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On sewing ladies


Melanie turned 104!

The key to understanding white decline is simply to briefly visit the sites of white nationalism, alt-right, and alt-lite each day. The first thing that strikes you is, as I have said, that they seem to be run by ladies.

Every morning I visit the vlogger Styx-666 (who has survived the recent YouTube purge), Occidental Dissent, American Renaissance, Robert Morgan’s comments on Unz Review, Counter-Currents, the McSpencer Group and The Occidental Observer very briefly. I do it basically to see the titles of the recent articles or videos and perhaps read a single paragraph, or two, from one of those sites. Sometimes I read everything that Morgan writes.

Except for the latter, there is no hate in any of them—and Morgan is just a commenter, he doesn’t have any website. In contrast to these non-haters the right attitude is, as I was told yesterday: ‘The best course of action is to stay under the radar, accumulate resources and hate. But one needs to start writing (and if possible, talking) about killing and destroying’. But none of that exists on the mentioned sites, only in some aggregations from the commenters.

It makes me laugh more and more that they blame the Jews, when it is obvious that it is whites, even those who are more or less conscious, who are committing suicide. As the climate of the time increasingly becomes openly anti-white, their spirits should’ve already been amalgamated with the spirit of The Turner Diaries. But no: these conscious or semi-conscious whites are, basically, still in happy mode. Excepting Twitter, you don’t even breathe a real angry mode on days when blacks are already beginning to physically attack whites without impunity.

The admins of the aforementioned websites are like the little women who stay home when the first KKK emerged right after the American Civil War. In Gone with the Wind and the film adaptation Frank, Ashley, Rhett and several other accomplices make a night raid. See clip: here, where they deceive their wives and yanks so that the latter don’t blame them for the white justice the southerners have just committed.

The whole movie avoided the mention of the phrase ‘Klu Klux klan’ at all—a difference from the book. But the happy news is that this month Olivia de Havilland has reached her 104 years!

The role that Olivia played as Melanie in the movie, the central woman in the clip, is just how women must become after whites grow a pair and dare to transvalue the values, becoming like Frank, Rhett and Ashley again.

It is becoming increasingly intolerable to read the prose of people who have testicles but who sit at home sewing. Fortunately the System will tighten their nuts. When ten percent of whites start dying during the upcoming holy racial wars, whites will transition from happy mode to angry mode. It won’t be until a greater percentage of whites die that they will be able to transition to combat (defensive) mode. But the only mental state that will solve the problem once and for all is the killing mode (coup).

No pain, no gain. Without suffering, real suffering I mean, racially conscious whites will continue to be the little women they are by not speaking, even academically, about Revolution when it is time to start speaking openly.

‘Can anyone think of a single revolution in history that was conducted by tricking people into gradually accepting revolutionary anti-system truths, at which point everyone got together and voted in their desired regime?’ —River Koenig.

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I agree with you on this one, for sure.
But I have to admit that the contempt for the existing narrative i read in the article ‘Say his name’ by Quintillian on Counter-Currents was rather entertaining. Contempt is at least a start.
The comment section left me rather disappointed, though. Again.

White Men were masculine and had world domination when white women started agitating for Feminism in the 19th century. Nothing is enough for white women. White Men can hand them the world on a platter and they still desire (and expect!) more.

They’ve been giving all the fucking rights they demanded, no longer have to work as a housewife due to the inventions of White Men, they’ve even been liberated from the responsibility of having children yet it is never enough.

You know, after German men were defeated in WWII a certain number of German women miscegenated with Negro soldiers from the militaries of the Western Allies. What was their excuse? German men weren’t masculine? They’d just laid down their lives at Stalingrad and at the Battle of Berlin to prevent what’s now happening from happening. But who cares right, certain German women just slept with the victors, better than those German losers.

That’s a good thing that will come from the extinction of the white race, no more fucking white women on Earth. I don’t agree with David Lane’s we must survive because the beauty of the White Aryan woman…etc. statement. No. White women were never what was good about the white race, it was always White Men, the purpose of white women was to be vessels for great White Men to emerge.

Do white women want masculinity from White Men? Really? Because I bet if they were forced to keep their mouths shut, their endless demands no longer catered to or taken notice of, and they were beaten and raped regularly they would complain about how horrible White Men were, even though White Men were just behaving in a masculine way.

In fact we can ascertain the answer now. How many white women visited the men of The Order in prison? Literally none. David Lane commented that Black prisoners had white women visiting them in the prison he was in, yet the heroic men of The Order were ignored. Even Mr. “beauty of the White Aryan woman” David Lane himself exclaimed in his later years “Your beauty was a lie”. How many white females in Britain visit heroic Thomas Mair? You get the idea.

