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The painter and my sister

The wife of the Catholic painter Jorge Sánchez (1926-2016) was my mother’s primary classmate. From his work I remember the series of several oil paintings about passages from the life of Jesus, but he also made baroque paintings of crowned nuns, and I remember a collection of twenty-one oil paintings about the life of the nun, poet and writer Juana Inés de la Cruz.

For the collection on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the myth of the apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Jorge Sánchez presented his collection in eighteen oils, using my sister (who died the same year as him) as a model for the Virgin.

On one occasion when my mother invited him to dinner, Jorge sat next to me and I remember a conversation so incredibly surreal that I feel the duty to rescue my memory.

He confessed to me that he didn’t understand why animals still exist!

Although much has been written about Protestant fundamentalism in the neighbouring country to the north, they rarely speak of Catholic fundamentalism south of the Rio Grande.

The sky under which Sánchez lived was, like his paintings, that of a New Spaniard. Talking to him was like entering a time warp and conversing with a criollo from New Spain. Someone who sincerely believes everything the Church of Rome has been teaching sees the world from a strictly anthropocentric point of view. What Jorge Sánchez wanted to tell me must be understood from the Christian theodicy. In short, the god of the Jews created man and when he sinned he had to send his son into the world to redeem him. In this scenario, the Earth as a theatre of human actors to see who will be saved after the Fall, the animals are already obsolete.

I couldn’t believe what Jorge was telling me, who was a very kind person. Over the years, every time he came to my parents’ house and greeted me, he said in a friendly way, “¿Cómo está el joven ilustre?” (‘How is the illustrious young man doing?’).

In my post yesterday morning I quoted these words from Savitri: ‘So what are these values that make Hitlerism a “negation of man” in the eyes of almost all our contemporaries? For it is, indeed, a negation of man as Christianity and Descartes and the French Revolution have taught us to conceive him’.

The secular humanists of today don’t have the faintest idea that the mind is a structure, and that these things that come to us from Christian theology were transfigured into that absolute lunacy that Descartes said, that animals were ‘automatons’ (or the French revolutionaries, who proclaimed ‘human rights’ as if other mammals didn’t count).

Even those who today claim to defend the Aryan race suffer from a strictly anthropocentric vision of good and evil, so unlike our Führer they never question their abject carnivorism or experimentation with animals. They haven’t realised that this anthropocentrism has been poison for the original Nordic spirit, or that it’s a residue of a Judean ideology for Aryan consumption.

From the point of view of crossing the psychological Rubicon, they are closer to the old-fashioned Jorge than to me.

4 Replies on “The painter and my sister

  1. “¿Porqué todavía existen los animales?”

    CT, if you could mind-travel back in time to that dinner talk, you should rhetorically ask back to his face: “¿Porqué todavía existe el cristianismo?” and tell us his reaction.
    Has this idiot ever held in his hands a fluffy animal like a hamster, or petted a furry conejito?

    I remember my first attempt at converting a WN friend on a Level 4 mentality (Hitler + Jesus = all problems solved), by telling him Man was no better than an Animal, and was quite possibly even inferior, as he has been relentlessly killing his life-support – Nature – for centuries.
    You should see the look of indignation on his face!

    I also remember a commenter a few years ago, who lavishly praised this blog, until the following month, when you wrote a post on equalizing Man and Animal. His indignant response was: “Oh, so we’re just animals then? I see. Well, this blog was good while it lasted. Goodbye and have fun wallowing in the mud.” LOL!

    The mind of the Xtian is so marinated in Superbia that he can’t imagine anything above him other than a Kike in the Sky. This leads to the Xtian drunken dream-paradise of an endless grassfield with rainbows, populated with nothing but saints and angels. Ironically, working towards this dream can only build an endless barren wasteland populated with sadistic psychopaths à-la Mad Max.

    Newcomer Xtians to this blog should read the 2019 posts of Kevin Alfred Strom “A New Religion for Whites”, with excellent excerpts of Savitri Devi’s chapters “Man-Centered Creeds versus Racial-Hierarchical Reality” and “National Socialism and Neo-Paganism”.

    1. On that same occasion (or was it another?), since Jorge was next to me at the table, it was the only time I discussed religion with him.

      Among other things, he told me that he had read a book in which a scientist made a claim about some mysterious aspect of the painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexicans believe in this nonsense, including some cultured criollos like the late Jorge).

      I also tried to question his belief in God with ‘the problem of evil’. I asked him how it was possible that bad guys had done lab experiments on human babies, that a good and omnipotent God wouldn’t allow it. My very Catholic father, who was present, got scared and got up from the table! He was not outraged but scared by what I was saying.

      Since Jorge came out with simplistic things, I answered him harshly.

      The next day it seems that my mother spoke with Jorge on the phone, and she remonstrated that Jorge had said that I ‘didn’t speak with love’ according to his impression during the dinner.

      It is difficult to speak with love when whoever is in front of you says things like what Jorge said, or already in our century, when trying to argue with an atheist who comes out with shit like ‘races don’t exist’.

      I immediately lose love when I detect voluntary surrender to evil, be it from an extremely kind and soft-mannered Catholic like Jorge, or a vocal atheist.

      By the way, in the oil paintings you can see the face inspired by my late sister. I still have the photos of my sister that Jorge took of her when she was 18 years old. Jorge’s daughter returned them to us when her father passed away.

  2. Is there something wrong with carnivorism? I think you are generalizing it a bit.
    The Spaniard was also in favor of carnivore diet (normal diet?) due to the Apex Predator evolution of humans.. I don’t want beautiful Aryans to munch on lettuce all day.