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Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book) Winston Churchill

Savitri quotes

I have been forbidden to visit England since my participation in the Hitler camp at Costwolds in August 1962. The situation created nine years ago or more by the presence on British soil of almost two million Africans, Jamaicans and Pakistanis, not to mention the Jews who had arrived as early as 1933, was already alarming if not tragic. And according to the echoes that I have been able to hear, it has only worsened since then as no measures have been taken to expel all these non-native elements. […].

Eventually, they will be a hundred thousand, fifty thousand, twenty thousand [whites] scattered over the whole surface of the British Isles, then overpopulated with half-breeds of different shades. The English will be drowned among some hundred or two hundred million robots, generally dark-skinned, with the most varied features. They will be the only creatures in this termite mound worthy of the name ‘man’ in the sense we would use it. But the world of that time will have no use for such creatures.

Perhaps they will cultivate in themselves a belatedly awakened Aryan consciousness. Perhaps they will manage, despite the distances, to meet from time to time in small groups, and talk nostalgically about ‘old England,’ now deader than the Athens of Pericles. Perhaps, at some pitiful meeting on some historic anniversary, some man of knowledge and insight will arise and tell his brethren of the race the remote and deep causes of their downfall.

Behold, he will tell them, we are paying the price of the folly of our ancestors. They are the ones who, in what was once our Empire, encouraged the propaganda of the Christian missionaries, compulsory vaccination and the adherence of the ‘literates’ to democratic principles. They stubbornly refused the hand sincerely extended to them by the greatest of all Europeans: Adolf Hitler. In response to his repeated offer of alliance and his promise to leave us the domination of the seas, they unleashed the Second World War against him, drowned his country in a deluge of phosphorus and fire, and burned alive nearly five million of his compatriots, women and children, under the burning rubble or in the shelters where the liquefied asphalt of the streets penetrated in fiery streams.[1]

We are paying the price for the crimes of Mr Churchill and all those who believed in them and fought against National Socialist Germany, our sister, the defender of our common race. These men, you may say, were bona fide but short-sighted. That may be so. But that doesn’t excuse them before History. Stupidity is itself a crime when the interest of the nation, and especially of the Race, is at stake. We cannot do what our fathers did and escape punishment!

The punishment will be to have some woolly-haired, simian-faced Christian as Prime Minister of Great Britain: a descendant of equatorial African immigrants and perhaps named Winston after the gravedigger of the former British Empire. The punishment will be to live amid a brownish, camel-headed England—also, at least in large part, woolly-haired—whose former inhabitants, the legitimate inhabitants, the Aryans, whether Normans, Saxons or Celts, will number as few as the native Americans on the reservations do today in the US.

Then, perhaps, groups of true Englishmen, more obstinate than the others in their resentment, more combative if not less desperate, will burn, every 8th of May, some effigy of Churchill purposely grotesque: his big puffy, plump face, furnished with the legendary cigar and smeared like that of a clown; his big belly stuffed with gunpowder. May 8 will, indeed, at last be recognised as the anniversary of the shame of England as much as of the misfortune of the sister nation; once hated, now adored with all the passion that accompanies remorse that we know is useless.

Perhaps these same Englishmen, and others, will publicly worship Adolf Hitler, the Saviour whom their ancestors of yesterday rejected and whom their ancestors of today—our contemporaries—still insult. Perhaps there will be, among the dwindling number of Aryans throughout the world, a militant minority, serene, almost happy in its unshakeable loyalty, who will worship him while waiting to become (they or their descendants) the bodyguard of the Avenger he hinted at but wasn’t: Kalki. But all late repentance and retrospective devotions will remain ineffective, both in Europe and among the Aryan minorities in other countries, especially in an increasingly Jewified and negrified America. Nothing can save the youngest of humanity’s noble races from the fate that must befall as a consequence of the crimes committed or tolerated by too many of its representatives under the influence of anthropocentrism of the wrong sort.


[1] Editor’s note: read Tom Goodrich’s 2010 book Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany.

9 replies on “Savitri quotes”

So many prescient points! Vaccines used to increase man’s population, amerimutt robots, and a Negro prime minister! And if the Rivers of Blood speech by Enoch Powell of 1968 is any indicator, the NPC of yesteryear was outright delusional about cause and effect (just as my local Ukrainian normies are).

Sadly there will no small groups of Whites scattered about. They will be hunted down and slaughtered because the invaders will always fear that the White man will rise again and take back what is his.

