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And covid…?

Earlier this month, Chris Martenson said:

I was very worried about Covid-19 six months ago. Afraid even. Today? Barely worried at all. This video will take you through the science behind that shift in viewpoint. Very strong data from Ivermectin and hydroxycholorquine, combined with the powerful protective effect of having sufficient levels of Vitamin D combine to provide what appears to be a very effective approach for managing Covid-19 the disease.

Martenson, who has a Ph.D. in pathology, is a sane voice in an ocean of madness: from those who believe that everything is a hoax to the American authorities who committed the lockdown blunder.

The latter is convenient for us, priests of the 14 words, since it has accelerated the collapse of the dollar. Remember, America delenda est.

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By having “committed the lockdown blunder”, do you mean the freedom-loving Americans didn’t have it strict enough? The Orientals have largely dealt with it. There is no second wave in East Asia.

Once a week, I ask Google “corona cases us”, “corona cases france”, “corona cases israel”, etc. And I’m monitoring the fed sheet website.

“given you trust their numbers” > Do the dog-eaters of Korea, gays of Formosa and porn-makers of Japan invoke as little trust in you as the commies of China?

“Is there one in Sweden?” > 712 – 836 – 1180. Yes, seems to be.
(Cf. Japan, the ugliest of the Orientals, 635 – 652 – 679 – 721.)

Still, I’m not denying that the virus mostly kills the older folks who don’t contribute to the society anyway. The youthful ones are merely maimed. Thus, the perception, and the economy are more important than health indeed. (Although when talking about Western capitalism, the reduction of pressure on the overwhelmed social welfare system by such a cull would be unfavourable to the cause of White survival which is mostly contingent on the case of collapse. The more there is panic, and the more useless-eaters survive, the better.)

Thank you for your answer and the numbers given.
The tests they use seems to be hampered by so many weaknesses that I do not know if I should trust any number these days.
But I presume they may give some indications of a trend.

And yes, nature kills the weak. It always has. Covid-19 is just another weapon it uses.
As to the need for a big group of useless eaters to trigger the necessary collapse, you may be right. But I would not worry about that, as both the international capitalist and socialist want a big ignorant base for their power structure. And these two groups are running the show these days.
Their need for an ignorant mass of people is so glaringly obvious when you look at their remedy: They only argue for use of the magic needle. None are talking about a natural strengthening of the average man’s health and immune system.

“the powerful protective effect of having sufficient levels of Vitamin D”.
This is one of my better sources of amusement these days. As Vitamin D is mainly created through skin exposure to the sun, and sun is rather scarce many months in northern Europe (as an example) I tell my terrified acquaintances that mother nature is terribly, terribly racist. She will in due time kill all the dark skinned foreigners/people here.
The expression on their faces? Priceless!

Blacks have inhabited Europe for several generations now without dropping dead en masse from vitamin D deficiency. Your hypothesis is false.

Right, very convenient. Collapsing the economy of the western world while leaving China and Japan unscathed. Paving the way for uncontested Chinese /CCP dominion over the whole planet.

Pax Sinica here we come.

What made you suddenly decide that the Chinese were a superior race who deserved to rule the world?


A while ago you asked me a couple of questions in response to comments I made in two different posts, (it would be nice if you had COVID-19 as an index entry) re-iterating my skepticism of the official narrative on the alleged pandemic. I didn’t get around to answering those questions as the comments to those entries closed before I was able to gather my thoughts to adduce the overcomplicated answer I had in mind.

I ask that you keep this entry open for a bit longer than normal so that I can attempt to properly respond to your queries, and introduce you to some important information that you might be interested to know about.

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