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What is a Woman?

Update of June 7th: Because you have to pay to watch this documentary and the link I posted wasn’t payable, Odysee removed it but I suggest people watch it on Daily Wire.


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Christian Matt Walsh isn’t one of us, but his June 1st documentary is amazing!

Incidentally, mass formation, or more precisely mass psychosis about sex, ‘didn’t start with Kinsey. It started in Weimar Germany. The books that were burned by national socialists were gender theory transgender clinic materials’.

14 Replies on “What is a Woman?

  1. These people are the eternal culture destroyers, they have some internal hatred that they can’t fit into society (like coloureds or jews in Europe) or an over sensitive love of the other (whether virtue signalling or real) inflamed by christ-insanity and other mass psychosists.

    I credit Jordan Peterson (LOL), he said these people were angry because they have been forsaken by the gods.

    The new man is at one with the gods.

  2. I didn’t see Matt frown even once in his interviews. Always calm and passive. Not even a hint of “micro-aggro”.
    Seems this documentary was marketed primarily for women.

    Matt attacks this ‘gender’ subversion through counter-criticism.
    By writing sarcastic children’s books, trying to expose the fallacies through logic and irony.
    Unlike the Germans who didn’t waste time playing the same hearts-and-minds game, and burned the whole faggot depraved literature into ashes.
    Then Matt decides to flex his inner Schweitzer and interviews a tribe of savanna niggers. Christians love that shit. Sad how those spear-chuckers, despite being 50 IQ points below whites, have a better grasp of reality.
    Matt did well to expose the sick mental experiments by that kike quack John Money, though.

    But facts and logic don’t matter in a feminized society, where 90% of the men are conformist cowards.
    Truth itself doesn’t matter. What matters is to get high testosterone men emotionally involved in an idea that gets them working together to preserve their race.

    In the end, it’s all about the kids. This is a long war of psychological attrition. The mind can be fucked until 2+2=5, but if the genitalia still works, there’s still a possibility for victory.

  3. A woman is a human being who is highly inclined to emotions and has the capability to bear children and contains an XX chromosomal pair that provide sexual traits and characteristics. This guy thinks that gender itself is what someone perceives themselves to be.

    I don’t need to explain why this viewpoint is ridiculous so here are articles that explain human group dynamics and true racial reality

    . https://humanitylifeandscience.blogspot.com/2022/04/What%20is%20the%20Basis%20of%20Morality.html





      1. The whole thing is a secret way to sterilize the Goyim! The children who get sex change surgery, at a young age, cannot sexually reproduce. That could be the entire idea. Things are getting more and more sickening, all the time.

        One day, once the LGBTQ movement is of no more use to (((them))), things will actually change for the better. This is something to seriously ponder, for some time to come.

        1. It is not that simple. A while ago I heard that the Jewish actor who played Martin in Spotlight did something mean with his little Jewish boy: he even allowed him to be photographed, dressed as a girl. And by the way, this is the author’s latest video:


  4. I don’t like this Christian moron. He is the typical “muh… democrats are the real nazis”, egalitarian, arrogant conservatard, working for a jew and basically repeats the same talking points the average Christian trumptard wants to listen to. He doesn’t realize that all this feminist, transgender bullshit can be traced back to Christianity, the religion he claims is the most morally superior. And he got tattoos! What a joke!