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Deranged altruism

More Morgan comments

Whites who want to preserve their race are powerless in America, and they are powerless precisely because they are unwilling to inflict death upon their opponents.

Alden: ‘Whites have none of the essentials for a successful revolution or even to stop the ongoing racism against us’.

Yes, that’s true, and I agree with a lot of what you wrote. But my point was, the one most essential thing they’re lacking is the will to fight; the worldview that would allow them to celebrate the deaths of children, such as Breivik killed, or even of those mostly adult Muslims that Tarrant murdered. If they had the will to fight, they could, but they value civilised behaviour and the products of civilisation, and the sort of violence that would be needed to preserve themselves as a race would destroy all that. Their pride consists in being civilised in ‘law and order’, luxuriating in consumer goods and ease, getting fat.

Lavoisier: ‘Killing innocent civilians is never the way to win hearts and minds to a cause’.

Tell that to the killers of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. They weren’t looking to win anyone to their cause, and they were victorious. Or the Romans, who finally levelled Carthage, sold the population into slavery, and sowed the ground with salt. Total war requires such behaviour, and if you’re not willing to do it, you’re not serious. Trying to win hearts and minds is why the USA hasn’t won a war since WWII.

Kill their bodies, and their hearts and minds cease to be a problem.

* * *

The very name ‘Wokeism’ harkens back to the outbreaks of religious fervour referred to as the Great Awakenings of Christian America. By some accounts there have been four of them.

‘Wokeism’ is arguably a fifth wave, just Christian ethics in another form, where belief in Jesus and anything supernatural has become optional. The cultural triumph of Christianity has been so complete in the West that even atheists accept without question the so-called ‘brotherhood of man’, the existence and equality of ‘souls’, the wisdom of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, etc. There’s no evidence for any of that stuff, of course. But does that make it a religion? I say no. Though there are still Christians involved in it, it’s mostly secular and just political.

Fanatic Christian abolitionist John Brown was the early prototype for today’s BLM and Antifa rioters. While ‘Wokeism’ is the cultural residue of 19th century American Christianity, it’s still political, not a competing religion.