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American civil war Judeo-reductionism Kevin MacDonald

Morgan on KMD, again

Kevin MacDonald: ‘Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition…’

I’ve been flipping through this book, and it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. On the positive side, I’m glad to see that MacDonald is evidently of the view that the American Civil War was all about slavery. He says, for example:

Whatever the political and economic complexities that led to the Civil War, it was the Yankee moral condemnation of slavery that inspired and justified the massive carnage of closely related Anglo-Americans on behalf of slaves from Africa.

This is a controversial statement in right-wing circles, where it is common to hold that the Civil War was only a dispute over states’ rights or tariffs, and that slavery played no role at all. So kudos to MacDonald for taking a stand in the opposing camp.

On the other hand, he is still pushing the view that the cultural defeat of Darwinism in America marked a turning point in white fortunes, and for this defeat he blames the Jews, especially Franz Boas. But, to those who have been following the matter, it will come as no surprise that he completely ‘forgets’ to mention the sizeable Christian role in the defeat.

There was a considerable amount of resistance to Darwin’s ideas from Christians on both sides of the Atlantic. In England, Thomas Huxley, ‘Darwin’s bulldog’, verbally jousted with Bishop Wilberforce. In America, it culminated in the 1925 Scopes trial, the so-called Monkey Trial. Darwin’s theory was thought to be contrary to the Bible, and there had been a law passed making it illegal to teach anything other than Biblical creation stories in public schools.

Ironically enough, it was the heavily Jewish ACLU that challenged this law. This would seem to pose a problem for MacDonald’s notion that the Jews were the only force [emphasis added by Ed.—what I call ‘monocausalism’] against Darwinism, so he prefers not to discuss it. Those pesky Jews!

In their relations with whites, it’s always been heads they win, tails we lose. If they challenge Darwin’s idea, as did Boas, they’re attacking white racial solidarity. If they uphold Darwin’s idea, they’re attacking Christianity, which in MacDonald’s view has been a force for white unity. Thus it seems the abandonment of Darwinism was not entirely a Jewish project. White Christians, too, reacted in horror to Darwinism’s implications, and still do so today.

In my view, omitting a discussion of this is a serious flaw in the book.


Read it all here.

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In a recent census, more Americans believe in Evolution than deny it. This is something new. Christianity is dying off, in America.

On the right, a big deal is made about the 20% of Americans who are “Christian Nationalists”—an oxymoron. Christianity’s endgame is a worldwide Messianic dictatorship headed up by Jesus and 144,000 Jewish virgin men in Jerusalem. Christianity and Nationalism are antithetical.

However, at least 30% of Americans are “nones”. There are more Nones than Catholics, in America. I think about 13% of Americans, or more, are explicit atheists. This is a growing demographic, and it is a very white-male demographic. Why is the radical right chasing Christian Nationalism, when they should instead be chasing the Nones? Christianity is contracting among our people, whereas irreligion is booming among our people.


By the way, racialist Hunter Wallace is a fan of so-called Xtian nationalism. It would be nice if you write something about him for your email readers.

In my next post, I will mention what you emailed us today about Michael Jones.

Does it matter if one believes in Evolution, but doesn’t believe that the Evolved have an obligation to exterminate the Unevolved?

In my view, you only half-believe in Evolution, then. Evolution, as Darwin himself put it, is about ‘the survival of [the] favoured races’ at the expense of the unevolved or unfavoured races. ‘the survival of favoured races’ is in the long title of On the Origin of Species.

Darwin predicted that the negro and colored races alike will be exterminated in the future due to the white man’s will to power.

This is one of the reasons, I think, Judeo Christians feel abhorred by Darwinism. They prefer the survival of the colored at the expense of their own.

‘Nones’ are shorthand for those who write ‘no religion’ on the census. They need not be explicit atheists, though. I think that there is a box for explicit atheism. However, as I am not an American, I have never seen an American census form.

Perhaps change the graphic to Michael Jones of Inspiring Philosophy. I have no idea if E Michael Jones was bullied at school.

Gaedhal is right. Judeo Christianity is dying off even in America now.

Churches today are mostly filled with old folks and it is taking them a lot of money to keep things running.

I think this is the effect that conservative Swede talked about in the “The red giant” article.

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