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Kevin MacDonald

KMD’s apologetics, 2

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3 replies on “KMD’s apologetics, 2”

Thanks for reblogging. After several years of not trying to comment anything on Counter-Currents, today I wrote:

‘Corey is well aware that contemporary Christianity has been massively corrupted’.

Really? No one in the racialist forums, including KMD’s webzine, has replied to what I have been saying for years about miscegenating Christianity in Jew-wise New Spain:


Will someone answer here? It is very relevant to this essay-review of Corey’s book.

I still don’t know if Johnson will approve it. But I consider a scandal that no single pro-white forum has been willing to discuss, from the perspective of racial preservation, what happened in the largest part of the American continent.

“When the progressive (or neo-Christian to be exact) theories about Ape-Humanity triumph, the White Christians will be baptizing chimpanzees and inciting their Aryan parishioners to procreate with them, in order to further extend the universal domain of Christ.”

Jesus is the Lord of the Apes.

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