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Facebook nuked my account

‘Your Account Has Been Disabled. For more information, or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center’.

Before my page passes into absolute oblivion (there are other guys there with my name who are not even relatives) I feel obliged to say that, at the top, my Facebook (FB) page had this painting by Le Lorraine that evokes the world of my utopian imagery for the white race: a bucolic town that contrasts to the Mammon-worship cities of today.

My latest posts on FB had been links to some featured articles on this site. My FB list had a large number of friends from the white nationalist community, and a few followers including some Mexican relatives.

Among the images I uploaded to my now gone FB account were the nymphs painted by Maxfield Parrish, some of which appear on the sidebar of this site, another pic that said ‘It’s okay to be white’ and this super-quotable quote by Ron Unz. (Incidentally, the thoughtpolice also recently nuked The Unz Review FB page.)

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I haven’t logged into Facebook in something like 15 years.

I need to go to the trouble of deconnecting everything from Google, next. I’m already mostly out of it but a lot of stuff still gets sent to my real-name google account just as a default.

There was a mass sweep. I’m disappointed I lost my contacts and some meaningful old messages with friends. Alot of people lost accounts, I’ve never quite seen this kind of thing myself. I think analysts are manually combing the site for mass purges.

Last year my friend was banned for something and was reinstated with an edited picture of his ID. I don’t think the appeal with drivers license will work this time but I think the option comes up. I don’t know much about ban evasion on Facebook, but it’s possible.

If you read Whitney Webb’s recent articles, they’re trying to roll out alot of new surveillance tech with the covid crisis. I think we are starting to see the clamp down across social media.

I just spoke to my nephew, who has cellphone access to a private Facbook group for our family.

I didn’t see the 2018 obituary that I had posted there about my first cousin. Could it be that Facebook has even vaporized my posts that I put in closed family groups, like for example all the obituaries of relatives that I wrote?

Postscript of May 21:

I have now checked with another family member who has a FB account.

Yes: they nuked ALL my family posts: even the family obituaries and dozens upon dozens of album photos of my ancestors.

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