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Two or three Russian dolls?

When I first discovered white nationalist (WN) sites in late 2009 I didn’t understand the Jewish question. It was not well explained on the forums until in February 2010 I came across a commenter’s statement that there were no Jewish associations that helped the white cause: only Jewish associations that harmed white interests. The discussion, then on the old incarnation of this site, reached over a hundred comments.

Then I became an orthodox WN. For a while…

But I began to wonder things like: Why, where I live (Latin America), has it been so bad (miscegenation) even when Jews and crypto-Jews were well controlled by the Spanish Inquisition (1530s-1821)? The WN paradigm began to fall short and could not explain it all.

Let’s listen to this excellent interview on how physicists have been changing their paradigms over the centuries.

Just as Newtonian physics explains gravity almost perfectly in the Solar System, the WN diagnosis (Jews as the primary cause) explains recent American history fairly well. But that is spatial or historical chauvinism, insofar there is a reality outside our solar system and the US. When one starts wanting to force Newtonian physics to give us answers at enormous speeds at the level of galaxies, the old paradigm has to be replaced by Einstein’s model.

My current model that goes beyond the year 2010, when I was an orthodox WN, can be symbolised in this published caricature. Both the WNsts of 2021 and I see the same information but, as I have also already said elsewhere, we see it differently:

I don’t deny the existence of the subversive Jew. But I focus on the white assholes who believe and obey the Jew for the simple fact that this family of whites also have agency. And even the most respected WN pundits don’t want to see that the gospel the Jew preaches to us is poison (see my postscript comment to my last post). Although WNsts and I see the same information, what they see as a JQ I see as a CQ, the Christian question.

Alas, I haven’t stagnated in this second interpretation à la Einstein, so to speak, of Aryan decline. For some time now I have been feeling that something is missing from my CQ model. When I see thousands of Aryan males marching for BLM at a historical moment when they should be doing exactly the opposite; when I see them so astronomically devoted to Evil (antiracism), I feel that something is missing in my second paradigm.

If you listen to the interview linked above in bold type carefully, you will see that Einstein’s model cannot explain the physics of black holes, and already a physics based on string theory or the laws of quantum gravity is being developed. That’s precisely why we will continue to translate Savitri’s book: What is it that is escaping me, how did the level of the Aryans’ voluntary surrender to evil reach the level of perversity that it has reached today?

Of the pro-Aryan philosophers after 1945, only Savitri has attempted to delve into this third model for understanding ‘psychics’ or a science of the mind (just as string theory is the third model for understanding physics).

I am not sure that Savitri is going to answer my questions once I finish reading her books. But it’s a start. What bothers me about the whole thing is that WNsts are stuck in a Newtonian (JQ) universe so to speak, and I am already beginning, at least intuitively, to feel the CQ a bit limited as the explanation for everything.

Will there be something else, a third doll, a sort of ‘string theory’ in ‘psychics’ that encompasses the JQ and CQ…?

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Without Jews, the Aryans in India and even the Spartans after the Peloponnesian War began to crossbreed, ruining their blood. Pierce and Kemp talk about this in their books (books ignored by orthodox WNsts).

Jews are part of the oriental infection that the nordic Indo-European tribes contracted after settling further South Asia, around the middle east and so.

In a nutshell, their biggest mistake was being too tolerant and compassionate with the darker populations they encountered. A lack of vision for the long term effects.

> ‘Jews are part of the oriental infection that the nordic Indo-European tribes contracted after settling further South Asia…’

What do you mean? That there were Jews there during the Aryan conquest of India?

>”What do you mean?”

During the conquests of the Asian continent by Indo European tribes, they were exposed to many harmful influences that they encountered while dealing with darker races (not only Jews).

Jews might be the most prominent of them today due to its background with the Roman empire.

But what I am saying is that the fundamental mistake of the heathen Indo-Europeans during their conquests was (and still is) a dangerous level of idealism.

