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The Ukraine conflict

As I have said in other posts, which I don’t even want to link to, Gonzalo is a normie. In this video, for example, he mentions a certain German Chancellor’s moustaches in passing and errs terribly in claiming that the radical wings of the Ukrainians fighting the Russians are ‘real neo-Nazis’. As we shall see in Savitri’s book, which I am still editing, a true National Socialist is nothing like Zelenski’s militia groups. So ignore what Gonzalo says about so-called Ukrainian ‘neo-Nazis’.

Those errors aside, Gonzalo’s analysis of the Ukrainian war is quite accurate and contrasts radically not only with what you hear in the American media (Fox News included) but with the crazy things that Johnson and Spencer have said in racialist circles.

I prefer Gonzalo’s voice to those of Colonel Douglas Macgregor and John Mearsheimer for the simple fact that Gonzalo is living in Ukraine. He can see the situation more directly than them even when their approach differs radically from the story that the Western media have been telling us about the Ukraine conflict.

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Now this seems to be much better (have just started listening). I have two points.

1. The Ukraine historically is the poisonous fruit of Bolshevism – the Ukraine was created by Lenin to split and weaken Russia after a bloody, schizophrenic revolution. — Imagine a Plattdüütsch nation hell-bent on opposing everything south of Magdeburg.

2. The Ukraine now is merely a cancerous outgrowth, an incarnation of Russian neo-Christian America-inspired self-hatred. — Imagine a CHAZ-esque lib-land in the USA, akin to California (with many sympathisers in the multicultural tumours that are Moscow and Petersburg, as I draw them in my maps).

Of course, the caveat is that the Ukrainians are not as astronomically suicidal as the Californians. We are still basically Russians in our Russian self-hatred – such as the main Ukrainian argument is that the Russians are “racially inferior Asians” – apparently, no Westerner has ever heard those words from our pretty mouths, hilarious.

Still, there is something deeply Christian about the Ukrainian outburst. They seem to deny the civilisational Europeanising role the once-German-dominated Russia had played in the Ukraine — leading to what I fear is the creeping Turkish take-over of our lands in the future. After all, it was the 18th century Russian Empire that regained the control of the steppe from the Turks for the Aryans for the first time in 1500 years. And it was Russia that opposed the Jewish population of the Polish lands (finally failing in 1917).

Thanks for letting my comment pass. In addition to how the Ukrainians have nothing to do with the Hitlerian idea, so does Putin has nothing to do with ethnic nationalism — it’s enough to listen to any real Russian nationalists such as Igor Strelkov (see the Turks raping Russian girls). At 38:30, those numbers ignore what everyone in Russia knows — that the Donbass militia were led to senseless slaughter in spring 2022, the least-equipped yet the most patriotic and vigorous of all Russian men, wasted in useless frontal assaults at the already-surrounded Mariupol (and they are unaccounted for).

Strelkov is such a [Christian] nationalist that he mourns the Ukrainian losses because he considers them his body-snatched brethren in a civil war. Gloating over the Ukrainian dead is an infantile Western phenomenon.

The consensus in Russia seems to be that it’s a Jewish war to kill Aryan men (even when they don’t fashion it in precisely such terms). And my personal pipe-dream from all this is that in the front-lines (both Ukrainian and Russian), there may arise a revival of the Aryan spirit, opposed to both Kiev and Moscow.

Minute 48 is hard to watch. In it, Lira classifies the Zelensky regime as “bloodthirsty murderers”, and “neo-fascist, neo-nazis”. This is a very ignorant point of view, a very slave-morality way of thinking. How could any oligarch attain power without murdering some of his enemies/rivals?
Then he shows more ignorance by assuming that these ‘neo-nazis’ don’t care about Zelensky being a Jew, when these ‘neo-nazis’ who control him are Jews themselves. Lira isn’t ‘hiding his power-levels’ on Youtube; he truly is ignorant of the JQ.

But the worst ignorance from Lira comes after, when he explains the motives of these Jewish ‘neo-nazi’ puppeteers for this Ukrainian war is that “they hate Russians, and their souls are black with hatred.”
What an effeminate thing to say; not only he assumes to know someone’s feelings, but he paints Hatred with a dark color. For Lira, hatred is a bad thing, when in fact it is the purest emotion, the prime mover of mind and muscle towards survival and permanence, given to mankind by Kalki himself.

I will listen to some of what Lira has to say, since he is right on many things, as is MacGregor and Mearsheimer, but he is dead wrong when it comes to judging the nature of this conflict and it’s consequences as good or bad.

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