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KMD’s apologetics, 6

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In practical terms, what does ‘transvaluation’ mean? How should we start to counter the madness of the American puritans? This is what a Spaniard says in The Fair Race (pages 148-150):

We do not need a new religion, only to be aware of our pre-Christian cultures. We must recover such cultures to educate our children according to the varied heritage that these cultures represent. I think of the Edda, of the Mabinogion; of Homer and Virgil—not to mention our tragedians, our poets, our philosophers… We must extract that immensely rich heritage and moral maxims.

We also need temples, enclosures for re-connection as I call them. An ever-living fire in these areas will suffice. We need places where we can gather and remember our stories: the readings of texts, commentaries, discussion panels and more. Something collective and social—religious and cultural centers where our people may have psychological or spiritual support, or get truthful information about our ancestors, or the incidents of our history. We need dividing the year with special celebrations related to happy or tragic milestones of our past: the Christianization and the Islamization of our peoples, for example; with our own calendars of saints’ days (our heroes and those most representative). We need to retrieve the Greek, Roman, Celt, German and other first names…

It is obvious that such bonding and religious centers will only be for the Aryans. The rest of the peoples or races are excluded. This won’t be a universal ideology, but an ethnic one.

It should be illegal to give any white child a Hebrew name. Any parent who gives their children such names deserves to die like the bugs that they are. The same goes for anyone who would name their child anything not European in origin like Chinese, Arabic or Indian names.

What is your view of those personal names which are derived from Aryan roots, yet reference Christian concepts (i.e., Gottfried, Felicity, Faith, Theodore, Bogdan)? And what of Greek names which are only vaguely Christian (Peter – the Greek for “rock”, Andrew – “manly”)?

What of George which might have been one of the titles of Zeus, but has become prominent due to some pacifist draft-dodger?

Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are fully Jewish, but are the names of archangels, the most “pagan” part of Judaism. Especially Michael has been depicted as a warrior god in Europe under the Jews (“Christendom”).

Obviously, giving children utterly foreign names is preposterous, and yet, looking at these days from the height of centuries, people ought to be less fanatical. Will Charles forever be a cursed name (comes from Germanic “free man”)? Will Siddhartha? Even in a newly-Aryan India which will have been free of black men for centuries?

I remember seeing a while back a new translation of Martin Luther’s book. Do you have any information on it? Amazon won’t show it. Thank you.

I found the new translation. See Thomas Dalton PhD’s website by that name for the book and an excellent essay on Luther’s (and other Christian theologians’) attitude toward the Jews.

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