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Horace and Lydia

Oil on canvas by John Collier (1924).

3 replies on “Horace and Lydia”

1924? Remarkably late.

Such imagery can be generated by AI now. And a sentient GAI will encompass even your point of view.

There is no such thing as AI outside of science fiction. When Robert Morgan under another of his pseudonyms commented here (he has been trolling The Unz Review threads with the idea that machines can think) I replied that the mind is not algorithmic. Not long ago I even read, and commented on this site, one of the mathematician Roger Penrose’s books on the subject.

Furthermore, even the best art designed by computers lacks numinousness, precisely because they lack consciousness.

This has to be some weird mental block on your part (dare I say, an algorithm?). I’m too autistic to deny what I see. If I talk to an AI getting reasonable answers (that were not programmed into it by man), if the technology keeps improving like the Wright brothers’ airplane to basically miracle levels (the AI writing code, drawing pictures, making videos, copying people), I choose to call a spade a spade. We shall see, of course, as the last arbiter is the future.

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