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Second World War


everything you know about
World War II is wrong

by Ron Unz

Speaking of the System hiding from us, and often reversing, the most important historical truth, it is worth listening to these articles by Ron Unz (originally published as texts).

6 replies on “Why”

WW2 was a religious war between the England of Jesus and the Germany of Wotan. Unz is trying hard to ponder as to why history doesn’t seem like what the Soviets feared – an Anglo-German capitalist alliance of “fascists”. And Hitler himself considered America to be of the prime geopolitical threat to the British Empire.

It mattered not. The English Christian love of Slavs, Jews, and Slavic Jews proved too strong.

Still, “white-washing” Hitler into not intending war is both hilarious and unnecessary for anti-Christians. It was Hitler who was pushing Poland, not the other way round.

Yes: but this Jew, Ron Unz, has more balls than the leading voices of white nationalists. Among these ‘Aryans’, who is capable of reviewing WW2 history throughout their careers as bloggers, as Unz does?

One can understand why they are like that. Can you imagine what could have been otherwise? The tallest Nordics of Germany and England teaming up, and murdering hundreds of millions of Russians & Latinos respectively (cucking the USA in the process)! And then having the final, glorious showdown with the Mongoloids!

The internal Jew would have gasped at such a reality! The English were horrified of their potential.

Incidentally, this could answer the faintly-plausible argument as to England’s fear of the German Reich in Europe – the vision I’m describing would blur the lines between the two sister empires anyway, long before any contradictions could arise. The thalassian and continental counterparts of a single biological world order!

There was nothing physical in the way – aside from the internal Jewish voice.

Should’ve written “the disembodied Jewish voice” in the final sentence to emphasise the bicausalism.

The tale of Unity Mitford encapsulates this devilish conundrum beautifully – she put a bullet in her head upon learning of the commencement of hostilities between England and Germany (her later 9 year long agony notwithstanding, reality is sometimes farcical).

This comment is in response to Adûnâi: ‘Still, “white-washing” Hitler into not intending war is both hilarious and unnecessary for anti-Christians. It was Hitler who was pushing Poland, not the other way round.’ This comment is laughable, to say the least. There used to be on the internet photos and videos of dead and mutilated German men,woman and children by the Poles. So, I would say there is certainly no white washing. Any reader of this blog should know this. The behind the scenes politics of Great Britain & France in regard to the Poles and their treatment of Germans /Danzig corridor/ is no myth. I call bullshit…respectfully concerning this view on German/Polish responsibility towards armed conflict between Germans and Poles. Cheers.

Yes, I thought that off-color remark was strange as everyone knows Hitler pleaded with the stupid Poles to leave the Danzig Germans alone, to no avail, and was forced to invade Polan to save large swaths of German citizens, separated after WWI.

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