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Of course, the fear of eternal damnation was another introjection (or ‘malware installed’) by the parents: something that only those Christians who were brought up in a very traditional, old time Christianity could understand. To new generations of Christians, including racialist Christians, what I said yesterday could seem unheard of and even bizarre. (In book #5 of my eleven books I explain how such introject originated in my young mind.)

See, for example, what I said about Erasmus in 2012. The old theology took hell for granted, and young children were taught this maddening doctrine. When I lived in Spain they told me that some of the older people still suffered from this fear.

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Today, Amren published a link to a story about the Vatican calling for a “mass amnesty” of illegals in Spain. The same story showed how left-wing parties in the country all agree with the Vatican.

Nevertheless, in the comments section, I haven’t seen any comment denouncing christianity. All those people seem to think that christianity has somehow been infiltrated by Antifa, who have “inverted” christian values! They cannot accept the idea that christianity is v1.0 of the semitic inversion cult that has taken over Whites.

Unfortunately, my comments are almost never approved there, and when they are, the other people there seem to be so possessed that they dismiss my warnings completely.

This blog was my salvation, but many white nationalists seem to be so hard headed that there may be no salvation for them. They are like cockroaches without a head.

“They are like cockroaches without a head.”

That reminds me a sentence by Julius Evola in his essay “American Civilization”:

“The Americans are the living refutation of the Cartesian axiom, «l think, therefore I am»: Americans do not think, yet they are.”

It was written in 1945, and it seems, among the scorched postwar Europe, even ridiculous to blame the poor and silly Americans. Can’t we spread it to our Race per se and in toto, including the smartest people?

During all history none of our prominent intellectuals comes to last and ultimate conclusions with regard to human existence. None of these Nobelists, famous philosophers, artists, scientists speaks the full truth ever. Hundreds generations ejaculate thousands miles of texts, words, images, ideas. The malignant tumour of culture. Fuck their hyper-IQ and super-duper-high-rank-pretentiousness if they always wallow in half-way measures and narrow-mindedness almost indistinguishable from the rabble stupidity! They have vast memory and great erudition, extraordinary logical and artistic talents – and they are unable to make both ends meet and to see things as plain as day…

Yes, a noble and pure drop in the filthy ocean of the human history… Why were so little, too little grains of sense? To an extent that all good and sane occurrences seem something accidental and a priori doomed to total defeat.

As time goes on, the true events of those great years twist through lies and solidify in the distorted forms (in school books as well as in collective unconscious).

These Shakespear’s words are like a mockery:

“The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!”

An example of christian brainwashing of damnation our parents faced was when an elderly relative told me that when they were a child they had to miss one Sunday church service to bring in the farm crop due to bad weather. The weather got incredibly bad and my relative was terrified and was sure they were going to die, and started to scream that it was the wrath of god for missing Sunday church!

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