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Tom Holland

Watch Holland!

It doesn’t matter that Tom Holland is a normie, a liberal like everyone else and even anti-Nazi: he is spot on in this interview!

The Nazis do not buy into that. The Nazis buy into the Nietzschean idea that the weak are weak and should be treated as weak, as contemptable, as something to be crushed.

Atheists of today [like Richard Dawkins et al]… they are basically Christians. Nietzsche saw humanists, communists, liberals—people who may define themselves against Christianity—as being absolutely in the fundamentals Christian, and I think he is right about that because I think that in a sense atheism doesn’t repudiate the kind of ethics and the morals and the values of Christianity.

Just transvalue Holland’s neo-Christian axiology and we arrive at the POV of this site!

Update of June 7

In the full interview, after the half-hour mark, Holland touches on a topic he didn’t get to touch on in Dominion because this book was published the year before the BLM 2020 riots. Holland says that in America blacks have been last and whites first.

‘Why is that inherently wrong?’ Holland asks his interlocutor with emphasis. He elaborates for a few minutes on George Floyd and says that this collective hysteria that whites suffered had its origins in the great inversion of values that was initiated by the figure of a helpless victim on the Cross.

From the 38th minute, the anti-Nazi Holland returns to Nazism and then discusses the genesis of the ultimately religious idea of ‘human rights’ after the French Revolution. Holland says that believing in such rights is as theological as believing that Jesus rose from the dead.

Near the 42nd minute, Holland says that Hitler saw in St Paul the Jew whose ideas destroyed Greece and Rome.

After minute 53 Holland says something very interesting. Christian ethics (which is the same as the neo-Christian ethics of atheists) constantly destroys its structures and reinvents itself. This is clear from the Middle Ages to the present day: all those funny anecdotes Holland tells in his book that I didn’t quote on this site because it would have meant quoting his whole book.

In the final minutes Holland hits the nail of all nails: just what we said recently about Richard Spencer’s ‘doughnut’ metaphor (the black hole of anti-Hitlerism) and the ‘Foundation Myth’ article, quoted in red at the top of this site. Holland said that Westerners today ask what Hitler did and they are doing exactly the opposite of that!

‘And by doing the opposite they are doing it for Christian reasons’.

Bingo (see also this moment from a Holland lecture in Romania).

Postscript of 8 June:

And in this lecture from his town, half a year ago, Holland even talks about how ridding ourselves of Christian morality permits us to become exterminationists, and even quotes Himmler (a step which, incidentally, Holland dares not take!).

17 replies on “Watch Holland!”

For new visitors who may not have understood the POV of this site, this interview is so important that I am tempted not to post any more entries until I finish compiling the anthology for the forthcoming PDF-book, Neo-Christianity, whose star essay is precisely the quotations we made on this site from Holland’s book.

“The last shall be first and first last”.

This is basically it. These are western values in a nutshell.

Since whites (nordics) are at the top and blacks bottom, judeo christian values means negro worship at the expense of whatever evil natzis standed for, which means nordic suicide.

Here, local christian churches still have this woke trend of portraying blacks in their ads (despite its nearly all white audience) and are also supporters of negro schools in Africa.

Have we have an all powerful ruler like Hitler, he wouldn’t have allowed the population to reach these levels of insanity and would have cracked down coward plutocrats and its collaborators, including these churches.

Yeah Xtianity is retarded and it’s a Jewish psy-op. But it’s pointless to belabour this point ad Infinitum. All essential knowledge can only be apprehended intuitively. If anybody needs to be exposed to a whole library of facts to be convinced of something vital, chances are such a person is too dumb to get it anyway and in this case why bother? As far as I know you for example didn’t “get” the Jewish Question by reading a ton of books about it, all it took was one single sentence you read in a comment on some blog years ago. So there you are.

The thing is, you treat Xtianity as some kind of cosmic curse that was cast upon whites and made them into what they are now. I mean… honestly. Dude, you’re seeing things upside down. Xtianity didn’t “corrupt” the white race, that’s delusional white-kniting if there was ever one. Whites embraced Xtianity en masse long ago because they’re fucking dumb. And if they finally and totally ditch it at some point they will replace it with something else equally (if not more) retarded – actually that’s what’s happening right now with all the current woke moronic bullshit. I wonder when the penny will finally drop for you – if ever. Sad, really.

