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What a transformation…!

Twelve years ago, in my mother tongue, on one of my now abandoned blogs (which still boasts the face of Eowyn) I wrote:

"I will remove my YouTube video that accompanied this post because in these treacherous times... criticising Christianity is counterproductive".

I mean, a dozen years ago I still believed, as many white nationalists today still believe, that to defend Christianity was to defend the fair race!

Shouldn’t that create, you might ask me, a little charitable empathy on my part for those nationalists, unable to finish crossing the Psychological Rubicon?

Alas, how hard it is to be charitable once you cross it (all you want is for others to cross the river)!

I remember in a Counter-Currents comment thread, about ten years ago Andrew Hamilton said to me: ‘Your thinking develops very rapidly’ or something very close to this phrase (Hamilton still had a few Christian atavisms).

Changing the subject, yesterday I noticed that some posts from the old incarnation didn’t carry over to the new one. I contacted the tech guy and he explained the reasons. It will take me a while to save up to pay him again because the links to some images are broken too: a complicated job and I have to think about what to pay first, that or an operation on the varicose veins in my leg.

For the moment I continue to save through PDFs those six other WordPress blogs of mine that weren’t censored, lest something bad happens to them…