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Reflections of an Aryan woman, 51

The Tischgespräche, the Führer’s table talks with a few senior party officials, senior SS officers or foreign guests[1], are instructive in this respect. Even more instructive, perhaps, are certain reports that are hostile to Hitlerism, all the more virulent because their authors are angrier at having initially followed Adolf Hitler in the wrong direction, and at having felt themselves to be fools in retrospect—wrongly, no doubt, for it must have been very difficult to grasp the true thinking of the Master before being part of the narrow circle of people who enjoyed his confidence.

Such is, for example, the book by the former President of the Senate of the Free City of Danzig, Hermann Rauschning, Hitler Told Me which had, in its time, some notoriety since in 1939 the thirteenth French edition of it was already published: an excellent book, despite of the aggressiveness that pierces every line. The fact that Rauschning himself seems to be completely unaware of the cyclical conception of history and, in general, of the supra-human truths which are the basis of all ancient wisdom, makes the judgements he believes he is making against the Führer all the more eloquent by accusing him (without knowing it) of waging his struggle precisely in the name of these truths. Finally, nothing can shed light on certain aspects of Hitlerism like Hans Grimm’s book Warum? Woher? aber Wohin?, a work by an impartial non-Hitlerite, or the account given by Auguste Kubizek, a man with no political allegiance whatsoever, of his years of friendship with the future Führer, then aged between fifteen and nineteen, in his book Adolf Hitler, mein Jugendfreund.[2]

The first thing that strikes one on reading these various texts is Adolf Hitler’s awareness of the speed with which everything is falling apart in our time, and of the total reversal of values that the slightest recovery would mean. It is also the very clear feeling he seems to have had that his action represented the last chance of the Aryan race as well as the last (at least theoretical) possibility of recovery, before the end of the present cycle.

This sentiment was coupled with the conviction that he himself was not ‘the last’ fighter against the forces of disintegration; not the One who would usher in the glorious ‘Golden Age’ of the next cycle. Five years before the seizure of power, the Führer said in all simplicity to Hans Grimm: ‘I know that someone must appear, and face our situation. I have been looking for this man. I have not been able to find him anywhere, and that is why I have arisen, to carry out the preparatory task, only the urgent preparatory task, for I know that I am not the One who is to come. And I also know what I lack. But the Other remains absent, and no one is there, and there is no more time to waste’.[3]

There is even reason to believe that he sensed—if not knew; I will come back to this point—the inevitability of disaster and the need for him to sacrifice himself. But just as his vision was centred on the German people but went far beyond Germany, so his defeat was to be a catastrophe on a planetary scale (which it was, indeed) and his sacrifice was to take on an unsuspected significance.

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Note of the Editor: In 1955 the notable Mexican José Vasconcelos (see my 2011 article: here) wrote a preface for Salvador Borrego’s main work, Derrota Mundial [World Defeat], in which Borrego argues that the world lost with the defeat of Germany. In 2015, on Borrego’s 100th birthday, David Duke, Ernst Zündel and Mark Weber visited him in Mexico. The four of them can be seen in this photograph; Weber appears to the far left; Zündel in the middle.

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He told Hermann Rauschning: ‘If we fail to win, we will drag half the world down with us, and no one will be able to rejoice in a victory over Germany’ and: ‘He could not otherwise accomplish his mission’, notes this author, without apparently realising the significance of such an assertion.[4]

So what was this ‘mission’, so imperious although He who knew he was in charge of it could, at times, foresee its failure? It was that of all those beings, both human and more than human—in India they are called avatars or descents of the divine Spirit in the visible and tangible world—who, from age to age, have fought against the tide of Time, for the restoration of a material order in the image of the eternal Order: that of the God Krishna, that of the Prophet Mohammed, and, in Germanic legend, truer than history: that of the hero Siegfried, like them both initiate and warrior.

Such a mission always implies the destruction of the decadent world, without which the restoration of a hierarchical society according to eternal values would be unthinkable. It therefore implies the recognition of the reign of evil, of the ‘triumph of injustice’[5] that is, what is contrary to the divine Order, at the time of the combatant—and the exaltation of combat. Undoubtedly, people who militate by violence against an already bad established order, in favour of a ‘new world’ even worse from the viewpoint of natural hierarchies, are also dissatisfied people who aren’t afraid of armed struggle. But, as I have tried to show above, it is the nature of their dream, not the methods employed for its realisation, which places them exactly opposite the fighters against time.

There are reckless, irresponsible fighters—both in the direction of temporal evolution and against it. There are millions of people of ‘goodwill’—liberals, individualists, pacifists, ‘friends of man’ of all stripes—who, mostly through sheer ignorance or laziness of mind, follow the deceptive suggestions of the agents of the Dark Forces, and contribute, with the most generous intentions in the world, to accelerating the pace of universal degeneration.

