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Translation of the final paragraphs of ‘Descendants of the Aryans – remnants of Indo-European blood in Asia (III of IV)’ and the caption of a photograph chosen by the author:

We must start from the assumption that any kind of ‘policy’ towards these people seems utopian and redundant at a time when we have enough to do with Europe, with the West, with preserving European biodiversity and with the serious ethnic conflicts that are looming in our society due to the implantation of Third World societies in our midst. However, if the situation were to turn around and a regenerated Eurasia could afford it, it would not be a bad thing to consider ‘sponsoring’ these people to protect them and prevent the extinction of their genetic legacy, which after all is a cutting from the European tree growing on Asian soil.

It is simply amazing that specimens
like this still exist in deep Asia.

History (or a walk down the street) shows that multiculturalism does not work and that multiracial societies fall into Third Worldism or succumb to ethnic wars. In the upheavals of the times to come, it will be time to break with all the egalitarian, perverse and anti-evolutionary creeds that have been poisoning humanity for the last 2,000 years, to credit the idea of human inequality and to return to the natural idea of highly trusted, genetically linked, popular communities. From this perspective, it would be most desirable to learn the lessons that these people can offer us. A new pan-European doctrine must emerge to bring these peoples back into the European geopolitical sphere of influence, spearheaded by genetic, linguistic, esoteric, archaeological and anthropological studies on the ground.

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As much as I am an archivist at heart myself, I cannot agree with such a loving approach. Pure, cold reason would demand to bar the original Anglo-Saxon America from any foreigners (arguably, even Swedes) – and what’s to say of the compromised blood of the various Asians? This is why I support the genocide of the Ukrainians at the hands of Adolf Hitler – take no chances, put it all to the torch! One must take pride in his own people only – and hold in murderous contempt all foreigners without exception.

I once heard a story of schoolchildren in that one Mongoloid country asked what place they’d like to visit if they had a chance. They replied – their own country. They don’t care in the least about your objective beauty – they want to destroy it, and build their own country in its place. Unlimited hatred.

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