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Perfect Christmas present!

The sixth part of the translation of Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay on why Europeans should abandon Christianity can now be read in the German section of this site.

Bardamu’s entire essay can be the perfect Christmas present for those racialists who are still unaware that the Jewish question and the Christian question are two sides of the same coin.

Here are the links to the entire essay: in English and in German.

4 Replies on “Perfect Christmas present!

  1. Happy Yule, CT.

    Once again, I am having Xmas supper with my extended Portuguese family; a large table with some 20 people, all mudblooded Shudras.
    I am the tallest, whitest mud in the room, with the highest IQ – gifts from my late Dutch blonde great-grandmother. As usual, the lowest IQ talkers dominate the conversation, and I am alone with my smartphone, reading your blog.
    At least, no one here is commemorating the birth of the fictional Kike.

    On the topic of enlightening racialists who are on the fence about the CQ, I will take this opportunity to transcribe one of Varg Vikernes’ videos about Xtian “unity”:

    “You should by now be aware of the fact that Christianity is an immigrant religion; it’s a Jewish religion, just like Islam. It’s anti-european, and it wasforced upon our forebears.

    If you haven’t understood this by now, it must be because you choose not to understand it.
    You don’t want to admit it. Or perhaps you’re just dumb as fuck.

    If you ask a Christian to choose between Jesus – the Jew – and his heritage – his blood – a true Christian will always choose his crucified criminal Jew, at the expense of his own blood.

    And that’s all you need the know, really, about Christians and Christianity; their loyalties and whether they are a resource for Europe.

    If you ask me though, to choose between Odin and my blood, I can tell you, that Odin is my blood.
    My blood is Odin.

    If you accuse me of being divisive when we need “unity”, I can tell you, that I only want unity with true Europeans.

    I don’t want unity with Marxists, Liberals, Capitalists, Communists, Muslims or Christians. They all fall into the same category.

    So when you Christians say “we have to unite against the Jews!”, I can tell you, you Christians, you are the Jews.”

    1. Unlike last Christmas, when I didn’t sit with the family, this time I did. I was impressed by my sister’s conversation with my younger brother: both defending feminism in Latin America. But for my sister, it is a substitute religion after she abandoned her parents’ Catholicism.

      So typical of normies!

      I didn’t try to argue with them this time, but the way liberalism has conquered the souls of ‘educated’ people (see what Savitri says about education in one of my recent posts) south of the Rio Grande is identical to what happens north of the river.

      Regarding Varg Vikernes, I am impressed that recently Lutheran Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent criticised Richard Spencer because the latter goes around saying that he is an ‘Apollonian’. Griffin was talking about the recent CNN documentary in which a Jewish woman interviews Spencer and the two Matts (who had flirted with the Orthodox Church to the point of disgrace).

      What caught my attention was that Griffin used the expression ‘self-marginalising’ in criticising Spencer’s paganism. The implication is that all racialists must be Christians…

      Who needs Jews if you already have white nationalists (or Alabama Southern nationalists, in the Protestant sense)? If Bradamu titled his essay ‘why Europeans should abandon’ the religion of their parents it’s because he knows that most Americans are hopeless cases on this issue.

      I feel like leaving this post up for the rest of the month just to get the message across not only to English speakers who might cross the psychological Rubicon, but for those whose mother tongue is German to take note that there are very different ways of looking at white decline than what can be read in the forums of the racialist right.

      1. Is no wonder that Knut Hamsun criticism of the USA was prophetic for the following wars that destroyed Europe.

        From your blog, I learned (or confirmed) these concepts that are most concerning to understand now:

        -The USA government and its judaized population demise is a good thing.
        -Discussing serious matters with women is a mistake.
        -A masculine approach is necessary to solve our problems.
        -That one must prepare for the incoming collapse of the dollar.

        And your contribution is:

        -Idiotic parents can involuntary destroy our lives and is okay to challenge their teachings for the better.

        With that being said, may you have a good yule and thanks for keeping this blog alive in these darkening times.

      2. Thank you!

        > ‘Idiotic parents can involuntary destroy our lives…’

        But it is more than that. They can take you to hell that turns holocaust movies into a picnic. (I hope that sooner or later some English speakers will start reading the sidebar book on this type of child abuse.)