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American Pravda

‘RT is now subject to censorship in many western countries because it tells the Russian side of the Ukrainian crisis story’ (watch the 2-minute clip here).

This reminds me of what some Eastern Europeans used to say when, even many years ago, they visited America: that censorship in that country was far more wicked than censorship in the Warsaw Pact countries because Westerners were under the illusion that they lived under the heaven of free speech, when in reality the West was as totalitarian as the countries under the shelter of the Soviet Union.

Listen to the interview of what a Serbian intellectual said years ago on the subject here.

Regarding passing the microphone to the other voice (‘Putin, Putin…!’ —Nick Fuentes), you can follow me on Twitter here. I had to write my name backwards because even in the Latin American country where I live friends and relatives started to complain when I tweeted with my real name. The goal of totalitarianism is that there are no dissenting voices, not even south of the Rio Grande.

Just remember that, although I’m not a Putin fan, I love what he did because it’s a slap in the face to Uncle Sam, who is leading the anti-Aryan crusade in the West. (Now history is starting to move on from the glaciation that began in 1945…!)