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Lady Godiva

Oil on canvas by John Collier
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.

2 replies on “Lady Godiva”

I know this is off topic, but I read somewhere on your site that you said the current generation (Millennials) are very clueless and need to suffer in real hardship before they can understand anything about reality. I’m 37, and been on the streets for 16 years because of disability and mental illness. I gave up so much comfort and security during the whole time. I know the complete gravitas of what you said. I can see things and experiences they can’t even imagine. In a Discord chat room I brought up the fact that in the animation industry the people who are in the “visual development” section of film making don’t have the same talent level as the animators who do the direct work of the true labor of drawing characters/scenes and are just management types that feed off of the workers and the fact that they are parasites.

I’ve looked at Facebook profiles of several prominent VisDev people at Disney and their art was usually at about mediocre ability or less. They denied my statements and got really offended like I threw them off the wall. I didn’t even use a tone of disrespect to rile them, just said it like I was an office working having a boring day job. They said the role of all people in the animation process was completely equal in weight and ignored the fact of people doing the real animating were the ones who provide all the base labor. They even went as far as to say that voice acting is an art just like animating a scene! They tried their hardest to deceive and hide and distract from the truth about my statements. Then they kicked me from the server. I’ve been blocked several times on Twitter for just making a friendly post on one of their tweets with a sample of my artwork and they got jealous. They get really offended just by a slight annoyance in social rules that aren’t really much of a problem.

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