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Racial right

Two comments

Recently, two comments caught my attention: one by the anti-Christian Robert Morgan and the other by the Christian Andrew Anglin. Let’s start with what the anti-Christian said:

MacDonald quotes Carlson: “Our current orthodoxies won’t last. … This moment is too inherently ridiculous to continue, and so it won’t.”

Baseless optimism. A remark like this could have been made at any point since negroes were granted citizenship and the vote back in 1870.

The “current orthodoxy” is racial and sexual egalitarianism, too deeply rooted in America’s worldview to be easily abandoned. Too much blood and treasure has been squandered trying to make this madness into a reality to permit a reversal. It’s obvious the people would quite literally rather die than admit their mistake. Every time the premise of equality has been challenged, they have proved their commitment to it by doubling down instead of retreating.

Only a collapse and utter ruin can redeem the situation. The state must be burned down to the ground, its functionaries eliminated along with the vast majority of the populace. Only then—perhaps—will something worthwhile arise from the ashes. [source: here]

Now let’s read what Andrew Anglin wrote in the concluding paragraphs of a long article that Ron Unz re-published. I must confess I find it highly embarrassing to quote, on this site, what Anglin says:

On my own journey to the truth, I’ve realized that the ultimate truth is that Jesus Christ died that we may live, and that the only peace we are going to have in this world is following His commandments that He will send the Holy Spirit to comfort us.


If you haven’t made it to that point yet, if you still have doubt in your heart as to the truth of Christianity, this is my advice to you: seek truth everywhere, always. All kinds of truth about everything.

What about the true history of Christianity, or the fact that there is no source outside the Gospels that attests to the existence of Jesus?

Don’t ever lie to yourself, don’t believe things that are comfortable to you. Always go for the truth. If you do that, you will come to Jesus. Nothing else can happen. There is no final truth beyond the infinite love that God has for mankind…

The god of the Jews loves us so much that he wants to torture us for eternity in hell.

Read the Bible too, and compare and contrast with the truth you’ve found. Read the book of John, as it is the most important.

This reminds me that John’s gospel was Luther’s favourite.

As I said recently, if you don’t believe in God, becoming a fentanyl addict on the streets of California is a perfectly valid life choice. The fact that most people don’t do that proves that we all know, somewhere inside of us, that God is real.

Either you believe in the god of the Jews or you become a junkie, says the most popular anti-Semite on racialist forums.

The purpose of our lives is to struggle, to strive, to seek joy, and love—all in the name of coming closer to Jesus Christ that when we die, we will live forever… And please, my brothers, always remember: no matter how bad things get, Jesus is there for you. [Source: here]

The ‘Jesus’ name derives from ‘Yehoshua’, i.e., Joshua, who functioned as Moses’ assistant in the books of Exodus and Numbers, and later succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelite tribes. Given everything we’ve been quoting from Dominion, let there be no doubt: The American racial right is part of the problem, not the solution.

8 replies on “Two comments”

Americans will never admit they were wrong about all this equality nonsense. The two great American myths are the Civil War was about saving the “noble black man” and America was the hero in WW2 saving the World from evil. They can not even entertain the thought that they might have been wrong because Americans NEED to be the hero. This is why Blacks are allowed to run amuck and why Germans and Adolf Hitler must be constantly vilified.

A judge issued an arrest warrant because Anglin failed to pay millions in a civil lawsuit.

What impresses me about Anglin is that, a few years ago, we used to exchange friendly emails. When I went nuclear with the CQ, he wouldn’t even reply to an email in which I told him that if the Justice Department was after him I could help him emigrate south of the Rio Grande.

No wonder his site gets millions of hits and mine only a fraction of that. But of course: it’s about quality of people, not quantity. (Most visitors to racialist forums are semi-normies, or, as Christian Hunter Wallace calls himself and others, ‘neo-normies’).

Well, I read Anglin because I use him as a “News aggregator” not because I want to read his Christian rhetoric/LARPing. I do that with a few sites and I suspect other people do that as well, so I don’t know if you can read much into his number of hits. Anglin also does TDO (The Daily Outrage) which draws many more views for neo/semi-normies. That’s simply how he helps pay the bills. The discussions on your site are serious about White people’s problems/solutions. There used to be another serious website I used to read (before they got purged) which never got huge numbers, but they had important information as well. Don’t despair about the hit numbers.

I too used to visit Wallace’s site just for the news. But no more: I am sickened by his American-style reactionary stance; not revolutionary like NS was.

Actually what Morgan said above is more important. He still believes, as we can see from his most recent comments in The Unz Review, that technology is the cause of feminism.

As can be seen in the latest Dominion posts, the ultimate cause is neochristianity. Morgan’s ideology violates Occam’s razor, in that the mere understanding of neochristianity explains things, without having to invoke new entities.

Proof of this is that cultures that didn’t suffer from the Christian infection, and we are talking about billions (Chinese, Indians, the Muslim world, etc.) don’t suffer now from the Woke monster.

Nevertheless, as Morgan doesn’t blame technology in the above quote, I thought it pertinent to include it.

To play devil’s advocate, Morgan’s counter-argument was that those savage Asians are not properly industrialised. And it seems to have some merit, although if we take Iran, it’s rather complicated considering how industrialisation was usually accompanied by Western values (so it’s sometimes hard to separate the two).

The contrast between Japan and South Korea is probably the best case for the culture-centric view as Korea is much more Christianised AND rabidly feminist.

Juche Korea would be an example of a country using liberal rhetoric (democracy, female rights) to instill the opposite – the values of totalitarian submission. Turning the normies into happy slaves for the good cause. (This is probably what was applied in Hitler’s Germany with all the talk about “freedom” – they could afford it back then when they managed to arrest the development of the tumour at a pre-terminal stage.)

Morgan’s counter-argument was that those savage Asians are not properly industrialised.

What exactly does Morgan mean, given that both China and Japan are fully industrialised (and neither suffers from Wokism)??

Regarding South Korea, 56.1% say they have no religion; 27.6% are Christian, 15.5% Buddhist and 0.8% Other. What Holland alleges in Dominion doesn’t apply there. It doesn’t even apply in Russia insofar as the Russians didn’t undergo a Reformation (or even a Renaissance), nor an Enlightenment; let alone a revolution as profound as the one we suffered here with the galloping liberalism that began in the 1960s.

Neochristianity must be understood from the historical POV provided by Holland and others (e.g., Ferdinand Bardamu’s text in The Fair Race). This concept has explanatory power to diagnose the mass psychosis suffered by the entire American continent (Latin Americans also suffered from classical liberalism since the 19th century), Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Morgan’s concept simply doesn’t, because of what I said about China and Japan above (in those countries there is no fanatical religion of anti-racism, etc.).

As I said, Occam’s razor makes Morgan’s ideology superfluous compared to the POV of this site.

Technology is simply an accelerant for what’s already there. Changes which might have taken 200 years previously (thus giving people more time to alter course if things are looking bad) now happen in 20 years. By the time you realize something is a bad idea, it’s already too late.

Still, I will say something that I don’t usually say – if not America, then who? It would be a cataclysmic coup if America flipped to the Hitler side, with both its material resources and its being the heart of the worldwide Christian empire. I may entertain my other delusions about Poland or Russia, but even I admit that the Slavs can only survive if America collapses in time, a plan B of sorts.

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