Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Christianity’s criminal history, 127




Panoramic view

Chapter 1. The Christianisation of the Germans

Chapter 2. Clovis, founder of the great Frankish empire

Chapter 3. The sons of Clovis

Chapter 4. The invasion of the Lombards

Chapter 5. The last Merovingians

Chapter 6. The conversion of the Visigoths to Catholicism

Chapter 7. Pope Gregory I (590-604)

Chapter 8. Brunichilde, Clotaire II and Dagobert I

Chapter 9. The Church in the Merovingian period

Chapter 10. The rise of the Carolingians

Chapter 11. Saint Boniface, ‘apostle of the Germans’

Chapter 12. Papacy insurrection and iconoclastic struggles

Chapter 13. The formation of the Church-State through war

Chapter 14. The ‘Donation of Constantine’

Chapter 15. Charles I, called Charlemagne

Chapter 16. Charlemagne and his wars