There are several things I could answer, but the most important is that Wokism is not a paradigm that substitutes Christianity, but the final phase of Christianity. The seminal essay on this subject was ‘The Red Giant’, which we published in the before-last incarnation of this site on Blogspot. What we are witnessing is the red-giant stage of Christianity (secular Wokism) in which its flames consume all Western civilisation. It isn’t another paradigm: it is the same once it has exhausted its core and can no longer make nuclear fusion. It burns like coal with flames enveloping the nearby planets. If you haven’t read that essay you should read it now. Originally, it was posted on precisely the same blog where a single sentence by a European made me wake up to the JQ.

As for whites like all other races being dumb, of course they are. I never said they aren’t. But I believe they are redeemable creatures, insofar as societies like Sparta and Rome before the Punic wars promised to become something good. And let’s not talk about the Third Reich if the Christians and neo-Christians in East and West Germany had been defeated.

If you read my books in my mother tongue, De Jesús a Hitler, you will see that I say there that human beings are real assholes. But in the case of the Aryan race, as I said, they are redeemable. I recently decided to change the subtitle of this blog to one that reflects the title of my magnum opus (of which you can read some translations at Day of Wrath).

Finally, it is true that people won’t be converted to our cause by reading tons of posts. That’s why in ‘Our Books’ I recommend first and foremost a single book, Goodrich’s Hellstorm. And I even say on the main page that those who don’t want to read it should at least read the book review I linked to.

Any noble-hearted Aryan who takes this redpill will start to become awake.

“As for whites, like all other races, being dumb, of course they are.”

I think Lawrence should also read Commander Rockwell’s books and learn more about his experiences with people. It is futile to expect a solution to come out from the masses. They are like children who require a fatherly figure, a leader or ruling class, to guide them properly. That’s why democracy is such a stupid idea.

“Finally, it is true that people won’t be converted to our cause by reading tons of posts.”

I want to say something about this. People rarely subscribe to an ideology because of the excellence of it. They do it because either they are forced to or they are after some perk of interest.

Currently, it is the system that has a monopoly on both force and valuables. That’s why Conservative Swede said that only a catastrophe will have enough force to break the whole thing at this point.

Linder also said it: our faith can only be preached after the collapse.

@Lawrench > “The thing is, you treat Xtianity as some kind of cosmic curse that was cast upon whites and made them into what they are now.”

This is a really good point. There are a few counter-arguments, some worse than this argument itself. (Excuse me the lengthy post, hopefully it won’t be too annoying.)

1. The idea of Aryan genetic inferiority and propensity to gentleness – apparently debunked by both César and Holland, highlighting the stench of corpses in Ancient Rome and Modern ISIS – and I would underscore the Holocaust, the Last Jew in Vinnitsa photograph, etc.).

2. The idea of Christianity as a sublimation of imperialism – that hits closer to home, as Alexander could be considered a proto-Christian (philosopher-educated, too); either way, mammon-worship is something that César does underscore sometimes. Still, just as with Dr. Robert Morgan’s focus on technological means, it does not explain the fanatical vigour of the adherents of neo-Christian varieties of literally killing the Aryan race and literally castrating the children and men.

In a word, a result can be superficially similar, but the road there is different, and thus explains why the result is slightly different from the projected (cf. lizards vs tuatara). A good example of this counter-argument in reverse would be Japan which still makes young people suck up hard to sick old fucks,* with no anarchist nonsense such as this constant, grating, anarcho-satanic disrespect for all authority in the West (which drove me mad as a child, and naturally drew me to all things fascist and orderly). Every time I saw a revolution like in 2013, I wanted to burn this Christian rabble with a flamethrower – after all, it was the explicitly Christian idea to give children, niggers, women, Jews and other transvestites “the human right to life”.