As it stands, the Governments are already militantly anti-white and the all the organized religions are just about there as well. Whites will be enemies of the state and Holy doctrine will be that we are White demons which must be sent back to Hell (or some similar nonsense.) Free tickets to Heaven will be issued for anyone killing a White demon.(similar to the old indulgences in medieval Europe.)

As I’ve always said, most Whites will only begin to see when a howling mob of POC are chasing them down the street screaming “Death to Whitey.” Maybe realization will finally hit them as they are laying there dying, but even then I still have my doubts.

With these kind of comments, who needs jews for further demoralization.

If you want to save the white race:

1-Stay sane and embrace European beauty, culture and arts.
2- Find a (“sabine”) white woman.
3-Have children with her.
4-Help fellow white families.
5-Learn to enjoy the simple things in life.
6-Become a leader or learn how to properly follow those who are above you.
7-Prepare for the transvaluation of Judeo-Christian values, which means prepare for total war.

Currently #2 is very difficult, because the Orwellian laws and culture prevent the Aryan man from properly marrying a good Aryan woman.

Regarding the children – have fun watching them troon. And no, you cannot exclude the state from children’s lives (whose IQ and sensibilities will be random to boot).

Understanding one’s place in the world is not demoralising. Tolkien might have been a lobotomised Christcuck who hated Hitler, but his prose is weirdly reminiscent of Savitri’s (cf. “the long defeat”).

> He was born into a world of warfare, though he was still a child when the last and greatest battle in the wars of Beleriand was fought.

It’s not about demoralization. It’s about reality, at least where I live, how things are going. I’ve had to watch a first world country slide into the third world (heading quickly to fourth world) in my lifetime. The Whites around me are so pacified they’ll be like deer in the headlights when things get really ugly. They’d also be the first ones to sell me out as well.

I came in to the pro-white movement (or the nam du jour) because of what was/is happening in South Africa. Long ago, there was a blog much canceled even then about the realities of South Africa and the farm murders. They managed to get actual crime scene photos of a number of the farm murders. This was real stomach churning stuff how these people were tortured and murdered. Most of you do not fully understand how ugly this is truly going to get and are underestimating your adversaries’ capacity for sheer violence and malevolence.

From that I learned something. Whites and our societies have become so soft and squishy that we’ve become prey for these people. We need to stop acting like prey because the predators and scavengers are circling. No one listened then and no one is listening now.

All I see are demoralizing thoughts and comments saying “you can’t do this. You can’t do that. They will still get ya!”.

Any young Aryan man will feel crippled by just reading at them. Absolutely losing the battle before it even starts.

There is no shortage of things for us to complaint about. But our true strength does not rely on our ability to describe how deep in manure we are, but rather, on having a positive view of the future and a plan (of some sort) to make it reality.

A focus on negativism will only convince others that it’s “Game Over” already.

Yes, the plan is difficult. There is no guarantee it will succeed. But who cares? Just do it.

I agree that defeatism is our greatest enemy. We need both to be properly educated about the roots and nature of the present crisis, but also to maintain faith in our ultimate victory.

And that shouldn’t be too difficult. Anyone who seriously studies European history ought to be inspired by the greatness of our civilization, as well as angered by the temporary triumph of the culture distorters (as Yockey termed them).

The CoViD pandemic had a disastrous short-term effect on the outlook and morale of racial nationalists. We need to ditch the defeatism, and focus on achievable victories (while at the same time educating ourselves about the bigger picture).

Two examples.
(1) When publishers recently censored Roald Dahl, the outcry led to the publishers eventually reversing their decision, so they ended up with the worst of both worlds – drawing attention to Dahl’s ‘forbidden thoughts’ while failing to censor them.

(2) The ongoing project to create a vast ‘Holocaust memorial’ in central London, close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Cathedral, was twice defeated – first at local council level and then via judicial review – which has forced the British government to bring in a special law to override the court judgment. Whatever happens now, this is a guaranteed propaganda disaster for the usual suspects. It is now becoming possible for the first time to awaken British interest in historical revisionism, because of the self-evident extraordinary measures being used to promote the ‘official history’.

Of course ‘our side’ will remain a small minority for some time to come, but we are beginning to recruit a higher quality of activist among the younger generation. There is no need for defeatism.

However, the British government locked up Jez Turner, whom I met in 2014 in London, for thoughtcrime for more than a year. And now it wants to lock up two London activists I also met that year, who used to comment here and on Black Wolf Radio: Joseph Walsh and Chris White.

There really is no freedom of speech in the UK. The situation is black and only a social collapse could open a window of opportunity for people like us.

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