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Final solution Quotable quotes

Quotable quotes

“The Third Reich made a terrible mistake in not targeting more races for destruction.”

NY Untermensch*


* A most original blogger devoted to exploration of Jewish issues from a perspective that is helpful to patriotic whites around the world. Although he’s racially Jewish and is a third-generation native New Yorker, unlike most Jews he agrees in principle with the notion of a “final solution” to the Jewish problem.

3 replies on “Quotable quotes”

Then he’s suicidal. I don’t take advice from suicidal types.

It’s functionally equivalent to a white person advocating the end of the white race because of honestly believing it to be evil, or the planned human extinction movement because humanity is bad for the environment. Self-destruction just about always is a symptom of madness.

Rollory doesn’t have to work with Jews — self-hating or otherwise — if he doesn’t want to. I certainly think white nationalism must succeed, if it is to succeed at all, without much help from Jews.

What bothers me about Rollory’s remark is that he does not object to the notion of working with me because I am of Jewish origin: He objects because he says I am “suicidal”, and therefore mad. In fact, I object vociferously to the PC/MC gulag America has become under the Jewish/WASP Cultural-Bolshevist influence. PC/MC affects me negatively, because for all appearances I could be Slavic or Teutonic. I have been called “White motherfucker!” by an unprovoked mulatto at school; replying “I’m not white, I’m Jewish!” would hardly improve the situation.

Further, Jews have their own internal thought police. If a Jew violates the code, the so-called “Jewish community” (which is really a mafia) mobilizes to make life impossible for him (e.g., by denying him employment opportunities). So Rollory’s assumption that I, an ex-Jew without a single Jewish friend (unless you count my mother, who is also a white nationalist), am “suicidal” rather than simply homicidal, is wrong.

Five or six years ago, I was a neocon-Zionist who believed in a Constitutional right to sodomy. Having left the comfortable fold of the neocon-Zionist Left, I am now more reactionary than the kosher conservatives of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and therefore liable to be labeled a traitor to the Jewish cause of undermining white solidarity (or, in the case of WASPs, an obstacle to their racial and cultural suicide). I don’t see exactly why I should want these people, much less the average Cultural-Bolshevist Yids, to survive.

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