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Editor’s note: The following is a translation of the first paragraphs of the author’s conclusions on his second instalment of the Rome-Judea conflict.


– The Greeks and Romans, in their Olympian naivety (and I say this because only a naive person could think of banning the Torah, Shabbat or Brit Milah without realising that Jewry would rather die in one piece than renounce its traditions), were too short-sighted and too superficial in their treatment of the Jewish problem. They also showed themselves to be unaware of the particularities that differentiated the Jews from the other Semitic peoples of the Near East and thought that they could place their temples and statues there as if it were just another well-Hellenised and well-Persianised Arab or Syrian province. The persistence of identity that the Jews had shown did not make the unconcerned Romans think enough.

– The Romans’ conviction that they were the bearers of a superior culture made them fall into a fatal error: they thought that one culture could be valid for the whole of humanity and exported to peoples of different ethnicity. The Hellenisation and Romanisation of East and North Africa had only one effect: ethnic chaos, the Balkanisation of Rome itself, strife and, finally, the emergence of Christianity.

– Even using the brute force of its legions, Rome was slow to realise that the Jews, in their resentment and lust for revenge, did not care to slaughter waves and waves of individuals if it meant annihilating a single Roman detachment. This fundamentalist fanaticism, which went beyond the rational, must have astounded the Romans, who were not used to seeing a militarily ill-equipped people immolate themselves in such a convinced manner, their minds filled with blind faith in a jealous, vengeful, abstract and tyrannical god. What the Jews call Yahweh and in Europe became known as Jehovah is undoubtedly an extremely real will, and a force opposed to the Olympian and solar gods of the European peoples, the height of which was the Greco-Roman Zeus-Jupiter.

– The revolutionary and agitational vocation of Jewry was born here.

Evropa Soberana writes above: ‘They also showed themselves to be unaware of the particularities that differentiated the Jews from the other Semitic peoples of the Near East’. Quite right. The Romans tried to apply to Judea the same medicine they had previously applied to another Semitic people, those living in Carthage. The big difference is that the Jews were not like the Carthaginians. As an act of revenge after the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, they left us a little gift: Christianity, as we will see in tomorrow’s PDF. (It is worth having the original PDF in Spanish of what we call here the ‘masthead’ of this site.)

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It’s nice to think that conducting a genocide of millions of Jews took two birds with one stone – both destroying the enemy in flesh, and in culture. The Christian friends of the Jews do have a point (or whatever they are called – “Righteous Among the Nations”).

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