik Communism with a congenital retard who responded that Adolf Hitler was the most evil man in the history of the world, and the agitated response from this congenital retard was no different to yours.
Adolf Hitler was destined to become Germany’s greatest leader (Fuhrer) which was confirmed in his birth chart.
April 20th 2013 will be 124 years since the birth of Adolf Hitler, and I hope you kneel before a picture of Adolf Hitler and pay homage to the greatest Supreme Leader (Fuhrer) of Germany, Adolf Hitler (1933/1945, (12) years the significance of which you could not begin to understand or comprehend). Stick to watching Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse cartoons. Jomi

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