There are also people perfectly unconscious of the eternal laws of the visible as well as the subtle Universe, who militate enthusiastically for selection in battle, for the segregation of races, and, in general, for an aristocratic conception of the world, by instinct—simply out of horror of the physical and moral ugliness of men, and out of hatred of the prejudices and institutions which encourage its generalisation. Many of us are among them. Nobler than the former, since they are centred on beauty which, in its essence, merges with Truth, they are, despite everything, just as unresponsible in the strong sense of the word, because they are just as attached to the realm of impression, that is to say, to the subjective.

But it is different with leaders… all the more so with the founders of new times.

The real initiator of a subversive movement in the sense I have given above, can only be a man in possession of some degree of undeniable knowledge. But he uses it in reverse: for purposes contrary to the spirit of true hierarchies, therefore contrary to those which a wise man’s action should take. On the other hand, the founder and leader of a faith ‘against Time’—as Adolf Hitler was—can only be one of those men whom I have, in another book,[6] called ‘above Time’: a sage, an initiate in union with the Divine and simultaneously a warrior—and perhaps also a ‘politician’—ready to employ, at the level of the contingencies of the visible world, all the means he knows to be effective, and judging a means only by its effectiveness.

He can only be a man both above Time, as regards his being, and against Time, as regards his action in the world; in other words, a warrior (or a politician, or both) fighting against the order, institutions and powers of his time, with whatever weapons he can muster, with a view to an (at least temporary) ‘recovery’ of society, inspired by a Golden Age ideal: a will to bring the ‘new’ order into accord with the Eternal Order.

Now, I repeat: the texts, the facts, the whole history and atmosphere of National Socialism become fully comprehensible only if, once and for all, one admits that Adolf Hitler was such a man: the most recent manifestation, among us, of the One who returns from age to age ‘for the protection of the righteous, for the destruction of those who do evil, for the firm establishment of the order according to the nature of things’.[7]


[1] Translated into French under the title Libres propos sur la Guerre et la Paix, by R. d’Harcourt.

[2] A (shortened) French translation was published by Gallimard.

[3] Hans Grimm, Warum? Woher? aber Wohin? published by Klosterhaus Verlag, Lippoldsberg, in 1954; page 14.

[4] Hermann Rauschning, Hitler m’a dit, 13th French edition, 1939, pages 142 & 279.

[5] Bhagawad-Gîta, IV, verse 7.

[6] The Lightning and the Sun, written from 1948 to 1956, published in Calcutta in 1958.

[7] Bhagawad-Gîta, IV, verse 8.

8 replies on “Reflections of an Aryan woman, 51”

The attitude and behaviour of the overwhelming majority of Whites with regards to this fake pandemic created and imposed by the JWO (Jewish World Order) have deepened my loathing and hatred for them. As I said to an English comrade: “the White race is on its way to a well-deserved culling”. Every day that passes I am more convinced that your stance in favour of exterminationism is the right one and the only solution. Let’s face it, most Whites are trash and deserve everything they get. Corrupted by Christianity and the Jewish gospel of Political Correctness they are a despicable bunch.

I just received this article about the sickening obsequiousness of the Austrian politicians towards Soros and the even more revolting cowardice of the Austrians that, no doubt, will obey their executioners’ orders like the good sheeple (Christians) they are. How apt and revealing is that the morons who worship Jesus are called “the flock”! Because that is what they are, f… sheep!


I read your content but hardly ever comment. The work you do here is of such a refined quality, its purpose so pure and rarefied that its effect on me is always one that demands quiet reflection. Rather than verbose commentary.
But it must be said regularly how important your work is to our struggle. I am a German National Socialist, raising an Aryan family in the multiracial hellhole of the BRD. Our cities fall into ruin, monuments destroyed, museums defiled and the propaganda heaped on my children in school is both vicious and
relentless. The vaccine is the final ruination of our blood. We fight on but we will fall. There are so few of us left. Four men I can count as my brothers im alten Glauben. Es ist die Götterdämmerung. Schön zu wissen, dass wir Kampfgenossen in der Ferne haben. Haltet uns in Erinnerung. Haltet uns die Treue, denn sie war die Ehre unserer Grossväter. Sieg Heil, Kamerad C. T. And thank you.

Always a pleasure to meet a true German!

And by the way, I had forgotten to add Ernst Zündel in the list of the above-linked photo (just corrected it in the post).

@Kurt I liked reading your post Kurt. I am living in the UK, being a mix of Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian, Norman ancestry, and there are only a few intelligent white men left for me to communicate with on this cursed island. The British are the living dead, a defeated people, and I know the Germans are the same. It is our destiny to witness the historical end of our nations as non-goyim Aryans, conscious of what we are witnessing with our own eyes. “Wenn alle untreu werden, so bleiben wir doch treu”, as the words of the old SS song go. To remain loyal to our race when all became traitors around us. We live in historical times, even more significant in my eyes than the whole Third Reich/Fascist period of last century, as well as the Fall of Rome etc.

I fantasize about a day that Germans would build statues of Adolf Hitler and monuments celebrating The Holocaust (whatever happened), instead of that ugly piece of art,designed and proposed by Jews, commemorating The Holocaust in the center of Berlin. But I know that’s just a dream.