Germanics don’t need Despotism because they’re inherently evil (Hobbes), but because they’re jejune and puerile Sunday School children. American imperialism is the world’s largest export of miscegenation (and its rampant in the military-industrial complex and via promotion in American media). Were the American men who fancied Japanese women in post-WWII Allied-occupied Japan products of Feminism? And who played an intrinsic role in making anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional in the United States via Loving v. Virginia (1967)? A White man who fancied a Negress (Mildred and Richard Loving)!

As for your statements on prisoners of war, all women are hybristophiles. Lane must be an outlier because women fetishize Breivik, Manson, Bundy, Dahmer, Ramirez, and other mass murderers. Both Vikernes and Bundy had children as prisoners. There’s an entire Tumblr subculture of liberal, fringe White girls who fetishize White mass murderers. This subculture has even have documented Roof’s favorite films and music playlists! Women have been hybristophiles since the days we were Hunter Gatherers.

Besides, what would Himmler make of this MGTOW rhetoric? Himmler advocated for SS men to produce at minimum 4 children, whether in or out of wedlock. Tort and Morgan are correct in apropos to antebellum White Americans and the subsequent liberation of the Negro post-Civil War as being the product of White Christian men.

I have ceased to comment on the OD, since Hunter caved to the kikes on Cohen19, and allowed every heeb troll to take over, including the cathokike indio who pretends to be a teenaged Mestiza.

Joseph Walsh, your objections are legit.

Women go to the victors, no news there, but what do you expect when all their men are killed? Being masculine is not enough. YOU HAVE TO WIN.

Germans lost the war because of American and English intervention.

Negros were able to interbreed with blonde German women because we imported them to Germany. We allowed them to run free and wild in the ancestral home of Germania while our grand wigger fathers were gang raping women and killing German men for fun.

We also allowed Russian mongrels and jews to rape European women in mass. We are the main responsibles for the white genocide in Europe and elsewhere today.

We are just getting what we fucking deserve.

Now, if we can stop whining about our women behaving like women, perhaps we could start behaving like men and exterminate EVERYONE who fucking stands in our way.

Jew, negro, white, I don’t care.

I’m not goin down so easily.

“I’m not goin down so easily.”

It doesn’t matter that you’ve decided in your own brain that you’re not going down so easily. Loads of white males have decided that since 1945. Your people will still be ‘going down’ regardless, if the overwhelming majority of white males don’t kill their enemies.

“Now, if we can stop whining about our women behaving like women, perhaps we could start behaving like men and exterminate EVERYONE who fucking stands in our way.

Jew, negro, white, I don’t care.

I’m not goin down so easily.”

What are you waiting for then? Why aren’t you out there behaving like a Man exterminating EVERYONE who stands in your way? See, it’s easy to talk the tough guy talk on the internet but a lot harder to put it into practice in real life. “We could start behaving like men….” Who is this ‘we’ you refer to? Me and you? How about we arrange to meet and get something going? Cesar has visited me in my flat before, he can easily facilitate real life contact between me and you. However, my guess is what you mean is you don’t intend to engage in any lone wolf terrorism and will spend the rest of your life waiting for white males to fight back in sufficiently numerous numbers so that it becomes safe and ‘legal’ for you to start behaving like a man and exterminate everyone who stands in your way. Just like everyone else on this site is doing. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

I have corresponded with Matt Hale, as well as Gary Yarbrough of The Order when he was still alive, both of whom were imprisoned in the most secure prison in America (as well as the world actually) the ADX Supermax in Colorado. I’ve also been approached by counter-terrorism police twice in my own country. I’ve given speeches at numerous right-wing events, been on marches, made radio shows etc., done literally nearly all activism I could short of pulling that trigger which I’m not going to do for basically the same reasons that everyone else who visits Cesar’s site has never done so. Don’t bother giving me the “we’ve got to start behaving like men” line. I’ve heard it all before. I’ve done what I can on behalf of our dying race. It doesn’t make a difference if me and you start behaving like men and killing racial enemies, if the vast majority of white males don’t join us in doing so nothing changes.

Yes, I know white males are the cause of white extinction, not the Jews. I know we are just getting what we deserve for centuries upon centuries of errors made by our forefathers, largely due to worshipping a Jew as God, as well as for our own collective cowardice in the present. No news there. There has been a very persistent minority of white males since 1945 that has done nearly everything possible to save their race from extinction yet they haven’t made that much of a difference, at least yet. Having individual racist killers like James Earl Ray, Joseph Paul Franklin, Frank Spisak, Keith Luke etc. doesn’t make a difference. The fact is unless the majority of white males kill their enemies in collective military action our race is finished. Individual acts of lone wolf terrorism are like trying to bail out the sinking Titanic with a bucket.

Thanks. And I mean it!
The internet right is literary loaded with coach warriors.

