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Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche for dummies

History professor Michael Sugrue is a normie who reproaches Nietzsche, using Newspeak terms such as ‘anti-Semitism’, ‘racism’ and ‘misogyny’. But his speech could be useful for other normies who would like to be introduced to Nietzsche’s philosophy.

After the 22nd minute of the above-linked speech, Sugrue said something very profound that is worth mentioning. I would paraphrase it thus:

Aryans are natural-born killers who have a natural desire to achieve power—will to power—; dominate other peoples even if that causes pain in the conquered. What happens when you frustrate this desire, for example when natural-born killers obey New Testament-derived ethical injunctions originally authored by Jews (Christians, secular westerners and even white nationalists follow Christian ethics)? Something happens in their collective unconscious. ‘When people are frustrated in that desire’, says Sugrue, ‘the consequence of that is that they decide to start imposing that pain upon themselves’—that is, Christian ‘consciousness’ or ‘guilt’.

I would call it self-loathing to the point of ethnic suicide. The tragedy of the Aryan people, so well portrayed in Sugrue’s words, can be analogised to what I have said about depression (see pages 45-60 of my book Daybreak), and Colin Ross’s lecture on the aetiology of mental disorders (see pages 33-38 of Day of Wrath).

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I have thought before about the desire to inflict pain on others vs the desire to kill.
I want to kill non-Whites because I feel a natural revulsion to them.
I want to kill traitor Whites because I hate them immensely.
And sometimes I want to hurt weak Whites. Fill them with pain, sorrow and dread – the ‘little death’ that doesn’t kill, but makes stronger until no weakness remains. Until pain doesn’t hurt, until fear doesn’t paralyse.

The Spartans had the Helot caste of slaves. These were weak, inferior Whites, which were allowed to live as cattle, and were mostly used for killing sport. It seems Lycurgus and the Laconians understood this inherent Aryan need for killing, and built the necessary social structure to satiate this need for their tribe.

There’s this subversive Hollywood movie franchise called ‘The Purge’, depicting a scenario in which a right-wing U.S.A., aware of this need-for-killing in humans, institutionalizes one special day per year, when murder becomes legal. They’re stupid movies, but it made me wonder how many mental disorders could be cured simply through violence and death in regular small doses.

Anyway, Whites’ aptitude for killing has slowed down since WW2, practically grinding to a halt, and thus the West has quickly decomposed.
To paraphrase Sandor “the Hound” Clegane, “Your father was a killer. Your brother was a killer. Your sons will be killers. The world is built by killers.” That is very true. Once we stop being killers, the world we built starts being unbuilt.

Just for the record, that Hound quote appears in ‘Blackwater’, the penultimate episode of the 2nd season of Game of Thrones. As I said last year, the Blu-ray edition contains the option to listen the commentary of G.R.R. Martin himself about this specific episode.

I’m not sure if this is the same Colin Ross; I am working on the translation of his book “Unser Amerika”. It is a 1936 American history told from the German perspective, and is quite interesting. Not as much as Devi, but still a good addition to the new translations popping up lately. We need a master bibliography of Third Reich writing that’s been already translated so that we are not duplicating effort. The first 9 chapters of about 50 are completed, I finish a chapter every few days.


Well certainly much different! You may find mine interesting or not, but still valuable. My Colin Ross was actually a German (despite his name) at the time of the Reich. His writings were quoted by the American Bund. One of his first points is that the christian Thirty Years War tied up Germany at precisely the time that North America was colonized, leading to hundreds of years of missed German opportunity. It is an angle of attack against Christianity, that it subverts our energy into fighting each other and accepting universalism.

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