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Evil Sexual "liberation"

American sexual psychoses

Translated and excerpted from an article by a German:

With the current draft of the Self-Determination Act, anyone who uses the wrong (old) first name (dead-naming) a person can be fined 2,500 €. This is how the law wants to enforce the use of the new pronouns, because whoever wants to be politically correct here [in Germany] must ask every interlocutor about the current sexual orientation before naming. Where does this fixation on intimate practices come from?

It is part of the core cultural substance of Puritanism. When the Puritans invaded North America, they found open sexuality among the Amerinds, just as the Victorians found among the Indians, which had its own spaces for homosexual or transsexual phenomena—the Indians still know the subculture of the Hijra. This uninhibited interaction confirmed the Puritans in their idea that the savages, like the ancient pagans, were possessed by the devil and were morally depraved. The Puritan colonial rulers immediately enacted their infamous sodomy laws, which of course also applied to the indigenous population.

Based on the English Buggery Act, they declared all sexual acts that did not serve the purpose of procreation to be a criminal offence, regardless of the sex of the participants, and intensified the punishments to monstrous levels: onanism, anal and oral sex were massive crimes. In the ‘freest country in the world,’ anyone who let his wife suck him off went to jail and was dispossessed. If he had sex with a rear-entry position, the God-fearing Christians would hang him from the nearest tree. Both men and married couples who practised anal intercourse were hanged. Unlike murder, the priesthood wasn’t exempted from the death penalty. The offender’s property became the property of the state.

Pennsylvania, for example, explicitly criminalized fellatio, and Massachusetts extended criminalization to lesbians, who were flogged Taliban-style. So it goes queerly through all the states. In the New Haven Law Code of 1656 hell was declared heaven. In Puritan-woken politics lesbians were threatened with the death penalty for the first time.

For centuries, this monstrous punitive and religious practice produced uptight, guilt-ridden subjects ready to atone and submit… The name of the Protestant sect of the Quakers is derived from this trembling out of fear of God. The clinical picture of anxiety neurosis includes a pronounced avoidance behaviour. Thus, evangelicals today still don’t want to have anything to do with the ‘dirty stuff’ of sexuality…

The brief period of more liberal normalcy between the 1970s and 2000s is now coming to an end. Woke sex is picking up the old thread, and it is anything but free. It is as neurotic, guilt-ridden, and defensive as the old one. Men are afraid to be alone in an elevator or room with women. The woke LGBTQIA+ priesthood is obsessed with intimate practices and categorises everyone’s identity by his/her sexual behaviour. It punishes anyone who doesn’t comply with woken laws. Apple and other corporations ban their employees from flirting. On college campuses, intimacies between students must be quasi-contracted in advance. Whoever deviates from the agreement and licks first, although according to the script he should have kissed, is up for rape. Eroticism with all its ambivalences cannot and should not arise in this climate of fear…

This brings us to the centre of queer, which is also the innermost core of the Puritans. The overcoming of the flesh, and the fearful rejection of sexuality is the bond that connects LGBTQIA+ and sodomy laws. This is also their common Christian heritage: the ‘Holy Family’ is sexless. The mother Mary conceives Jesus ‘immaculate,’ that is, without sin, from God who begets sexlessly. The father Josef is not involved in his procreation. Jesus lives at home with his mother and has no erotic interest. A religion that worships a saviour whose ‘Holy Family’ is sexless and whose apostles only speak derogatorily about sexuality, already harbours in its myth of origin a deep rejection of everything sexual.

According to Paul and Augustine, sexuality and suffering entered the world with the Fall… What comes from nature, the innate, the body, is condemned. This is reminiscent of Plato, who called the ‘body the prison of the soul,’ and of the Christian, world-despising hatred of all that is natural. Writer J. K. Rowling was massively threatened for the statement, ‘If biological sex isn’t real, it erases the reality of women worldwide.’ That’s what it’s all about, the erasure of men and women and sexuality.

But one does not underestimate… the power of the United States. The Anglo-Saxons already brutally used sodomy laws as a means of domination, and wokeness is nothing more than another US revivalist movement to subjugate other peoples with the best of consciences. American colonialism, like Christianity, sets deadlines. Time is running out, and those who have not yet adopted the last insane twist of American sexual neuroticism are lagging behind.

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“This is also their common Christian heritage: the ‘Holy Family’ is sexless. The mother Mary conceives Jesus ‘immaculate,’ that is, without sin, from God who begets sexlessly. The father Josef is not involved in his procreation.”

Without giving the Xtians any leeway, it should be pointed out that this whole idea of “pure virgin” is the result of a mistranslation of the Septuagint. The original word simply meant “young girl”. This misunderstanding that Joseph is not the father of jesus is quickly dismissed by the fact that several lineages are given for jesus that include Joseph so that he could a descendant of David.

Personally, I believe that the seed of Puritan degeneracy is of mixed origin; Christianity itself being a combination of Essenism and Plationism. The ethereal notion of life without physicality, where the idea of man without a need to mate or defecate, stinks of Plato’s world of ideas. Nietzsche was spot-on when he advised his readers to forget the whole of Platonism and focus on the pre-Socratics, who for the most part would have been racially fairer than the Athenian Metics.

If one listens to the videos of Christian Matt Walsh, critic of Trans America and producer of What is a Woman?, one sees that he completely exonerates Christianity. But all this psychosis has a Christian root albeit in a queer, inverted way.

At the heart of the matter is the Christian idea of the human soul: as asexual as the ‘souls’ of angels. Today’s neochristian world inherited this idea and transferred it to sexuality: obsessed as they are as St Augustine was obsessed with sex (I’ve read his Confessions and I think every critic of Christianity should read them).

The “woke LGBTQIA+ priesthood” or more colloquially “radical feminists and fags” are not prudish at all but merely antiwhite, they dont care about pornography which belittle white women and encourage interracial sex nor care about negro “music” gansta rap which belittle women as well, also they dont care about muslims whose religion treat women as property and literally kill fags.They never mention these topics because obviously they know (((who))) is sponsored them. In a woke utopia would be illegal for white males to flirt with white women but would be legal for blacks to rape girls as long they are white.

Spot-on! The Christians are not arguing in good faith (e.g., “sex should be limited to procreation to perpetuate White beauty”). No, they are explicitly calling themselves foreigner-loving spiritual Jews. Thus, if there is any grain of useful truth in their venomous ramblings, it is coincidental. RIRO – GIGO.

It is reminiscent of how Hitlerians helped the poor – not because “the meek prolets shall inherit the Earth”, but because Jewish economism made some Nordic elements sink to the bottom. Conversation is only possible when both sides agree on the end goal.

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Here is an article elaborating further about the origins of female worshipping and entitlement since the colonial era in America and other Anglo speaking countries:

The author is a nonwhite hindu, but his articles have good points and have been cited by National Vanguard so I thought they are worth sharing here.

C.T., you should look into the ancient Roman and Hindu norms regarding prostitution. There are “holy” and “vulgar” prostitutes. From what I can gather, a vulgar prostitute is a surrogate girlfriend, while a holy prostitute is a professional that holds the power, where the limits of the interaction are highly demarcated. America needs to bring back holy prostitution to get over its sickness.

I had never heard of sacred prostitution, did it appear in Rome’s republican or imperial period (I am leaving out the latter because it was decadent)? Also, since you are a new commenter could you send us an email?

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