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Currency crash Peter Schiff

Schiff tonight

‘Massive inflation is going to be created to pay these bailouts’ (minute 17:07), and because of the coming inflation ‘The worst thing you could do is to leave your money in the bank’.

I do not recommend anyone without a basic knowledge of economics to listen to Peter Schiff’s monologues. But even if you don’t have that economic knowledge, you can understand the above quote. It’s time to take your money out of the bank, which later this decade could turn into confetti—i.e. hyperinflation, watch Peter right after the 46th minute—, and put your silver coins in safety deposit boxes in banks (as I have done with my very meagre savings).

3 replies on “Schiff tonight”

…There are two ways to check for signs of a nascent hyperinflation.
1) The graph of liquidity going up.
2) Nuclear mushrooms over Eastern Europe.

A US drone has reportedly been downed by the Russians this morning. Could be a casus belli for a nuclear strike. Most Russian nuclear submarines will be easily sunk in ports.

Why is the “Total assets of the Federal Reserve” graph going down then?

Schiff takes questions during his podcasts.

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