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Evropa Soberana, backup 17

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Translation of the final words of ‘Were the Egyptians white?’:

What happened to Egypt, why did it fall after millennia of splendour? As with the fall of all civilisations, the answer lies in biology in general and genetics in particular.

In 1296 BCE, the Egyptians conquered Nubia (South, Negroid inhabitants), building a series of forts to protect the borders and control insurrections. At one point, it was forbidden for any Nubians to cross the border into Egypt. Eventually, and as is obvious in Egyptian art, black slaves were imported. As always, a low birth rate among the Egyptian nobility, a high birth rate among the black and Semitic slaves, and the miscegenation produced by the relaxation of the warrior, aristocratic and dominant mentality, was the curse of Egypt. Finally, in 200 years, Egypt went from being a great civilisation to disappearing from the map of civilised nations, at the mercy of stronger foreign powers.

Until 1050 BCE, all pharaohs had been predominantly white or Nordic. With the advent of the 25th Dynasty and the “black pharaohs”, who had a brief and decadent reign of 75 years, during which they built rickety pyramids 20 metres high (the great pyramid of Kheops, from the good old days of the true pharaohs, was 146 metres high), the original genetic and biological substrate that had created, from nothing, the Egyptian spirit, was drowned forever in the dense thicket of dark blood.

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Is not related to the topic (although I appreciate having Europa Soverana backups here) but I have a question:

I believe the destruction of England, as a political state, its puritanism and culture, should be cherished.

Is that contradictory to the 14 words?

Imho, the main target should be the English state. Otherwise, it’s merely the Christian system presiding over the genocide of the residual Aryans. The English themselves at this point are merely genetic material in the hands of the Jewish god of love – there is no point holding grudges against a shoggoth.

This is why I hold that a nuclear war would do a lot of good – despite decimating the Aryans, it would also strike a blow against the system of cultural dissemination, thus hurting Christianity in the process.

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