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Children of a mummy

Before I go on quoting more excerpts from Richard Weikart’s book (pictured left), I would like to say something that seems important to me.

Why, one might ask, if Weikart has such a clear mind and has read the most relevant German-language sources on Hitler’s religion—unlike the normies, who know only Allied propaganda—, does he still repudiate Him?

The answer is devastatingly simple: because the Christian operating system that is the platform of his psyche compels him to love every anthropomorphic creature as himself, even if they are physically ugly blacks, subversive Jews or soulless Chinese who skin animals alive in fur factories.

Before Christianity, whites didn’t love their neighbours.

They weren’t mad or psychotic.

Christianity is the single perpetrator, the great psychosis and great betrayal of the divine force of the universe that produced creatures as beautiful as the nymphs on the sidebar.

Christianity is the number one enemy of the Aryan race, not the Jews.

Christianity has so corrupted the white man that even its alleged defenders on the American racial right don’t reproduce images that show the divinity of their race: beauty that was displayed by the Greco-Romans and even the Germans of the last century (as we see in the video that appears almost to the top of the sidebar).

Both the anti-racist Weikart and the American racists look like spiritual children of Jeremy Bentham; that is, men completely uncircumcised at heart to see the true God I was talking about, in grey letters, in the previous post (a God that has nothing to do with a non-existent personal god, the god of the Abrahamic religions).

The only way to understand the deity, and this was clear to Savitri Devi in the book we recently translated (I will try to get a print-on-demand company to print it for you), is to be initiated into the artistic mysteries in which Hitler was initiated—nothing more opposed to the mummy of Bentham that seems to symbolise the Anglo-American world!

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Why I used Jeremy Bentham’s mummy? I had in mind a 2020 post of mine, ‘Misguided sons of Bentham’, where I said the following:

The mistake of virtually all the pundits of American racialism reminds me of an anecdote by Octavio Paz (*). In a meeting between American writers and a Russian in which Paz participated, he immediately realised that ‘the sons of Bentham’ were on completely different wavelengths, according to the phrase he later used, of that of the Russian: a fan of a Russian poet who appealed to numinosity whose name I don’t remember. Mixing Anglo-Saxon pragmatists with a spiritual Russian was like mixing water with oil.

Many of the pundits of white nationalism today resemble these sons of Bentham, ignoring what Michael O’Meara tried to tell us: It is the poet who creates nations, not the scientist.


(*) Octavio Paz was a Spanish-looking Mexican poet who won the Nobel Prize of literature in 1990.

Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was a Unitarian. Funnily enough, I was reading his Not Paul But Jesus (1823), which is an excellent exposé on the Jewish shyster, psychotic, and conman who invented this plague: Saul of Tarsus. It is tempting to think that without Christianity, we would have achieved an exterminationist White Imperium, by now, however the only reason why White people adopted the crucified rabbi-cult is because it was forced upon us by traitorous elites, who were bribed or blackmailed by Jews to convert to this Noahide cult for Goyim. I heard it said that Saint Patrick in his Confessions boasts that he brought a big bag of gold with him so as to bribe the Irish chieftains into converting to Christianity. I read black Nationalist stuff, and their elites don’t do this. Whereas White Elites view their fellow white non elites with contempt, Jewish elites don’t view non-elite Jews with contempt and Black elites don’t view non-elite blacks with contempt. Even in Pagan times, I think that the Roman Emperors were paying for cattle to be slaughtered in their name in Jerusalem to Jehovah “the Most High God”. Our traitorous white elites need to be dealt with, and three thousand years of treason against us must be avenged.

On “loving thy neighbor” . . . the word neighbor originally implied those “near born” most assuredly close genetic relatives. Care and concern for neighbors shouldn’t present the problems that the insane “loving thy enemy” doctrine has produced.

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