Alexander the great, from a biological point of view, should have exterminated the dravidians and other oriental populations they encountered so his own people could expand and reproduce without danger of miscegenation and thus create a nordic bastion in what is today South Asia.

But he did not. His idealism skyrocketed due to his success and alienated him further from reality and his race. This allowed him to deceive himself into thinking he could make Hellenes out of whatever featherless biped he encountered.

I would also say that the same happened with the Aryans that went to India before him.

Aryans have a dangerous tendency for idealism. From here is where the rest of the problems follow.

This is something wonderful when discussing about abstract concepts like science and art and clearly what makes it superior to the darker races at overcoming obstacles.

But it is dangerous when Aryans lose their minds and forget that they are also mortal, animals and ultimately part of a race that is struggling for survival in this world against all others.

Regarding, too, Hyborian’s ‘civilisation question’ below, that’s not the subject of the entry above.

No WN model can explain the levels of self-hatred that require Woke whites to hate their race so much.

The only model I can think of is the trauma model of mental disorders. But I have very few articles on the subject on this site. In one of them, KMD mentions the case of a woman abused by her father who takes revenge on her entire race.

That could be the complement to the CQ and my question about self-hatred above, not what you guys are telling me here. The problem is: have all woke people been so badly abused?

Cesar, have you considered looking at this from the Nietzschean perspective of the Will to Power and master/slave morality?

Here is a quote from Dr. William Pierce about this :

“The values and ideals claimed by Western society today are those of a slave morality, a love-thy-nigger ethic of Asiatic origin. It is a morality of envy, which exalts the botched and the degenerate and disparages the noble, the strong, and the beautiful.”.

Dr. Pierce was indirectly referencing Judeo Christianity here since its cult is based in this morality. Those white males marching at the streets are giving up its Will to Power, in behold of the darker races, due to the influence of the slave morality; a morality of racial death.

This may also explains why even in pagan times prominent characters like Alexander the Great preserved the conquered populations in Asia instead of exterminating them. The oriental influences they were carelessly exposed to developed this type of morality in them.

Caesar’s next question is the Question of Civilization, it explains the decadence of the Aryans in Asia and the Middle East, as well as the degeneration of the Greeks and Romans. Civilization is great, it is a way to materialize our inner nature and dersires, a way to improve technology and knowledge, but civilization itself leads to degeneration, a degeneration that comes when a man is born in a civilized environment, where comforts are excessive that feminize man. And with time material goods become more important than blood and genes.
it soften minds making Once a proud race and warrior-like people susceptible to ideas like Christianity or Buddhism or other gay/cuck ideology,. That is the reason why Persia was seen as degenerate by the Greeks, . The NS man is a cultured barbarian. Not a civilized cuck. To bleed, to breed to lead.

Not necessarily. Sparta only degenerated after a catastrophic war with the Athenians; Rome with another catastrophic war against the Carthaginians. Germany would’t have degenerated if the Anglo-Americans hadn’t intervened.

well, a state like sparta or rome in their best years had a “barbarian” mentality in many aspects, unfortunately wars only cause the dead of the most capable elements of a population and the inept and cowards within the same civilization to survive. Yes it is true that civilization by itself degenerates, however if the mastery of balancing it like Rome or Sparta is achieved, it is almost certain to have an eternal “civilization” by counteracting it with a life style found in Sparta, Germania or early Rome. Such civilization can only degenerate with a cataclysm from the outside like a war.
The case of NS Germany is fascinating. Realistically the situation in Europe after ww1 was lamentable, the degeneration was almost total, especially in Germany and the way it recovered during the 30s was incredible, for only 12 years it completely revived ALL the basis of classical civilization that had been dead for almost 2000 thousand years. If NS Germany showed us anything it is that degeneration can be reversed in just one generation! just one!

The problem with civilization is its volatility , too many factor, too complex , so we have to be careful with it. Civilization is like a woman , It makes us weak if we dont control it properly

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