*One of the most revolutionary thoughts I’ve ever thought was “Weinstein did nothing wrong”. The old Jewish fucks may be sick, but castrating men is even uglier – and 100% Judaeo-Christian.

In this vein, I do put the blame on Christianity as the clearest culprit, as again, there has been no repudiation of its values over the course of the past two millennia, even after three different economic formations. One could definitely consider Whites unworthy after failing to fight it at so many points, that’s for sure. But the main struggle seems to be designated correctly in this model.

P.S. If I were to poke holes in César’s worldview, it would be in his gentleness as the main drive of his racism (for the kids and animals) – simply because only ruthlessness is the language of Nature. Believe me, I’m a ridiculously gentle soul by heart, but at this point I would take it as a personal morality limited to private life instead of trying to turn the churning cogs of the machine fluffy.

As for cruelty alone being the language of Nature, one has to take into account what we call ‘psychogenic emergent’ phenomena, which is seen even in images of hippopotamuses trying to save a gazelle from the jaws of a crocodile. I don’t want to discuss that now. Suffice it to say that anyone who reads how the first thing the Nazis did when they took power was to protect the animals from human cruelty will understand NS (explained in Savitri’s book that we translated).

That’s a really good idea. In this model, Christianity could be seen as even more pernicious – for hijacking this emergent psychogenic evolution. (Although then an argument could be made that groups deprecating it would be impervious to miscegenation… but I will refrain from doing that here, apologies.)

I would also add Dolphins saving men’s lives at sea since classical antiquity.

The concept of cruelty it’s a product of a develop but twisted mind, like that of the semitics, who have always lived in an arid desert and are often mixed with negroes and other oriental races. What else can you expect from them?

In contrast, the fairer races of Europa have evolve in gentle forests and rivers. There is a big difference in mindset that has only been corrupted by the forced introduction of judeo christianity, among other oriental influences.

Holland’s Edictum Dei speech in Cluj-Napoca is by far the most profound, highly recommend. I do, however, disagree that traditional Christianity is necessary at all for the continued propagation of Christian axiology. At least, so far, nothing has suggested it – the Red Giant is only growing in density, so to speak.

Maybe I am blinded by the immensity of modern neo-Christians’ insanity. Yet, methinks, the Aryan race (along with its technology) will go extinct sooner than the Red Giant dissipates due to its internal cultural contradictions, if ever.

“Yet, methinks, the Aryan race (along with its technology) will go extinct sooner than the Red Giant dissipates due to its internal cultural contradictions, if ever.”

This is what truly concerns me. People keep wanting to wait and wait and wait so we can move when the “time is just right.” I think we will have to make our own time, not sit and wait for it. People just can’t seem to grasp that we can go extinct very easily. History is filled with species that went extinct and I’m sure they weren’t expecting that either. My fear is that it’s already too late and that WWII might have been the deciding factor.

But you are assuming that something revolutionary can be done, when in fact it can’t because there is no collective will for revolution yet.

James Mason didn’t want to immolate himself like Bob Matthews because, although his thinking was revolutionary, he knew from the time he retired that self-immolation wouldn’t make a dent in the System.

Commenter Lawrence hit the nail on the head when he said that a single line I read in a blog suddenly woke me up to the JQ. Lawrence inferred that if they don’t want to wake up to the CQ with so many lines, it’s because they’re being assholes.

Many people who visit this site don’t realise that the most revolutionary thing is not to stupidly self-immolate, but to realise that this site is the only racialist site that provides an accurate diagnosis of what’s going on.

The point is, if those concerned about their race don’t realise that the cause of Western malaise is all that is implied in Holland’s work (which we had already said on this site before Holland’s book), they will perish.

How many times must I say it? There can be no authentic revolution if the CQ isn’t understood (cf. the final chapter, ‘History of American National Socialism’, which will appear in my forthcoming PDF Neo-Christianity).

Once the CQ is properly understood, the story the white man has been telling himself won’t only change but in many respects, it’ll be reversed by necessity to the point of an exterminationist, Kalki-like revolution (see the postscript from June 8 that I added yesterday to the post above).