If I understand your first comment correctly, we just have to disregard support from the women on our path to survival as a race. This very much coincide with my experience. And that still stands after having raised two daughters now in their 20s. Their adherence to the conceived common narrative is so strong that they have a hard time considering factual information or trying to conceive the long term consequences of todays behaviour of white women. But some sink in, and that is my little drop of consolidation.
But to get them along on the necessary hardship to save our race? Forget it.

But each to his own, and I have to do my bit. It’s my damn duty. Not quite on your scale, but with every levelheaded man I meet (and there are a few) I sow whatever I can. It is rather surprising how ‘binary’ reactions are when you try to distinguish the men worth talking to. Either they are completely brain dead or mainstream, or they have a wide open door to discuss ideas. And it does not coincide with intelligence.

@Joseph Walsh

“Why aren’t you out there behaving like a Man exterminating EVERYONE who stands in your way?”

I certainly will, but not in the way as I appear in the news worldwide so others will just keep doing activism or ultimately complaining about women being women. Robert Mathews made that clear.

But this is just tough talk, anyhow. Both Pierce and Rockwell were happier with non American women. Mathews never had a child with the woman he married.

More than 4 million American mothers who protested their sons going to war back in 1939 were completely ignored and are mostly forgotten today.

What was so good about this sinking boat, anyway? Maybe, Cesar can invite you to his house in Mexico so you two could discuss that further and propose a better alternative for the 14 words.

Either way, I already made up my mind.

Lane put huge stock in “preserving the beauty of the Aryan woman” but he became extremely demoralised by certain less than savory aspects of primal female psychology. Clearly, putting the Aryan woman on a pedestal isn’t the soundest foundation for a white preservation movement, especially in an age where the image of the Aryan woman has been so defiled.

Ultimately I don’t think anyone disagrees here that it’s white men who are primarily responsible. Allowing blacks to be imported and then giving them equal or superior rights (exposing white women to danger and giving them the freedom to defect) was insane. Also, if we look at the primary consumers of pornography, they are males and in the West, white males. The white man sunk to horrendous depths of moral depravity before the weaker sex decided to follow him.

Ultimately though white or near-white elites (who are not traitors as WN call them because they do not share our interests as a class, even if they share our phenotype) will rule over the degenerate brown masses below them, so white extinction is a long way off into the future. In the long term I imagine technology will eliminate humanity altogether and it’s pushed us a long way in that direction already. Pierce’s eugenic futurist transhumanism would lead to white genocide by any other name; the only way the white race could theoretically be preserved for a very long time would be total global exterminationism combined with Kaczynskite primitivism straight after.

Seeing as most working and middle-class whites are concerned far more with paying the mortgage, chasing tail or watching sportsball, I think this is a hard sell. The WN’s who frequent this blog aren’t likely to sign up for it either or to have any influence if they did. The system is anti-fragile and uses the occasional lone-wolf terrorist to its benefit. There isn’t a solution to the problems that are discussed on this blog, the most you can do along those lines is to prepare and hope for a cataclysmic event. Otherwise forming/joining some kind of traditional community is another possibility.

For those of us who follow what Austrian economists are saying, the cataclysmic event is coming, and relatively soon (Biden’s proposed economic policies are so insane that they will surely speed up the process).

Clearly, putting the Aryan woman on a pedestal isn’t the soundest foundation for a white preservation movement…

Not if you see women as persons. You have to see them for what they are: sexual objects.

If you promise every warrior that he will have his Sabine woman right after the HRWs, it will be a great incentive for everyone to fight like lions.

The first thing thqt must me relaized is that there is no such thing as good or evil only conflict of interest and the dark races currently have their interetss considered over the colorful fair race whose predominate lands are being overun by the darkest of the dark races. The unique blood of the Nordic Race is in danger of being polluted andd submerged in a sea of black.

The change is occurring. It’s with the Normies though. Any formal pro Whites will be CRUSHED by ZOG in seconds if advocating for violence would start.

link link

Pro White Advocates have bene sounding the warning for DECADES – but Normies were just living their lives. Now the pain is wafting through every segment of society. It’s going to get a lot worse. So get ready

Both of these towns in OH and PA are teeny tiny rural towns. WHY are there BLM protests in these places? And WHY are global jews outlets writing about them? This is what we need to ask every one. The OH reaction is especially gratifying.

…the system is anti-fragile……

Yep, the system of capitalism and consumerism cares not about race, and can get a hell of alot more dysfunctional and still work well enough, to be better than the 70% of the shithole nations in the world that we will have infinity-immigrants from these low IQ shithole countries, basically forever.

Until “Europeans” view themselves as a seperate people with rights to their own homelands, without pandering to anti-racism (which is almost solely a white-judeo-christian ideal) we are in a death spiral.

Religion cannot be ignored, it is not enough to say christianity is a source of many toxic ideas, and we cannot totally reject the 1000 years of the church in the “west” without offering an alternative. But we cannot have christianity and jesus either in our future “churches”.

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