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Evropa Soberana, backup 7

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Editor’s translation of the last sentence:

Conclusion: As long as intervention in human reproduction is not a reality, crossbreed only with individuals of similar genetic and racial quality to yourself. Be guided by traits of body, soul, health and skin tone, eyes and hair.

2 replies on “Evropa Soberana, backup 7”

Of course, the real judge is Nature itself – those populations that crossbreed are set to die out.

By the way, your model of Christianity as the main culprit of the Aryan’s demise has perfect prediction capability. Just as I’m used to saying “the map of LGBT highly correlates with Christianity”, so too did I yesterday see a Ukrainian YouTuber whose main argument lay in… venerating cripples! His voice literally changed when he mentioned that the abused-by-police person was a sick genetic retard! Women, faggots, idiots – those are the heroes of our age.

It is very obvious that Christianity is the big culprit (more so than Judaism in the eyes of white nationalists).

I see it clearly in Latin America (in the Mexican senate even a senator had to apologise recently for calling a trans senator a ‘man’). The whole subcontinent conquered by the Catholic Spanish and Portuguese is now infected with Woke ideology. This doesn’t happen in India, China or in the countries under Islam for the simple reason that their axiological system doesn’t invert values, as Christianity did since its origins.

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