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SS booklet, 6

Are not this peasant and that farm girl [pics in German booklet] in their simple, straightforward and austere manner, best suited for the SS-man as wife and as mother of many children?


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s postscript:

When I closed the comments section for a while from the first day of January I linked to a page of mine where I said that those who identified a hundred per cent with the SS agenda could continue commenting and left an email for them to offer their comments via that mail.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but apparently no one who visits WDH fully identifies with what the SS said even in popular, illustrated booklets like this one.

For this reason, after this post I’ll change the subtitle of this site from ‘A site for priests of the 14 words’ to ‘The site of the priest of the 14 words’.

7 replies on “SS booklet, 6”

I think most of us who follow your blog fully embrace the SS, the best political soldiers Aryans ever had. I would also recommend you the writings of Kurt Eggers and Christian de la Mazière’s The Captive Dreamer. Are these SS booklets available in PDF or did you acquire physical copies from third-reich-books?

I bought physical copies.

Who are you? Are you the same guy who used to post here with another name (one that got banned by the way)?

commandor, 23 yo Romanian. I comment on Adûnâi’s blog, and rarely on Unz. Yes, you banned me in the past.

In the past? You said that you give a shit about the holocaust perpetrated against the Germans in the last century and now you are saying ‘I think most of us who follow your blog fully embrace the SS’. But no true SS survivor would hold such contradictory views. Yes: Adunai’s blog is better suited for you.

Where did I write that with the words you say I used? Show me where I used those words and I won’t comment here again. Hooman beans’ suffering is irrelevant.

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