I’m currently looking at doing a prison sentence here in the UK (which Cesar knows about) after I was arrested in a dawn raid in which the door to my flat was smashed off its hinges by UK police earlier this year. If I’m found guilty I could even be sent to the most secure prison in the UK for a period of time. I will say I have come to think that it takes much more courage to be an active Hitlerian racist after the defeat of 1945, than during Nazi Germany. For example being an SA fighting man in 1920s Germany was a walk in the park compared to being an isolated racist locked in a prison in London in 2020s Britain. In 1920s Germany the Germans WANTED to be saved from Communism. Since WWII most Whites don’t want to be saved and actively hate you for doing so. I’ve come to view many of the white men involved in racialism after WWII as more courageous than those in the 1930s and 1940s, who had the backing of the state behind them.

Most Whites are dumb, cowardly, witless cattle (goyim) who are not fit to breathe air i.e. not fit to live, it is true. At this time, 76 years after the tragedy of 1945, there are only a few million Whites (if that) who are worthy of survival. The Jews historical contempt for Aryan goyim now appears fully justified. The belief of Adolf Hitler and many other National Socialists that the Nordic-Aryans were the Master Race looks like a complete and total fucking joke now, 8 decades later. I’ll grant that if I was alive in the 1940s I would believe in White Supremacy, but with the hindsight of many decades behind me this supremacy has been seriously called into question by the overwhelming majority of Whites. There are a minority of Whites who I’d classify as superior, but they’re being dragged down to extinction by a lot of dead weight.

See, if we really are going to go extinct by next century then WWII was the decisive battle and our race was decisively defeated in 1945 (or in 1943, at Stalingrad), and now any past superiority we had is well and truly past and gone, and we are now an irredeemably inferior species fit only for extinction and we will be gone from this earth in a blink of an eye, metaphorically speaking (i.e. we’ll be functionally extinct in roughly 80 years time).

I do not know what the future holds, we could turn it all around or maybe not. But our race has already lost many battles since 1945. The British Empire, the French Empire, the Dutch Empire, the Belgian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Portuguese Empire have all gone and in many cases that were NOT given up without a fight. The same can be said for Rhodesia and South Africa. Numerous cities in the West are gone, Los Angeles, London, Paris etc. and now entire white nations are soon to become ethnic minorities in countries that their ancestors used to own in several decades time. There has been a tremendous and epic fight back since 1945 by a very determined minority of elite whites however they are fighting a losing battle so far, that’s for sure. Maybe that’s the fate of the entire WN movement. To just go down fighting a losing battle.

If it was all over with Hitler’s death, then fuck humanity, including the so-called Master Race! Even if Whites did continue to survive they’d just become a herd of Hitlercucks instead of Christcucks unless the goyim gene was eradicated from the White Aryan gene pool once and for all.

I agree with Joseph Walsh. Whatever good remains from the white race is being dragged down to extinction by the massive death weight created during these last 2000 years of Judeo-Christian indoctrination.

If the race is to be saved, a lot of that death weight must be purged first, starting with the boomers and finishing with the younger judaized ones (christians, atheists liberals…etc).

This is an ugly fact; it means a bloody culling will be necessary. That or extinction.

The boomers will be gone soon, and when that happens, I believe that is when the moment to strike will be ideal.

If this sounds horrible to you, I will tell you something:

The longer you wait and repress your hatred, the darker the world around you will turn.

It doesn’t sound horrible to me: I’ve been an exterminationist for decades! What is a mystery is why American racialists fail to feel the same hatred as I do (for example, why don’t they transvalue their values by wiping their asses with their Bible pages and put instead The Turner Diaries as the new holy writ)?

Thank you for your feedback Mr. Walsh! I agree 100% with you. The backbone and the fire are gone from the White race, most Whites are coward wimps deserving a shameful death, and they are going to get it! It would be either through our black&brown “friends” or the Covid injections.

The lack of honour, racial pride and fighting spirit manifest themselves in the cowardly fashion most Whites behave and interact with coloured people. They have been educated to feel inferior or, to put it bluntly, like shit; and they behave accordingly. Otherwise, a huge backlash would (and should) have already taken place. But it is not going to happen.

The poisonous, vile legacy of Christianity found its expresion, among other things, in the totally misplaced sense of honour, fairness and compassion that the stupid Whites applied in their dealings with inferior races. (mainly black & browns). This fatal flaw also manifested itself in the wrong attitude that many German officers had towards their enemies in WW2; I am referring particularly to the communists, liberals and saboteurs in the home front and the occuppied countries. These idiots believed that the old-fashioned rules of honour and chivalry still apply to this new breed of enemies (the communists). WRONG. When you are fighting sadistic subhumans bent on exterminate your people you behave accordingly!

In his “War Diary 1940-1944” the traitor Ernst Jünger, the writer and former WW1 hero, mentions meeting the famous writer Louis-Ferdinand Celine. The Frenchman told him bluntly: “You Germans have learnt nothing from the Bolsheviks! You must exterminate your enemies!”. Celine was referring to the kid gloves treatment that the Germans were giving to their enemies in the occupied countries, and he was right!

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