If our story is replaced, the transvaluation of all values occurs. And if the transvaluation occurs then revolutionary thinking will start making inroads in pro-white groups. In short, as Mohammed said, it is not the time for external jihad, but for internal jihad.

Something so obvious cannot be understood? What the white jihadists must be doing is linking to the content of this site all over the racialist forums. Once assimilated our message, troll those forums with evangelical zeal! After the crash, it will be possible to preach our faith to a wider audience.

“All essential knowledge can only be apprehended intuitively.”

Sometimes it takes a little help from outside, like the line of text that CT read from a blog which pointed the way in his search for truth.

I remember way back in my teens, when my sister said to me during a heated discussion:
“Oh come on, can’t you see Dad doesn’t give a shit about us?”
What an eye-opening, catalyzing question.
Fast-forward two decades, and I’m an exterminationist.

CT is right, it’s a battle for reconning White History among racists/White nationalists. Don’t even bother with the normies.

People like Holland have all the answers laid out in front of them, but they won’t cross the psychological Rubicon. I won’t try to understand why. I just know there’s this rite of passage called ‘Long Night of the Soul’ which involves mental torture at a young age, and seems common among us men in this blog. I’d wager Holland never went through it.

“Yet, methinks, the Aryan race (along with its technology) will go extinct sooner than the Red Giant dissipates”
Yes, you are blinded by defeatism. There will be many more Mudditerraneans, Mulattos and Slavic-hapas, but Aryans will not go extinct.

“My fear is that it’s already too late”
Yes, WW2 was the deciding factor. Aryans deserve 100 years of living in tunnels eating recycled proteins.
What depresses me is that we may never be able to wipe out the nigger and the gook completely; that Infinite Hatred without fossil fuels is insufficient for total extermination of inferior genes, thus failing to prevent their proliferation and the cycle of suffering repeats for millennia. What a dreadful thought.

Yes, we have to “wait til the time is right”. James Mason summed it up very well: Full Retreat or Full Attack. You either go Vikernes, or you go Breivik/Tarrant/Matthews.
Full Attack changes nothing before Transvaluation – which will propagate among Aryans at an exponential rate after this recession metastasizes into hyperinflation then into an economic collapse.

The only Attack we should be doing until then, is one that will generate Full Xtian apostates.

I just know there’s this rite of passage called ‘Long Night of the Soul’ which involves mental torture at a young age, and seems common among us men in this blog. I’d wager Holland never went through it.

I am very impressed that many of the more intelligent commenters on this site (to mention only those who went astray admiring Charles Manson: Robert Morgan who commented here under another pseudonym, Joseph Walsh and Jack Halliday) have apparently had terrible teenage years. No wonder that, precisely because they didn’t write their tragedies in hundreds of pages as I did, they took refuge in disreputable defensive mechanisms such as their admiration for unnecessary cruel criminals. But indeed, without crucifixion you can’t be resurrected (most of these wretches die on the cross).

What emerges from the sometimes personal interviews with Holland is that he was never crucified as a boy or a teen. Lucky him, but on the other hand he will be unable to rise from the dead: the white people wandering around like dead zombies talking System-approved duckspeak and awaiting extinction.

There is something very strange about extreme suffering: it either ennobles you or destroys you for good. When in 1999 I was reading the passages in Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag where he talks about how prison can ennoble you if you can endure it, I was also reading in Manchester passages from my biology course where only one insect out of a hundred in a certain species can emerge victorious after the process of metamorphosis.

The moral is that not all the tortured adolescents can come out winged.

> “But indeed, without crucifixion you can’t be resurrected”

So, you are not shying away from using Christian imagery? Or is it merely tangential? I’m not nitpicking, it’s just some parts of Christianity do seem to carry some philosophical merit. (I for one have trouble reconciling Savitri’s argument against hospitals with her propensity to generosity.)

I for one have not suffered at all, yet have come to comparable views. Although I could have been led here by distance, solitude, and a historical vision.

So, you are not shying away from using Christian imagery?

I am only following Nietzsche’s style in Thus spake Zarathustra where he used many biblical symbols to illustrate his anti-Christian POV.

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