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Translation of the post’s last words:

Let us compare today’s Europeans with the Spartans. We panic when we see such physical, mental and spiritual degeneration, such devaluation. The European man, who was the toughest and bravest man on earth, has become a wretch and has degenerated biologically as a result of comfort. His mind is weak, his spirit is fragile, and on top of that he believes himself to be the pinnacle of creation. But this man, just by the blood of which he is the bearer, already has enormous potential.

The rules on which Sparta was founded were eternal and natural, as valid today as yesterday, but today the dualistic welfare of mens sana in corpore sano has been forgotten: the physical form is neglected, producing soft, puny, deformed monsters; and mental poisoning has produced similar abominations in the field of the spirit. The modern European knows neither pain, nor honour, nor blood, nor war, nor sacrifice, nor comradeship, nor respect, nor combat, and so he knows neither ancient and gentle goddesses like Enlightenment, Glory or Victory.

All of the European revivals were inspired by this Greco-Roman or classical European spirit, of which the Spartiate archetype was the most successful and refined manifestation. The immutable laws of Sparta remain as valid yesterday as they are today, just waiting for someone to have the wisdom to obey them.