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Fallen Leaves

Years ago I had a site called Fallen Leaves where I collected my texts related to the mistreatment of children and adolescents. The WordPress designer of the Quentin theme, the theme I used in the old incarnation of this site, then came up with the Quintus theme: the theme I originally used in Fallen Leaves. When I realised that this new theme italicised all the quotes, I was disappointed and suspended my work on trauma on that site.

I then used the same domain to upload everything I had written about the Catholic Church’s most famous relic, and not only removed the Quintus theme, but the site title itself. Fallen Leaves became The Medieval Turin Shroud. But I didn’t want to delete some of my Fallen Leaves entries.

Now that I’m doing a backup of those old sites I found that I had written more than ten entries critical of a Jew who talks about child abuse on the internet. I was surprised that I had written so many posts about him; it was no longer clear in my memory.

In my personal life I don’t interact with Jews; only with mestizos, castizos and criollos (the latter are the descendants of Spaniards who haven’t stained their blood in Mexico). The Jew I used to criticise in Fallen Leaves was the first Jew I ever had problems with in my life. I never met him personally but, since there were only a few of us on the internet who read Alice Miller, it didn’t take me long to meet him online.

For a normie like I was when I met this guy, it is easier to begin to glimpse what the Jewish problem is if his subversion begins to manifest itself. But I post this entry only because I was surprised that there were so many texts I wrote about him years ago.

By the way, the visual experience of my Fallen Leaves before I abandoned the Quintus theme (an unwise and irreversible move on my part) was completely different: the background was green and the large top image was the above painting by Maxfield Parrish. You can still see there close-ups of the fresco Garden of Opportunity that tastes to me of what the ethnostate of the future should be like, where ephebes can go and pick up nymphs to perpetuate the fair race…