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Democracy Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Savitri quote

What I am saying here about the decline of the Aryan isn’t confined to India. It is a fact observable in any country with a multiracial population, in which the State opposes the promotion of superior ethnic elements instead of encouraging it at all costs and by all means. This is particularly evident in any country with a multiracial population in which the state clings to democratic rule, where power rests with the majority.[1]


[1] Editor’s note: Democracy is the worst of political systems, as Plato saw in his Republic. Already in modern times, John Stuart Mill came to discover that when it is society itself that is the tyrant—society collectively—it exercises a more formidable social tyranny because it leaves fewer means of escape from it. And Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America that the kind of oppression that democratic nations use is altogether different from anything that has ever existed in the world. The French aristocrat added that his contemporaries will find no prototype of this in recorded history.

In vain did Tocqueville search for an expression that would adequately convey the idea he had of this new socio-political animal, and said that the old words ‘despotism’ and ‘tyranny’ were inappropriate. We are dealing with a new form of social control. Tocqueville’s observations left a deep imprint on the thinking that Mill would express a little later in On Liberty. Mill observed that despite claims of the contrary democracy doesn’t protect the interests of all but simply for the interests of the majority (‘two legged mammals’ is Savitri’s pejorative term of what I simply call ‘Neanderthals’).