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On the coming US crash

by Andrew Anglin

Most Americans don’t really understand the importance of dollar hegemony. It’s effectively the only reason that the US is not a third world country. The stock market’s value and the value of property and other assets is a result of money being sucked out of the global economy and directed into Wall Street via the dollar swindle…

The thing is, we are pretty late game here, in terms of the American Empire. There are not really very many moves left. Especially after the last few weeks.

If the current government would have just met the demands of Putin with regards to Ukrainian neutrality, they’d have several more moves than they have now. Even after Putin had invaded, they could have made very different decisions. But as of March 16, 2022, the moves are pretty much just either:

  • Go full WWIII basically immediately using some gassing hoax, and maybe a fake bombing in Poland, or
  • Loss of dollar dominance and rapid decline into third world status as China assumes the role of dominant global superpower

I’m somewhat confident that if I was the age I am right now in 1999, I could have plotted this out. But at this point, if you can’t see the collapse of the empire coming into view, you really aren’t paying attention—or, like most, you’re in a state of denial.

I would argue that even very intelligent and competent people couldn’t salvage things at this point.

If I was made dictator tomorrow, I would immediately surrender Ukraine and remove all sanctions on Russia, then call up for negotiations on the surrender of Taiwan and the South China Sea in exchange for trade guarantees and peace with China. Then I would make drastic social changes in the US, restoring national pride and white heterosexual male identity [Editor’s note: What most racialists fail to understand!], and begin a project to rebuild the manufacturing and energy industries while we have the lifeline from China.

But that would not be a plan for world domination, that would be the reestablishing of the 19th century model of a multipolar world. Everything about the current thinking in the entire West is still based around the whole “end of history” global government scheme, and there is just zero chance they are capable of completely transforming their thought processes. It’s either pull the trigger on a last ditch effort to establish this one-world order, or to choke, and fall back, with a bunch of yes men and outright morons explaining it all away as being part of the plan.

3 Replies on “On the coming US crash

  1. “Go full WW3…”
    Belligerence in the 21st century is a very nebulous affair. Belarus allowed Russian troops to pass their borders into Ukraine. Are they officially co-belligerents? Can Polish troops pass too? What about China sustaining the Russian war effort? What about Middle East countries selling oil for Chinese Yuan, weakening the US dollar, thereby stymieing NATO’s war effort? Are they co-belligerents?

    WW2 wasn’t called WW2 until Barbarossa, two years after Fall Weiss.
    Will we see Russia blitzing through Poland and Romenia in two years, thereby officially labeling this conflict ‘WW3’?

    By Kalki, I pray so.
    America delenda est.

    1. There can never be a third world war because the second one never has not ended yet.

      The USA never signed a peace treaty with Germany and even today is still occupied by USA forces (same as Japan).

      The war, the ideological war of quality vs quantity, is still going.