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Feminism Kali Yuga

The Red Woman

‘The Red Woman’ is the sixth season premiere episode of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 51st overall. From a cinematic point of view the first shot, and indeed the opening scenes of this season, are a masterpiece. The camera zooms in on the Wall on a night in Castle Black as Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost begins to howl, though we haven’t seen it yet. The next scene keeps the mystery, when we finally see Ghost and later Ser Davos until the close-up towards Jon’s corpse.

Far from there and already in the daytime, on the sea crossing from Dorne to King’s Landing we see that the blonde Myrcella, Jaime and Cersei’s daughter, has been fatally poisoned. A priest of the fourteen words would think that that was better than Myrcella marrying her non-white fiancée and fathered a café-au-lait prince to unite Houses Lannister and Martel.

Then we see the most grotesque scenes of the episode. Ellaria Sand and her daughters carry out a coup, killing Doran and his son. We can already imagine four Muslim women staging a successful coup by killing the caliph and the young prince, taking over the caliphate! But let’s remember that we are facing the most serious disinformation campaign in Western history regarding the roles of men and women. And the most serious thing of all is not what these Hollywood Jews do, but that white people consume their liquid poison as Myrcella consumed hers, with their eyes closed.

The last scene, which gave the episode its title, is as well done as the first scenes but once again: from a strictly cinematic point of view. We see that the witch Melisandre is actually much older than she appears, thanks to her dark magic.