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Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Savitri quote

The gulf which, in the mind of the Führer, separates the Aryan worthy of the name from the sub-humans is reminiscent of the gulf which, in the Sanskrit Scriptures, separates and opposes the Arya from the Dasyu. According to Rauschning, the Führer goes so far as to speak of a ‘new variety of man,’ the result of a real ‘mutation’ in the scientific and natural sense of the word[1] that would ‘far surpass present-day man’ and would move further and further away from ‘the man of the herd’ who has entered ‘the stage of decay.’ [2]

It seems that he saw this mutation—like the initiation of the ‘twice-born’ of ancient India or the freemen of pagan Greece into the mysteries—as the culmination of a hard series of tests. He felt that it was too late to impose such asceticism on the mature generation. It was the youth, the ‘splendid youth’ that Adolf Hitler loved so much, the youth whose destiny he was still trying to guide ‘in the centuries to come’ by writing his political testament under the thunder of the Russian guns, who had to undergo it and emerge transformed, hardened, embellished, elevated to a higher level of being: a level that an elite within the elite had yet to exceed.

It was in the fortresses (Burgs) of the warlike and mystical Order of the SS—those veritable nurseries of Western Kshatriyas—that the masters-at-arms and spiritual masters of the new aristocracy were to educate the young candidates for superhumanity. ‘My pedagogy is hard,’ declared the inspired Lawgiver of the new Aryan world. ‘I work with a hammer and loosen everything that is dumb or worm-eaten. In my Burgs of Order we shall grow a youth before whom the world will tremble; a violent, imperious, fearless youth that will know how to bear pain. I want nothing weak or tender in them. I want it to have the strength and beauty of the young beasts—the innocence and nobility of Nature.’ [3]

He knew that his death—as well as the death of the whole universe of truth which he was recreating by iron and fire—would be indispensable to the ultimate accomplishment of his mission.


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