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Translation of a single paragraph:

What influence does the Levant have on the world? Will the future of humanity be decided in the Levant? Why were Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, Sicily, Naples, Lebanon or Syria once so prosperous, whereas now they are beset by instability? Does the Levant have anything to do with the Silk Road? Why did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claim in June 2011 that the Levant was no more and no less than ‘the centre of the world’? Why do the solar and straight signs here clash with the lunar, nocturnal and curved signs? To justify the eternal importance of this incomparable region, it is necessary, as always, to go back to the past. In this first part, we will review the history of the Levant, from a different point of view, up to the expulsion of the Napoleonic French from Egypt.