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The state of the movement

by Greg Johnson

Editor’s note: Johnson published it a couple of days ago on his webzine. I’m republishing it here because it bothers me that Greg uses that essay in his fundraising campaign. We can already imagine what would happen if those donations were sent to racially aware white people who were NS and not WN. Without the fundraiser section within that same article, Greg’s essay is more readable.

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Three readers have asked me to comment on the current state of “the movement.” As Counter-Currents enters our twelfth year, I think it is an appropriate time for such a discussion. In fact, I’ll make it an annual tradition, since I intend to be around for many years to come.

All three readers think the movement is in a malaise. I want to argue that this is not the case. Censorship and deplatforming can slow us down, but they can’t stop us. The Biden administration is dangerous, but it is also a golden opportunity for white identity politics. It is an opportunity in part because it is dangerous.

The first reader fears that social media censorship, particularly on Twitter, has interfered with “productive interactions between different people in the movement.” I don’t think that is true at all.

Twitter has been massively purging Rightist and populist accounts since the beginning of the year. This made Twitter quite boring, so I generally stopped visiting it. Recently, the Counter-Currents account was purged. But I paid so little attention to Twitter that I found out about it on Gab.

Here’s the thing: Losing Twitter and Facebook has not made it impossible for me to keep in touch with others and collaborate with them. Both platforms had some entertainment value. But that was always outweighed by drama, pointless infighting, and constant exposure to obnoxious and repulsive people. I don’t miss any of that. We will win through productive work, not online drama and goofing around. Frankly, some forms of deplatforming are doing us a favor.

The second reader who wrote in is worried that the movement is shrinking because various movement voices have gone silent or disappeared altogether, again due to censorship and deplatforming.

I think this impression is largely based on the reader’s point of view. He’s out in the audience, looking at the stage, and he sees fewer performers up here. Thus he concludes that the movement is shrinking. But the movement is not just the people on the stage, it is also you people out there in the audience. I’m on stage, looking out at the audience, and I can see it growing.

Recently, Frodi Midjord did a poll in his Telegram group. He asked when his followers became “red-pilled,” as we like to put it. Fully 70% became red-pilled after 2013, and 25% became red-pilled since 2018.

That is tremendously encouraging, because 2017 was the beginning of the end for the “Alt Right.” Due to doxing, deplatforming, censorship, legal harassment, and burnout, many leading voices of the Alt Right have gone silent. Others have retreated into inward-facing, cultlike groups. But the Alt Right wasn’t “the movement.” It was just a “brand.” The brand has failed. Some of its standard-bearers have failed. But the broader movement of white identity politics has continued to grow.

The third reader is also worried that censorship and deplatforming are working:

YouTube and Twitter channels with large followings have been banned. When their owners move to other platforms, they retain only a small slice of their former audiences. More alarming, though, is the complete disappearance of some voices. Is the establishment within reach of suppressing our movement and our message altogether?

The short answer is “No.” The system can slow down the spread of our ideas. They can wear down our morale. They can pick off the weak and vulnerable. But they can’t stop our message altogether, for three basic reasons.

First, the only way the system can prevent our ideas from spreading on the Internet is to shut the whole web down, which they can’t do because the system has become dependent upon the web for its own survival. But even if the web went offline tomorrow, we somehow managed without it for most of human history. Its absence did not prevent the rise of Rightist and populist social movements in the past. So we would muddle through.

Second, even if the system silences particular voices, ideas have lives of their own. Bob Whitaker is dead, but now normie Republicans are talking about how anti-racism is a code word for being anti-white. The system can silence me today, but they can’t undo the work that I’ve already done. The White Nationalist Manifesto is already out there. White Identity Politics is already out there. As the Norwegian secret police discovered to their chagrin by arresting me, open persecution just brings more attention to our ideas.

Third, our movement is not the primary cause of the rise of white identity politics. The system itself is driving people to white identity politics. Only a tiny fraction of the tens of millions of whites who voted for Donald Trump ever heard of Counter-Currents or American Renaissance. They voted for Trump because they see the results of multiculturalism, globalization, and out-of-control nonwhite immigration.

Now that the Democrats are in control in Washington, they are doubling down on these policies, which will only accelerate the rise of white identity politics. The Biden regime creates more White Nationalists in a day than I have in the last twenty years. The system can shut me up, but they can’t shut themselves up. They can’t control themselves at all. So white identity politics will continue to rise.

Although I am quite confident that our ideas are spreading and our movement is growing, I’d be a fool not to worry about my personal safety and the personal safety of other white advocates. America is now a lawless country in which blacks and Leftists are given full freedom to destroy. The US government is simply ignoring the fact that during the last year, the Left has been responsible for political violence that has cost dozens of lives and inflicted billions in property damage. Instead, they are promoting the idea that the number one threat of political violence comes from racially aware white people like you and me. Many innocent people will be harassed, entrapped, and framed by the system before this is all over.

But it will all be in vain, because our ideas are already out there, and with each passing day, the system provides new evidence that we speak the truth: multiracial societies are cauldrons of hatred and violence. The only solution is a racial divorce.

10 replies on “The state of the movement”

Hunter Wallace reacted to Greg’s article today, and said:

You can also turn on FOX News and see content which would have been unthinkable a year ago and which sounds remarkably close to our messaging… It is easier than ever before to reach these people because anti-whiteness is everywhere these days… Maybe I am cautiously optimistic before the FBI busts down my door and hauls me to the gulag for “hate speech,” but I am encouraged by trends and underlying fundamentals.

It looks like a couple of friends who have commented here were recently hauled for the gulag in the UK, but I won’t mention their names.

