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Aryan beauty Game of Thrones Harold Covington

A golden crown

‘A Golden Crown’ is the sixth episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, first aired on May 22, 2011.

Dany eats a raw heart: a visual outrage for me, who would like blondes like her to inhabit a Parrishesque world (see the nymphs on my sidebar). Instead, Dany has to live in the world of the non-white Dothraki. But today even in white lands, like England, I have seen everywhere images degrading the Aryan woman with apes.

In the episode, the ritual of eating a raw heart is a celebration that Dany has been impregnated by her husband, the warlord Drogo. The scene sharply contrasts with the poetic prose of Darío that I cited in the first instalment of this series about a white girl eating grapes with the swarthy people who surrounded her (‘And on that background of soot and coal, her delicate and smooth shoulders were naked bringing out her beautiful lily colour, with an almost impenetrable golden hue’). It sounds better in Spanish of course, although I couldn’t find a more poetic English translation on the internet and had to do the translation myself.

In the castle of King’s Landing, Sansa continues her embroidery lessons while her little sister Arya continues with that fantasy of our times, which didn’t happen in the Middle Ages, of training to become a swordsman. It reminds me of the madness of another novelist, Covington, who depicted his new white republic with women having eight children side by side with butch women, as if that were possible within the same society! (Here we see once again that white nationalists aren’t really breaking with the narrative that’s killing the West.)

Ned Stark appears once more in his cosy study, although this time at night and with candles. I work at a long wooden table like Ned’s. But sometimes I wonder how many white nationalists have the pleasure of having such a cosy studio as Ned Stark’s? The Aryan aesthetic includes the interior furnishings and ornaments of a room. They are a fundamental part of recovering the West, starting with our clothing. Why not dress as Ned does in this episode? It is perfectly possible to pay a tailor to make us similar clothing, and only our poverty justifies our wearing American Gomorrah-inspired T-shirts, etc.

The final scene of this episode is grotesque. Viserys Targaryen virtually commits suicide by doing a scene in front of Drogo: the first death of an incredibly stupid male in the series. Now there is only one young Targaryen left in the world: Dany.