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4 Replies on “Loyalty is the key

  1. The Americans and the English betrayed their race by declaring war on Germany, their racial brethren that had explicitly stated their friendly stance towards them (unlike the later universalist USSR).

    That said, how do you justify Hitler’s open celebration of Japan’s commencement of hostilities against the European powers in the Orient? Didn’t he understand that a Japanese victory would have meant a total genocide of the European settlers in Australasia?

    A modern-day Western racist thinks more racially. You don’t seem explicitly to celebrate the triumph of Islam or the rise of China, even when the Amerimutt Empire suffers.

    And regarding the topic, loyalty has historically been divided amongst race, religion and nation. It is the task of uniting them as one, blood as religion.

      1. I think he means South East Asian colonies, like French Indochina, the Dutch East Indies, British Burma, etc.

        I don’t see a problem in Jap hostilities/massacres in those regions, the demographic there was 98% gook.

        Australia’s fate was tied to the Brits’. Had the Aussies refused the call to war from Chamberlain and declared neutrality, there was little reason for the Japs to invade. They needed the Dutch Oil.