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‘The question is whether anti-racism is built into Christianity as a fundamental premise, and I think it’s clear that it is. If so, anti-nationalism and white genocide are also built in, and always were. No need for any church-capturing conspiracy to make it so. No need for any attacker to infiltrate or subvert it, as it must eventually subvert itself, containing “the seeds of its own destruction”, as MacDonald puts it in his review above’ (Source: here).

In another thread Morgan made the point of what I’ve said in ‘The Iron Throne’ this month, with very different words:

‘You can’t argue someone out of a worldview, since it is the worldview itself that sets the rules for what kind of arguments are convincing or even permissible. Hence, as we see to be the case, arguments for racism or sexism will be rejected out of hand by the vast majority of those with a Christian or post-Christian worldview’ (Source: here).

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In still another thread he replied to

Andrew Anglin: ‘For the entire history of Christianity, the religion was opposed to Jews’.

Robert Morgan: ‘What an idiotic remark to make about a religion founded by a Jew, and which worships that Jew as God’.

The “Good News” of Christianity is that God is a Jew. I cannot imagine worse news!

I agree with Morgan in regards to the non-Jewish Christian majority. Obviously, mainstream Christianity is fundamentally antiracist and universalist for the gentile masses. On the other hand, the central Jewish element is a small ethnic Elite that will rule over the nations. The twelve tribes of Israel represented by the twelve apostles will sit upon judgement seats and render punishment to those unwilling to submit. This is one of the core tenets of Christian eschatology. Ultimately, a bit of a mixed bag, but clearly antiracist for the subservient masses.

I recently watched an interesting video produced by Adam Green – Judeo-Christian blood magic; if you can stomach the intermittent evangelical music, it is a really fantastic review of the Jewish roots of the Christian sacrifice. Clearly, the central mythos of mainstream Christianity is Jewish to the core.

Conversely, I believe esoteric Kristianity provides some interesting elements for those Europeans who have a personal nostalgia for Germanized Catholicism( I believe this type epitomizes the vast majority of white nationalist Christians. I can somewhat identify with these people where as Protestant white nationalists are a real enigma; Trying to reconcile sola scriptura with white nationalism is real mystery.) I know CT is not a big fan of the supernatural or esoteric realms, however, I believe this hidden Kristianity helps address the multifaceted forms of degeneration that preceded the Acts of the Apostles and the Council of Nicaea. In the book, WHO WE ARE, Dr Pierce shows many instances of miscegenation and other moral corruptions which antedate the Semitic expansion of Christianity. Thus, there most be some other fundamental aberration in our nature which can only be vanquished through strict discipline and personal growth in traditional heroic virtue. Now a Nihilist might argue that White disorder is just a consequence of the law of entropy. In the temporal realm, an appreciation for this cultural devolution is a very astute observation and fundamental to becoming a man of the right. However, in contradiction to nihilistic pessimism, I believe there must be a higher spiritual ideal outside of time which calls the true noble ones to become Men against Time; fighting ceaselessly against leviathan and the morass of human decay until the end of the age.

Very insightful comment, Hubertus. But I’m skeptical at this point that any kind of Christianity is worthwhile.

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