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Evropa Soberana, backup 41

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Portrait of Plutarch, and a hermaic stele
at the Delphi Archaeological Museum.

Translation of some of the article’s quotes, ‘Los beneficios del ayuno’ (The benefits of fasting):

‘Everyone has a physician within; we just have to let him do his work. The natural healing energy present in each of us is the greatest force for healing. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.’ —Hippocrates.

‘Instead of using medicine, better fast today.’ —Plutarch.

‘Fasting is the first principle of medicine.’ —Mevlana Rumi, 1207-1273, Persian poet and founder of the Turkish Mevleví brotherhood of Sufism.

‘Fasting is the greatest remedy: the inner physician. Nature cures, the physician helps.’ —Philip Paracelsus, Swiss physician and one of the three fathers of Western medicine.

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This philosophy of medicine would not be popular with the current allopathic system as there would be little profit in it.

“Allopathic”? Isn’t that a term made up by homeopaths? Either way, I do understand that proper medicine should focus on preventing sickness rather than on treating it, yet should we ban antibiotics then? On the one hand, the industrial age has reduced child mortality, but on the other, it’s not like being prone to succumbing to influenza leads to moral decay.

I did intermittent fasting years ago. Huge surge of energy, hit the gym like a beast.
Then I realized gyms are toxic environments, and tried switching to a weekend sports club.
Fasting does wonders, it even kills cancer cells. But you need to be fasting for more than 2 days to get the deeper benefits other than weight loss.

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