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The sower

There’s something I don’t like about the alternate history comments in my previous post: they don’t go deep enough. The deep thing is to ponder why the Americans and the British weren’t fascinated by the Third Reich, not whether or not Stalin was going to invade Germany in 1941.

A profound insight would be what a Broken Bran would see thanks to the Weirwoods network: that both the Soviet Union and the United States came from the same trunk, from the same ideas that originated the French Revolution: neo-Christian branches of equality and fraternity, artificially imposed by the State.

If we are to speculate about alternative history, the only profound speculation that occurs to me is to imagine a West that had not been infected with the ideas of the Bible which, as we know, allows ethnocentrism for the chosen people while, in the New Testament, it requires us to love any neighbour.

We can already imagine a truly alternative history in which neither the inhabitants of the British island nor the white settlers on the other side of the Atlantic, which in my fantasies I call New Scandinavia, would have been Christians. But let’s go back to the real history.

What happened to Hitler is that he was a sower who went out to sow. And while he was sowing, some of the seed fell by the road but the birds came and ate it. And some fell among thorns, and they grew and choked it. Some fell on rocky ground, where there was not much soil. It sprouted early because it had no depth of earth, but when the sun rose it burned, and because it had no roots it dried up.

And no part fell on good ground, where it would have borne very abundant fruit, because the white fools for two thousand years had drunk the poison that came from the lips of a fictional character, Yeshu.

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I agree in principle, but how would it have looked in practice? War between fraternal peoples has been part and parcel of all existence. How could even a non-Christian state in England or especially isolated America have accepted a German as their Führer? There’s a language barrier.

I agree that White ethnostates must give way to a single Aryan racial state, but Hellas was united by fire and blood.

Ironically, a unity of all Aryans would be reminiscent of the USSR where national republics were to be dissolved in due time. It’s just that the conditions should be imposed such that the Nordics float to the top numbers-wise, and the rest gradually go extinct – and all are bound by a single culture that is biology-centred in nature.

I’ve been thinking about the so-called “Anglo-Saxons” ever since I read The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. (For some reason, the Jutes were forgotten both in the book and today in real life.)

The Saxons and Angles went on to become what we know today as the English, but they got their beginning as mercenaries who were invited to Britain to help the Britons but stabbed their employer in the back out of greed. So they are, essentially, people who abandoned their German homeland, betrayed another European tribe, and as soon as they’d gained a foothold in Britain, their kings converted to Christianity.

@Natalist44, responding to your comment in the previous post:

What you’re proposing is a “Stalin Strikes First 1941” scenario, AKA “Reverse Barbarossa” as an advantageous scenario for Germany. It has been promoted in Alternate History forums by many armchair historians who don’t believe the ‘Icebreaker’ thesis, and it has been debunked many times by those who do.

A “Let Them Come” defensive mentality was incompatible with the German High Command thinking post-1940. They knew the Soviets had the fastest tanks in the world (BT-7) and a huge airfleet of bombers within range of Berlin. A Soviet assault in July 1941 would’ve been disastrous for both sides, but moreso for the Germans, who would’ve suffered severe industrial losses from day 1.

You’re disregarding the near-annihilation of the Red Airforce on the ground by the Luftwaffe, which assured German Air Supremacy in the East for 2 years.

You’re disregarding the hasty and forced redeployment of hundreds of Russian armament factories to the East in the face of the German advance, which plummeted Soviet military production for a whole year.

You’re unaware that German military economy was already tasked to capacity in 1941, and continued to expand despite the British blockade – like the Nibelungenwerke panzer factory that came online in Spring 1942. “Totalen Krieg 1943” was little more than a morale boost.

You’re expecting the USA(!!!) – the fucking Pig-Dogs – to sympathize with a defensive Germany?! This is complete lunacy. Hitler also expected sympathy from the Eternal Anglos after Dunkirk. How did that work out?

Like I said, this is not the site for WW2 Alt-History, because it leads to fantasy-land. The seeds of White Destruction have already been sown in North America centuries ago, like CT says.

The best Germany could hope to achieve was to crush the Kremlin, cleansing Europe from Communism for a good two decades. But a broken USSR will not prevent atomic bombs dropped in the Ruhr and Berlin, in the Fall of 1945. Generalplan Ost would be undone soon after.

But I do like to delve into these particular fantasy-lands, because then the Germans get to kill millions more Soviet sub-humans, and kill many more thousands of American traitor scum. I don’t care if Germans lose in the end. What matters is spilling enemy blood. Torrents of it. Rivers of it.

One should not linger long on this branch of the Tree, lest life will pass him by ,indeed.

There was a chance of creating German atomic bombs by 1945, which theoretically could mean at least the “balance of power” between the Reich and the Jewish-dominated America. Unfortunately, due to the monstrous treason of the Abwehr and other high-ranked scum, the German Wunderwaffe was never developed to its full force.

You may be correct, as I never engaged in a discussion on those alternate history forums due to their weird anti-Hitler communities.

The relevance of this discussion to the blog, however, is in that a defensive Germany would have been a much easier sell to modern American Christians, and Hellstorm would surely have been known. With the caveat that losing is always cuckoldry.

Don’t forget that the Russians barely had an edge in aircraft numbers in 1941. And about that Binkov scenario, atomic bombs, if invented, would still have been a meme in 1945 – if anything, a destruction of a few cities a year would have created a wholesome stream of refugees to repopulate the Reichskommissariate.

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