And what the fuck is Racial Divorce, Greg?
Let’s see:

“Racial divorce is not really about individuals at all. It is about the incompatibility of groups. There are above average blacks who are credits to white society, and there are below average whites who drag our race down. But I believe that hatred must be seen primarily as the product, rather than the cause, of bad racial relationships. I hate other groups because of multiculturalism. I believe in racial divorce because I don’t want to hate other groups.

Most people who divorce do not simply hate one another. Presumably, they originally married out of affection. So usually there is a love-hate relationship. And although blacks and whites in America were forced together — the equivalent of a shotgun marriage — elements of genuine affection have still managed to grow up between the races. So there is a love-hate relationship here as well.

But in some cases, there is no hatred in divorce at all. Both parties simply recognize that they would be happier on their own, and they cordially separate. Furthermore, once people divorce, it is not uncommon for them to like one another more…”

Can anyone still read this shit? I can’t. It’s so disgusting. What a faggot. What a snivelling bitch-coward. The whole article is full of pacifism, tranquilisation, renouncement of hatred. It’s terrible advice, it’s a bunch of therapy speech and do-nothing socio-babble. It’s a waste of time.

Greg Johnson is a dangerous enemy of the White Race, for his prose is very subversive, and he is siphoning money away from race-conscious Whites.

How much better off would the White Race be without you, Greg?

I have not read that article that Greg links up in the text. But indeed: his lack of hatred is something that has pissed me off (Jews hate and win, neo-Christian WNsts love their enemy and lose).

I’m more concerned with Greg’s sponsors than Greg himself. He says he wants $200,000 a year from them, and apparently they give him that amount. Without sponsors there is no neo-Christian Greggy who always says neo-Christian things.

Imagine what you and I could do with that budget.

I don’t understand the stupid and obnoxious attacks against Greg Johnson by some commentators. When he said, “racial divorce” he was clearly saying, total segregation, the same thing promoted by Cdr. George Lincoln Rockwell. What is wrong with that?

To call a man who has been defending and advancing White interests and values (not as strongly as I would like, I must say) for many years “a dangerous enemy of the White race” is an action worthy of an ignorant and a moron.

Greg Johnson and his associates are not national-socialists but that does not mean they are enemies. In these terrible times to speak up in defence of the White man, his achievements and history is something very rare and very good. So, let’s give merit where is due.

Having said that I would like to say that it has been a pleasure for me to discover this blog. Excellent material and 100% national-socialist, very much like the comrades from the National Alliance and, last but not least, declared enemies of that disgusting disease, Christianity.

There are quite a few entries in this site about Johnson. Just click on the category of his name and you’ll see why he subscribes Xtian ethics. For a more formal response, see the first pages of my Day of Wrath, linked on the sidebar.

Hello CT and thank you very much for the information and references about Greg Johnson, as I said I am not a fan of his but he has written and published some good pieces defending the White race. That should be taken into account. I think you will agree with me that to call him “a dangerous enemy of the White race” is over-the-top and ridiculous. He is NOT one of ours but not an enemy.

I didn’t know of his defence of Christianity (in fact I read very little of him but I visit his website and read articles by other people). That is a mark against him. I am a rather old man (61) and still surprises and angers me very much to see people who should know better defending Christianity. National-Socialism is the only way out for the White/Aryan race, the sooner people understand this the better!


>“a dangerous enemy of the White race…”

Since Mauricio wrote that I’ll wait for his response.

Greg has criticised Christianity in the past, for example in the comments section of Occidental Dissent. But he never told his readership, when he was already editor of TOQ Online, that he delivered pious homilies in his church of San Francisco. So he has a forked tongue.

And I am 62 ☺


Hello again: I have just read the first pages of “Dies Irae” and I was shocked and disgusted by Greg Johnson’s words regarding the Führer. As I said before I never read anything from him but I read a few good articles in Counter-Currents.

Obviously, he is what many people describe as a White Nationalist, an expression that I never l liked because it does not mean anything. In fact, if you think about it, it means something, it means that the man is White and an ignorant or a fool that does not understand the mortal danger that the Jews represent.

Many White Nationalists believe that the main problem is the so-called “people of colour” but they are part of the problem, they don’t or won’t look at the big picture and see the Jews running the show. Obviously, Greg Johnson is one of them. They don’t want to admit the existence of the elephant in the room. They do this out of cowardice or greed because as long as they can keep their movement or website going on they will be able to sell more books or get more money in the form of donations.

Thank you CT, you opened my eyes.

Actually, like most white nationalists Greg is quite conscious about the JQ, and somewhat conscious about the CQ (the Christian question). But ideologically he is a mere reactionary, not a revolutionary.

You don’t consider Johnson an enemy of the White race?
Would you take less umbrage if I labeled him ‘Traitor’?

He’s a homosexual.
He never commended Hitler, Himmler, the SS or National Socialism.
He chastises William Pierce and his books.
He refrains from promoting hatred against non-Whites; in fact, he downright denouces hatred and racism.

It’s one thing to abstain from promoting violence; one risks losing their platform/job/get doxxed/get arrested. But denouncing hatred is going against Umwertung aller Wertes.

Some might call Greggy “a stepping stone” for crossing the axiological Rubicon. I think he’s “a stepping on a NAIL” – you waste time, you continue to suffer.

It’s preachers like him that are slowing down the transition of Happy Mode into Angry Mode, by promoting schizo double-think like “I hate other groups because of multiculturalism … I don’t want to hate other groups.”

Hes’s siphoning money from would-be racist whites. He’s siphoning awakening Whites’ time with his bullshit articles. He’s siphoning White Hatred away.

Without Hate, we are defeated. And the first targets of our Hate should be White traitors who stifle our Hate.

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