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The Northman (film)

Today I was about to continue translating the preface to the most authoritative edition of Uncle Adolf’s monologues when I came across this recent paragraph by Kevin MacDonald on the film The Northman:

The deep question is how such a violent, hierarchical culture developed eventually into the highly egalitarian Scandinavian cultures we see today. My short answer is that the Indo-Europeans dominated a far more egalitarian hunter-gatherer majority and that the latter eventually came to dominate the area—a theory spelled out in Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition.

It occurred to me that that paragraph alone merited saying that Scandinavian cultures today are betrayed by the malware bug of neochristian ethics, and especially by the ravages of civilisation and even more so the bourgeoisie lifestyles. Remember the essay in On Beth’s Cute Tits (pages 103-107) where the author compares the Yang culture of the chimpanzees with the yin culture of the bonobo apes. The yin empire of the new totalitarians in Scandinavia is a result of the brave new world (also remember Bolton’s essay on Yockey).

But before posting my reply to MacDonald, I thought I’d better go and see the film, which I did; especially since several pundits on racialist forums have been speaking out about this American-British drama, directed by Robert Eggers: a Viking story set in early 10th century Iceland.

Even before I had finished watching the film a few hours ago, I told myself that it wasn’t good, despite the critics’ acclaim. Anyone who wants to preserve the Nordic race can only see in The Northman one of those typical American films with a huge series of strident scenes: the kind of stridency that has become very fashionable in recent decades, a truly degenerate cinema.

Given that the American director wanted to do something different and has complained that pro-white advocates have become enthusiastic about TV series about Vikings, that should be enough to make us realise that we are dealing with an ethno-traitor. In Eggers’ film we see the Berserkers burn a Russian village hut with women and children inside at a time when, apparently, these Russians were still as white as the Berserkers; and before that expedition they killed, as if they were just serial killers, a father and son who were travelling on a ship very close to theirs.

I am no expert on the history of the Berserkers, but if these two scenes aren’t based on accurate historical facts, the film represents a Black Legend against the Vikings: part of the ongoing media defamation of the untainted white world of yore with a drop of mud blood. I also found the role of the ‘Viking’ bitch played by Nicole Kidman, a mother who is killed by the main protagonist, to be a smear on real Viking motherhood.

The Northman is pure Hollywood when we get to the love affair between this protagonist and a slave girl played by the same actress from Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. Given that both the protagonist’s behaviour with his mother and his blonde mistress isn’t based on historical fact, but on Hollywood dramatization, I am surprised that those who claim to defend the memory of the Northmen fail to see these distortions.

In fact, a priest of the fourteen words shouldn’t go to the movies. As I said, I made the exception because of the film reviews not only in The Occidental Observer but in other important racialist forums. Of the movies filmed in the present century, I would only recommend Artificial Intelligence (2001), the first Lord of the Rings (released the same year), Pride and Prejudice (2005), Apocalypto (2006) and Spotlight (2015), although the opening scene of A.I. contains a bad message. The fourteen-word priest must be a purist when it comes to raising pure Scandinavian children, like the child actors who appear in The Northman.

This image is not from the film that can currently be seen in the theatres of Gomorrah. Anyone who wants to learn about the Berserkers from the pen of a white supremacist should read pages 453-477 of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. Unless you have superhuman kidneys to filter the good from the bad, it is a blunder to watch the propaganda of the cinema billboard.

7 replies on “The Northman (film)”

What a coincidence, I just downloaded a pirate copy and watched the film yesterday.

I didn’t like it. This adaptation of Hamlet into a Viking revenge saga could have been much better. There was almost no beauty to be seen. Every location looks dreary, and everyone is dirty and ugly.
The director wants to shock instead of amaze. He shows pre-Christian Whites as rag-wearing, mud-crawling, miserable primitives, like the Asiatics and Africans. Nordic peoples put great emphasis on house cleanliness. They used to braid their hair and wash their clothes regularly.

The shaman scenes were laughable, as if Whites were of the same demented, bicameral psycho-class as the Aztecs. Whites were superstitious, yes, and there were festivals where you wear a costume and pretend to be an animal, but if you were seen talking with rotten skulls or invisible people, you were a loon.

The depiction of Yggdrasil was interesting to say the least. It was used to symbolize the placenta, with it’s roots reaching deep into the genepool. So the director hit close to the mark there.

I liked the scene with the Berserkers dancing around the fire. But the later scene when he bites off a guy’s throat and starts howling was too much. Would you do that in the middle of a raid with all the chaos around you, or would you mind your surroundings and conserve your strength?

Shock value. That’s what sells movies today. Like the fight scene with the zombie Draugr that served no purpose.
Anyway, Nordics were fearsome brutal killers in times of war, and jolly good folk in times of peace. And they were definitely not sadistic psychopaths that burned women and children alive.

MacDonald says in his review …The Northman is a cinematic depiction of Viking society in the late ninth century……

It would be more accurate to call it an action movie with sword, sorcery and horror themes set in the 9th C viking world, that uses ideas and themes from that age.

Many of the magic/sorcery scenes do seem to be based on elements of the culture and I was surprised to see them done fairly, but I do worry if people believe it is a “true” depiction of nordic culture, rather than a stylised movie.

It is anti-Nordid propaganda pure and simple for the reasons explained above (burning Rus children alive with their mothers, etc.)!

While it is true that Milchan produced the movie, it should be kept in mind that he did not write or direct it. The director is Eggers, who does not appear to have any Jewish relations at all, and the writer is a pretentious Icelander who literally refers to himself by the Icelandic word for “vision” [Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson] who in addition promotes the degeneracy known as “pop music” in his work with the terrible Bjork.
It is quite obvious that gentiles are to blame for this crap instead of a mere Jewish producer. The idea that a producer—an individual with less than 10% of the influence that the director has—is behind the making of a bad movie screams monocausalism.

Good find…. also the movie “Midsommar” which is greater anti-white propaganda than “Northman” also has typical jewish backers, also interesting that they were both done by directors in love with the horror genre!

There is a line between entertainment and instruction, “Northman” = “300” + “Conan” + “Vikings”.

Anyhow I’m listening to Gotterdammerung cycle of Wagner’s “Ring” tonight 🙂

How about Valhalla Rising (2009) by Nicolas Winding Refn? A superb extra-masculine performance by Mads Mikkelsen in this unique cinematic masterpiece. As if testosteronic Tarkovsky have eaten some Northern shamanic mushrooms and showed us the last Wotan’s mystery. A very strange and uncomfortable experience, but I like it. The movie is absolutely not for everyone.

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