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The Calvinist god

by Gaedhal

I am not overstating the case when I say that the Calvinist god hates you. It is a tenet of Calvinist theology that Yahweh is at enmity with his creation. We are born, children of wrath. Yahweh has us in his wrath scope from the moment that we are born. Calvinist idiots like Voddie Baucham speak of infants as ‘vipers in diapers’.

YouTuber Pinecreek (Doug) once said that he likes Voddie Baucham. I can honestly say that I like none of these people.

Why is Yahweh at enmity with his creation? Because he decreed this enmity with his creation even before the foundation of the world.

The stupidity and evilness of the Calvinist god! He decreed to be at enmity with his own creation instead of decreeing to be at peace and concord with his own creation.

Yahweh decreed the Fall, in Calvinism.

If a god is at enmity with you; if a god wants to damn you to hell forever, for his own sovereign glory, then, to me, this is the same thing as his hating you. The Calvinist god, although not real, might as well be, as he resides in the minds of millions of his deluded devotees, causing them to do some really harmful stuff. Thus, it is okay to hate the Calvinist god back.

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Editor’s Note:

As I recently said in the comments section of another article by Gaedhal, incredible as it may seem, the answer to all this could be found in my autobiography, on the page where I quote a Swiss writer who asks the question, ‘Why does mankind worship such horrible gods?’

The Swiss woman implies that it is precisely because we had horrible biological parents. Remember that the idea of divinity is nothing but a parental projection. If our parents behave well, we will have the gods of Olympus. But if they behave badly, as they have done since Constantine, the projection will be towards evil gods. Or hasn’t Gaedhal read what I wrote in Day of Wrath about psychohistory?

The key to all this is that white nationalists living in the US will never save their DNA as long as they continue to believe in and worship the Calvinist god.